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Entertainment on the Carnival Sensation Cruise Ship

Explore All Entertainment Facilities on Carnival Sensation

This is your chance to enjoy the onboard entertainment, activities, bars and more. Ready to dive headfirst into the fun of the cruise.

The Punchliner Comedy Club

There’s chuckle-funny, then there’s laughing-so-hard-you-can-barely-breathe funny. To take their Punchliner Comedy Club talent way over the top, Carnival have teamed up with renowned comedian and TV personality George Lopez. George is Carnival's ‘curator of comedy,’ their ‘finder of funny,’ the… ‘locator of laugh-out-loud’, helping select talent for the fleetwide Punchliner Comedy Clubs.

Show Lounge

A carnival stage show should surprise and dazzle people. Watching the talented singers, musicians and dancers perform captivating tunes in gorgeous costumes against stunning sets and backdrops is like watching one of his greatest shows on earth. All performances are designed so that every night feels like opening night. Best of all, with the show included in the price, you'll get the most expensive tickets to the hottest show in town completely free.


No one can start a party like a great DJ, right? That's why Carnival DJ has introduced IRIE (pun intended) to make the nightlife on your Carnival cruise hotter than ever. He leads his Spin'iversity with DJ IRIE. This program is designed to train an avid DJ to sharpen his spinning skills and party-ready personality. Oh, and as far as music goes, the alumni shoot an expanded music catalog in clubs across the fleet to rock the bodies of their guests to the max.

Live Music

Want to rock and roll every night, every day? Well you are in the right boat. Bringing the best land-based performers to the sea, Carnival creates the perfect atmosphere. From hilarious island rock at the Red Frog Pub, to choruses at his bar on the piano, to Let's Get This parties on his deck with his jams, you'll find him performing live on board, clapping and toeing. let's burn


Grab a microphone and listen to your inner rock king, pop princess or disco queen as you sing karaoke aboard a carnival cruise. Choose between traditional karaoke or superstar live karaoke, which not only picks the song you want to sing, but is accompanied by a live band playing guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. singer! Whichever karaoke experience you choose, you'll have hundreds of tracks to choose from across genres, from Motown, country and rock classics to today's pop hits.

Atrium & Lobby Bar

The atrium not only marvels at its picturesque high ceilings with its grand staircase, it is also the heart of every carnival ship. At any time of the day or night, Guest Services will answer your questions, plan fun excursions at the Excursion Desk, enjoy the music that sets the mood...and find out what's happening at our well-stocked bar and dance floor. You can check

Video Arcade

If you enjoy playing video games, you are in luck. Carnival's video arcade offers a wide variety of games for players of all ages, day or night. Grab your chips from the machine and let the fun begin! Challenge your friends to the game or try to beat the maximum score. After all, with the entire 24-hour arcade and cruise right in front of you, you'll have plenty of time to try it out.

The Fun Shops

Find the perfect gift for friends, family or yourself in our onboard gift shop. From t-shirts to quality watches to lockets to your favorite duty-free spirits, you're sure to find something special for someone special (even if that special person is you). There are also special offers on everything from portraits to spa products. Check the daily itinerary on board to see what's happening during your cruise.

Piano Bar

Play again, Sam. Or Diana. or whatever your name is. Because this is the bar that calls shots and songs. Take a seat, order your favorite cocktail, and let the friendly piano player know what you'd like to hear. Afterwards, join the chorus and have a good time clapping, tapping your feet and snapping your fingers. Are your vocal cords tense? no problem. Shy songbirds are also welcome. Open from early evening until late at night, it's the perfect place for an aperitif or late night singing.

Dance Club

Rock out at the hippest club in the Caribbean. The Carnival DJ spins today's hottest hits and yesterday's golden his oldies. Whether you're a robot, a worm, or rocking to music, you'll want to dance until the sun comes up. Or at least until the last call. Carnival-themed parties are also a lot of fun.


Winning casino prize games requires a steady hand and a bit of luck, so try to keep your excitement down, at least for now. With cash prizes and great electronics at stake, if you win, you win big. At this point, try jumping a little crazy if that's your thing...because you and your Steady Hand are the winners!

Or try your luck at roulette, blackjack, slots, poker or one of our casino tournaments!


With so much to do, most people don't consider a cruise vacation to be the best time to read a book, but a book-lover devotee can snuggle up in a lounge chair and soak up the sun, sea breeze, and much more. You'll find yourself enjoying a leafy turn.Forgot your book? Is your e-reader battery dead? All Carnival ships have an onboard library filled with goodies. It's a great place to read if you're the quiet type, but if you like the sound of the ocean more than your soundtrack, the library is a great place to find good reading to devour outdoors.

Internet Café

Internet cafes are reminiscent of a friendlier, simpler time. So the old days when the internet was a place to visit and stay for a while before returning to 'real life'. These days, with all the internet in our pockets, we've forgotten the simple pleasures of surfing in moderation, and Carnival cruises are the perfect place to get back to a (mostly) detached lifestyle. Visit the onboard internet cafe for an occasional chance to connect with the outside world. You might do it over a cup of coffee, or you might send a photo home.When you get home, you'll be there.

Art Gallery & Seminars

Experience the bold, psychedelic artwork of Peter Max and the vibrant energy of Romero Britto. You can create your very own creation by bidding on a selection of hundreds of creations. They are all works by some of the world's most famous contemporary artists and will be featured on your next Carnival cruise. Enjoy complimentary champagne while learning terms such as gravure. Encounter and expand your mind into the 4th dimension through kinetic art. And of course, you'll feel like a champion when the auctioneer declares you the winner.Carnival auctions also feature sports memorabilia from your favorite champions. Plus, we guarantee that you can start or grow your art collection simply by participating in the promotion. Everyone can get a piece of art for free. Whether you're new to the art world or a seasoned pro, you'll be able to take home some amazing creations.


The buzz of bingo fills the air. You have his 3 cards in front of you, ready to play. what's the big game tonight? stamp? big x? Big T? Get ready for crazy and exciting bingo with cheers and cheers when you win big! Prizes start at $100 and jackpot games can add zeros to the pot. Other prizes include tour passes, gifts from the onboard shop, and spa services. So I got a bingo card. The next B-6 could be your lucky call to win a whopping $2,000 jackpot or a free cruise.

Onboard Games

Kids need no excuse to play. Did you know that cognitive scientists (adults without bedtime) believe play is essential to a child's development?At Carnival, we believe play is important for all ages. From physical challenges to scavenger hunts, the very apt Battle of the Ages (a trivia game that actually pits kids against adults) carnival makes "everyone" "fun for everyone." (Not to mention "fun".)


The word trivia comes from "trivia" and basically means "not important things to know". Wait a minute... do you mind? ! Not if you plan to go home with the vaunted unlimited supply... good for the rest of your cruise as well as when you get home. Don't just show what you know, show off. This is where "know it all" pays off.

Aft Lounge

The Aft Lounge is the second largest lounge on board and includes a bar, stage and dance floor. Located on deck 5, it can accommodate 425 people. Activities held here include live comedy, music, karaoke, and art auctions.

Mirage Bar

The Mirage Bar on deck 9 is the ship's promenade bar. The bar and seating area are located just outside the casino and feature a piano with live music. Trivia quizzes are also held here.

Polo Cigar Lounge

The Polo Cigar Lounge has a bar and hosts activities such as martini tastings and trivia quizzes. Located on deck 9, it can accommodate 92 people.

Michelangelo Lounge

The Michelangelo Lounge has a bar and seating area and hosts karaoke sessions.

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