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Cruises from Miami

Miami, Florida Cruises

Miami, Florida Cruises

Lazing around in bikini bottoms on mats and beach chairs until the sun sets is the norm in Miami. The laid-back atmosphere will be palpable in the first couple of hours as you set out to explore. You can explore the bustling Downtown at a walkable distance from the port. Explore the historic  Art Deco district full of hotel structures from the 50s and palm trees lined along the street. Shop at the busy and lit-up Lincoln Road. Perez Art Museum Miami is a prestigious museum built by award-winning architects. Savor Asian delicacies at the restaurant 1-800- LUCKY.

Miami Highlights

Food, art, and entertainment are part of Miami's cultural melting pot. . The mix of languages may catch the eye, but the look of luxury is what grabs it. In addition to its relocated cultures, it boasts top-notch hotels, restaurants, and spas. Beautiful beaches and abundant wildlife surround all of this. It is easy to access nature, endless amenities, and culture that make Miami one of the top highlights of places to visit.

1. Endless shopping

Miami offers travelers a chance to indulge in some retail therapy. Shoppers of all calibers and budgets will find something to suit their needs at the shopping mall mecca. A wide range of shopping options awaits Miami travelers, from outdoor malls adorned with designer stores to budget-friendly outlets.

2. Fusion of flavors

Miami has over 150 ethnicities represented in its dining, which is no surprise since it is home to over 150 ethnicities. Restaurants offer dishes inspired by countries worldwide, including fresh caught sushi, Caribbean jerk chicken, and traditional Spanish tapas. There are many other dishes to sample in addition to the award-winning restaurants. The Cuban coffee and pastelitos at Miami's corner cafes are worth adding to the itinerary, along with the crispy empanadas and curried chicken offered at Miami's street vendors.

3. A Taste of Cuban culture

Little Havana is the best place to immerse yourself in Miami's Cuban culture. The Miami neighborhood is full of island influence, from its traditional cigar shops to art galleries. Experience Little Havana's authentic Cuban food and take a guided tour along Calle Ocho. The Cuban culture of Little Havana extends far beyond the neighborhood's boundaries. Magic City is filled with Latin music, cuisine, and language.

4. Culture and History

The influx of immigrants to Miami over the past eighty years has greatly influenced the city's culture, resulting in an intriguing multicultural scene extending to arts, music, and nightlife. In the Little Havana and Little Haiti areas of Miami, you'll find a distinctly Caribbean vibe and Latin flair before departing on one of our cruises from Miami. It is not uncommon to see beach bars and nightclubs mixed, and an exciting dichotomy exists between the laidback lifestyle and the luxurious nightclubs that attract celebrities worldwide.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Miami

It is always possible to find something to do in Miami, whether visiting museums or strolling along Little Havana's streets. There are plenty of tourist attractions in Miami Beach, including the Art Deco District, a fantastic stretch of beachfront, and a fun vibe. A popular day trip from Miami is to Everglades National Park, which is close by. Our list of Miami's top tourist attractions will help you plan your time and find the best places to visit.

1. Miami Beach

In addition to tranquil neighborhoods, Miami Beach features lively entertainment areas, soft-sand beaches, and a series of bridges connecting it to the mainland. A number of the top attractions and things to do in Miami can be found in the southernmost part of the island, South Beach. The Art Deco Historic District in Miami Beach is known for its pastel buildings with classic neon signs from the 1930s and early 1940s. A popular tourist area, this area offers plenty of beachfront restaurants, shops, and hotels, as well as plenty of opportunities to sunbathe.

2. Little Havana

Little Havana was born when Fidel Castro came to power in the 1960s. This neighborhood is known for its authentic Cuban vibe due to the Mediterranean-style houses, cigar shops, Domino Park, and Latin music. (Reimagined) Cuban flavors like Abuela Maria vanilla with crumbled Maria cookies, guava chunks, and cream cheese add to the taste of Azucar Ice Cream Company. Whenever there is a parade in the neighborhood, it is called Calle Ocho, the largest in the world. There is still a concern about violence and gang wars in East Little Havana, even though the area is much less dangerous today than it was in its past.

3. Everglades Park

If you are in Florida, you have to visit the Everglades National Park while you are there. It covers over 1.5 million swampland and over 1.5 million acres of land. There are many alligators, snakes, crocodiles, and birds, which is the main attraction. A walking trail and an airboat tour are available to see the entire park. An airboat tour can take you from your hotel to Everglades Park, where you can explore the whole area for half a day.

4. Bayside Marketplace

You can find many shops, restaurants, and cafes in Bayside Marketplace, south of the beautiful science museum. Shops, restaurants, and entertainment are available along Miami's waterfront. Over 150 boutiques, bars, eateries, and kiosks are dotted about the area. Aside from its casual ambiance, the Bay and Marina offer magnificent views, outstanding street performers, and entertainment acts.

5. Jungle Island

Miami's Jungle Island is a popular attraction. Previously known as Parrot Jungle, it was visited by Winston Churchill in 1946. It is located on Watson Island. Miami's South Beach and Downtown are only minutes away from The Jungle. Thrilling visitors with interactive experiences, Jungle Island makes the park a place of discovery and adventure. There are countless exciting shows to catch every day.

When to Visit Miami?

Miami is best visited between March and May. The weather will be pleasant during non-peak hours while the rest of the country is still defrosting.


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