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About Princess Cruises

With this cruise, you can take a cruise trip to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Canada & England. Its first sail was in the year 1965 with a single ship sailing to Mexico. This ship's fleet departs from many US cities, which includes Florida, Fort Lauderdale, and Los Angles that features both big and midsize ships. You can enjoy your trip for one day till 111 days with unique under the sky poolside screening. Even experience the variety of shore excursions along with guided sightseeing in Spain, Barcelona, and tasting rum in Barbados.

You will get flexible dining timings and a wide range of culinary options. It has 18 ships fleets which includes Pacific Princess, Regal Princess, Emerald Princess, Ruby Princess, Star Princess, Sun Princess, Golden Princess, Grand Princess, Island Princess, Sapphire Princess, Sea Princess, Crown princess, Majestic Princess, Caribbean Princess, Coral Princess, Royal Princess, Diamond Princess, and Sky Princess. It targets the full range of traveler types, which are families, solo, and couples, including the adults.