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Cruises from Galveston

Galveston, Texas Cruises

Galveston, Texas Cruises

A coastal resort city and port off the Southeast Texas coast on Galveston Island and just 45 minutes southeast of Houston. This island is also known as the playground of the South, with gorgeous beach paradise and sun rays. The climate is humid subtropical and very similar to Houston's abundant rainfall and high year-round humidity. Don't forget to enjoy some good views of the bay, wildlife, and ship traffic.

Galveston Highlights

Located around 50 miles south of Houston, Texas, it is one of the oldest ports on the Gulf Coast. Most of Galveston Island is occupied by the city, which is approximately 27 miles long and 3 miles wide. Let's take a closer look at the attractions of Galveston.

1. History and Present

Before the French claimed the island in the 1600s, the island was inhabited by the Karankawa and Akokisa Indians. Since Galveston was incorporated in 1839, it has grown significantly as Texas' largest city. In response to its port's growth, the town gained a hospital, a post office, streetlights, trolleys, telephones, and telegraph lines, becoming the first in the state with all of these. The city of Galveston offers charm, entertainment, museums, and fantastic restaurants that make it the perfect place to embark on a cruise.

2. Local Flavor and Culture

This island, with more than 30 miles of sandy beaches, is known as the "Queen of the Gulf" because of its second busiest port in the country. Seafood lovers will adore the oyster and shrimp dishes. Don't let your eyes leave the water! There is a high probability of seeing bottlenose dolphins in Galveston Bay. People in the town are proud of their village and celebrate cultural festivals with a strong sense of community. There are lots of 19th-century buildings in Galveston, as well as restored Victorian houses and oleander gardens. The city is awash with history.

3. Local Markets

In the city, shoppers can peruse a variety of boutiques, galleries, and retail stores. During a stroll through Galveston's historic downtown area, you can discover 70 blocks of culinary attractions, vintage shops, jewelry boutiques, apparel boutiques, and more. There are several art galleries, historic buildings, and antique shops in the nearby Post Office Street Arts & Entertainment District.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Galveston

In the past few years, Galveston has become one of Texas' most popular tourist destinations because it hosts cruises out of its port. For cruise passengers who wish to spend some extra time sightseeing before or after their cruise, there are plenty of things to do and see in this area near Houston.

1. Seawolf Park

A playground and picnic areas can be found at this low-key park. In addition to housing some old Navy ships, it used to serve as an immigration entry point. An escorting destroyer, the USS Stewart, and the USS Cavalla are on board. Tour these ships to learn about life as a seaman during World War II, or bring a picnic and enjoy the scenery.

2. Explore Downtown Galveston

If you are closer to the port, stroll downtown Galveston and check out The Strand, a shopping, dining, and museum district. A visit to Pirates is a must! After seeing Legends of the Gulf Coast, you can indulge in some freshly made saltwater taffy and ice cream at one of the old-fashioned sweets shops. You can also visit galleries and antique shops on Post Office street. For a more in-depth exploration of downtown, consider taking a guided tour.

3. Visiting Museums

Museums abound on Galveston Island. Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum and Galveston Railroad Museum are two of the most popular attractions among tourists. Learn how oil is extracted offshore by boarding Ocean Star Museum's retried jack-up rig. Several rail cars are available for viewing and boarding at the Galveston Railroad Museum.

4. Stewart Beach

Galveston Island's most famous beach is this one. The hotel is located on one of the most famous ships in Galveston. It offers a variety of luxurious amenities for its visitors. Lifeguards ensure everyone's safety while swimming and having fun on the beach. Additionally, concessions provide snacks and drinks to quench your thirst. Showers are available, a playground is available for the kids, and umbrellas and chairs can be rented at the beach. It is a clean, comfortable, family-friendly beach.

5. East End Lagoon Nature Preserve

East End Lagoon Nature Preserve is perfect for families who love the outdoors and adventure. Guests can kayak, fish, or watch birds while exploring Galveston's wildlife. Discover the natural beauty of the lagoon. On nearly 700 acres, you can explore and enjoy the outdoors. There will be colorful flowers and a variety of plants along the way. Taking a stroll on Galveston Island is a great way to spend a quiet, relaxing day.

When to Visit Galveston

October to November and March to April are the best times to visit Galveston. It is warm but not sweltering during these months. Galveston's beach activities may be too chilly in the winter to enjoy during your visit.

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