Disney Cruise Line

About Disney Cruise Line

A delight for teens and an awesome experience for Disney fans, this cruise line will make you have a sneak-peek into the world of Disney life. It includes four ships that you can choose according to your family needs and the kind of entertainment you crave for. Great for family, this cruise line offers Princess and Disney character keeps your child entertained and give them a cheerful experience. While, Musical shows, deck parties, Disney movies on a large screen keeps them on a cloud nine at all times.

Its one-of-a-kind magic entertainment, relaxing wonder of an ocean voyage and the enchanting tropical destinations spacious staterooms, water slides, fun-filled pools, private islands, on board activities are some of the attractions that are sure to impress. Designated water areas ‘Nemo’s Reef’ is solely allotted for kids to relax by the pool and have a little swim in shallow waters. The splash zones are also there for teens who know how to swim and can handle water sports. Apart from this, on-board entertainment includes character experiences, games, water sports, fine-dine restaurants and more.

Enjoy your stay in the big staterooms with your family!

Highlights: Live shows, Nightclubs and Lounges, Character Experiences, Deck Parties, Youth clubs, spa and fitness and refreshing pools.

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