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Cruises from Durban

Durban, South Africa Cruises

Durban, South Africa Cruises

This beach-side city in South Africa is a tantalizing cosmopolitan with Zulu, Indian, and European African populations. You will find Durban teeming with activities as you set foot at the port. Get to know the culture of Shakaland Zulu Village. Shop for traditional Chinese and Zulu handicrafts as souvenirs along the way at Victoria Street Market. If you are a daredevil, plunge into the water in a cage to observe the deadly sharks up-close. Go the extra mile for the worth-it PheZulu Safari Park to explore the wildlife.

Highlights of Durban

You should include Durban on your itinerary if you're visiting South Africa. Whether you don't know where to begin or where to go, we've got you covered! There are many highlights in Durban, but these are the most notable.

1. African Market Experience

Durban is home to three African markets, including Victoria Street Market, Herb Market, and Bead Market, where you can find unique souvenirs and new flavors. You'll find fine dining, shopping, and entertainment on Florida Road, considered one of Durban's hottest nightlife spots. Locals and tourists browse galleries, boutique shops, and eateries in the early morning hours when they close late at night. The sidewalk cafes open in the early morning hours. However, you shouldn't leave yet. It's at this time that trendy bars and clubs begin to buzz.    

2. Experience Indian Culture

Durban has the highest concentration of Indians in all the countries outside India. Indian cuisine is famous, and many women in KwaZulu-Natal still wear sarees, the national dress of India, and work on sugar cane farms. Among the many good foods available in Delhi are samosas (savory deep-fried pastries filled with spiced vegetables or meat) and bunny chows (hollow, curry-filled half-loaves of bread).

3. Dive into History

Explore the city's most important historical sites along the Inanda Heritage Route. The Phoenix Settlement, a communal living society founded by Mahatma Gandhi, houses his house, the International Printing Press, and the Gandhi Museum. Nelson Mandela voted for democracy at Ohlange Institute. Make a day out of it by continuing to the beautiful Inanda Dam.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Durban

In addition to its subtropical climate and sandy beaches, Durban has many attractions that appeal to domestic and international tourists. Here are some suggestions for the best things to do in Durban for a day, a week, or more.

1. Valley of a Thousand Hills

An exciting gateway to South Africa's cultural side, the Valley of a Thousand Hills is just half an hour away from Durban. The valley can be seen from afar as you drive through the hills. Green mountains and gushing rivers surround this valley. Throughout the valley, you'll find stunning arts and crafts produced by locals in suburbs and villages. Zulu villages are one of Africa's largest and most famous tribes, providing unparalleled insight into their culture, history, and life. Also, Westville and both as hill are suburbs with B&Bs, restaurants, and upscale shopping. During the Dusi Canoe Festival in February, the world-famous Comrade's Marathon is held here. Giba George Mountain Bike Park offers mountain biking, rock climbing, and paragliding.

2. Umgeni River Bird Park

More than 200 species of birds inhabit the Riverside district, near the Umgeni River Bird Park, some of which are unique to Africa. On a network of paths and waterfalls, visitors can see native species and birds from Southeast Asia and Australia, such as cockatoos and lories. Visitors to the park can learn more about exotic species during the bird show, which is one of the highlights.

3. An evening on Florida Road

The elephant tracks that now lead to Greyville Racecourse used to be Florida Road. Having recently received an injection of development cash, it is now one of Durban's trendiest areas. Morningside is known for its collection of fashion, designers, coffee, ice cream, art galleries, and cocktail bars, many of which are situated inside historic Edwardian buildings. Many restaurants serve various cuisines, such as Indian, Mexican, pizza, chicken, falafel, Italian, Thai, and others. 

4. The Golden Mile

For joggers, surfers, sunbathers, bikers, water sports enthusiasts, and those enjoying a relaxing stroll, the Golden Mile beachfront is a favorite destination. Addington Beach and Durban Harbor are located four miles (6.5km) south of the 'mile.' Golden sand beaches line the city's coast. The broad pavement makes walking, jogging, and biking the route accessible. It is also possible to soak up the warm sun while surfing, kiteboarding, or constructing sandcastles.

5. Safari and PheZulu Village Day Tour

A full-day tour, including the Natal Lion Park, the Africa Raptor Center, and Tala Game Reserve, takes place in the PheZulu Cultural Village. To experience traditional Zulu culture, we stop at the 'Valley of 1000Hills'. You can make the most of every passing minute with the kind of music, vibes, and embellishments here. Suitable for all ages, the tour is ideal for everyone.

When to Visit Durban?

Durban is easily the best place to visit during these months. It is a sunny, dry day with pleasant temperatures. As the International Film Festival and the Good Food and Wine Show take place in June and July, Durban is bustling with life and activities.

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