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Cruises from Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France Cruises

Bordeaux, France Cruises

Bordeaux is a French city on the European Atlantic coast and in the north of the Aquitaine region. It is also famous as a flat city built on the banks of the Garonne River. The area around Bordeaux is renowned for its wines, shopping, innovative architecture, cycling, and relaxed riverside living. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its ancient history, old town, and neo-classical waterfront. Its urban elegance and provincial charm are appealing tourist destinations. Enjoy relaxing walks in the city for an unforgettable day trip.

Bordeaux Highlights

Experience the world's largest and oldest wine-producing region amidst Bordeaux's wine capital, where over 7,000 winemakers await you. On a Bordeaux cruise, discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has half of its area designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy its unparalleled culinary scene, rich cultural heritage, and breathtaking architecture. These are just a few of the highlights, but there are more. 

1. Tour Whisky Distillery

Moon Harbor Distillery produces the first whiskey distilled and aged in Bordeaux, a region known for producing spirits including Cognac, Armagnac, and Lillet. It lies close to La Cité du Vin on the edge of Bordeaux. Whether or not you like whiskey, Moon Harbour is well worth a visit. Aging barrels are done in former U-boat bunkers used during WWII. Visitors could enter the barrel room through an opening cut out of the concrete walls that were 30 feet thick. After the distillery and barrel room tour, Moon Harbor’s whiskies and gins can be sampled in the boutique/tasting room. When you visit Bordeaux, check out this whiskey distillery, unlike anything else in the world.

2. Europe’s Longest Pedestrian Shopping Street

It is Europe's longest pedestrian shopping street, measuring 1.2 kilometers long. There is a path that runs from Place de la Comédie to Place de la Victorie along Place de la Comédie. During the Roman era, Bordeaux was called Burdigala, and this street was also a shopping street. Since 1984, it has been a pedestrian-only street. Over 250 shops and cafes are located on Rue Saint Catherine. Place Saint Projet and Galerie Bordelaise, a covered shopping arcade designed in 1834, are other interesting attractions along it.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Bordeaux

Wine, museums, and sightseeing aren't the only Bordeaux attractions. The city has many things to do beyond tasting wine, and visitors of all ages are sure to find something to their liking. From escape-room games to a wave pool, there's something for everyone.

1. Miroird’Eau

It's known for having the world's largest reflecting pool and is located right next to the Place de la Bourse. You probably wouldn't expect to see something like this in Bordeaux, but it's cool and easy to see. You won't be able to miss it. It's great spot for taking pictures of the city because it gives you a great view.  The best brews in the city can be found at 3Montbazon.

2. Day trip to Saint-Émilion

UNESCO World Heritage Site Saint-Émilion is a must-see for anybody spending more than a few days in Bordeaux (or on tour). A small picturesque village, it is an excellent place to learn more about the region's world-renowned and award-winning wines (that you will have the opportunity to taste). The Monolithic Church still stands today after wandering through the historic cobbled streets. The experience was incredible to witness in person. Chateau La Dominique is another local vineyard where you can taste some of the region's finest wines if you're interested in trying some.

3. Quais de Bordeaux and Jardin Public

Bordeaux offers beautiful parks and quays where you can enjoy the sights and the picturesque city's atmosphere. It is one of the prettiest waterfronts in Europe, with benches, flower beds, and lawns along the left bank of the Garonne. There is a beautiful park in the city called Jardin Public, which is another perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Parks like this offer many activities, including a natural history museum, a greenhouse, cafes, and puppet shows.

4. Darwin Ecosysteme

There are organic stores, street art, and a lot more in this unique space on the right bank of the Garonne. Seeing old navy barracks transformed into Darwin ecosysteme, an active, vibrant space, is heartwarming. There is an organic brewery, an urban park, and an organic restaurant in Darwin, in addition to murals and graffiti on the walls. Darwin is a great place to go with kids when you are looking for things to do in Bordeaux, as it also has skateboarding and biking parks, a play tent, and plenty of open space.

5. Place des Quinconces

An open-air concert and festival venue in the city's heart, Place des Quinconces is Europe's largest city square. A famous monument named Monument aux Girondins stands today on the square, which was built as a defense against rebellion. The gorgeous fountain honored Girondin revolutionaries with lifelike sculptures during the Reign of Terror. Amid the fountain, the towering column and rampaging horses are impressive. It is unquestionably one of the best things to do in Bordeaux to take a sunset photo at this stunning location.

When to Visit Bordeaux?

There are better times to visit Bordeaux than others, even though it's beautiful any time of year (it's the city Parisians say they'd most like to live in if they weren't based in Paris). It is quiet during the winter, while tourists are in more significant numbers during the summer. Late spring and early autumn are the best times to visit if you want the best weather and lower prices. You can also see the surrounding vines at their best between May and November.

Frequently Asked Questions about to Bordeaux

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The number 1 attraction in Bordeaux is Cathédrale Saint-André.

Bordeaux offers a tourist destination unlike any other, combining provincial charm and urban elegance. It is known as the "Port of the Moon" because of the romantic setting alongside the crescent bends in the Garonne river.

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Things such as not roaming alone at night in dangerous area, avoid going to public parks, don’t leave any belongings visible in a car, and remain aware of your belongings especially on trams and at crowded stations.
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