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About Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises is an Italian Cruise line based in Genoa, Italy which is famous for its Italian flair and glitzy shows and colourful bars. The cruise line has a massive appeal to couples and families on-board as it provides a ton of activities to keep everyone entertained at the same time. Sail in the Mediterranean, Norway, the Caribbean or in the Atlantic with Costa Cruises and make the most of your holidays.

Comfort, style, elegance and a bundle of entertainment and fun awaits you on this cruise line. Karaoke, Bingo, pool side games, talent show, TeenZone activities, Squok club, family activities and more are some of the highlights of Costa cruises. Never have a dull moment while being on the cruise as they have the most renowned on-board activities that brings you the fun that makes your cheeks hurt.

Every ship of this line has a host of amenities and comfort giving you the most memorable days of your life. The Italian touch to every dish you taste, is something that makes you lick your fingers every time you have a meal on the ship. A special event called ‘Mid-night Spaghetti session’ captivates you with food, music and fun. 2500 off-shore destinations quench your desire to explore new destinations and also ignites the new one. Costa Cruise line gives you the most unforgettable experience that are surely going to last for a lifetime.

Highlights: Samsara Spa, Multi-sports pitch, Whirlpool, Gym, Swimming pool, Bravo Chef Show, Disco, Aquapark, Squok club, Amarillo Ice-Cream and Chocolate Shop, Aperol Spritz Bar, Club Restaurant .


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