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Cruises from Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii Cruises

Honolulu, Hawaii Cruises

Hawaii is the land of tropical splendor, and Honolulu epitomizes an ideal vacation. Located in Oahu, Honolulu is a large metropolitan island city that offers several pristine beaches and bustling marketplaces. Pay your respects at Pearl Harbor, where the Americans were attacked during WWII. Take a stroll at the Lyon Arboretum Botanical Garden. Visit Queen Emma's Summer Palace, which is a massive Victorian Style home. Go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay and relax surfing at Waimea Bay.

Honolulu Highlights

Located on the island of Oahu, this attractive state capital has a thriving, modern metropolis that is home to high-rise buildings and surf and sand. Take a trip to Honolulu and enjoy its vibrant natural beauty in addition to striking modern architecture. You should consider visiting the city because of these highlights.

1. The History and the Present

A Japanese bomber dropped the bombs that officially brought the United States into World War II over Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941. Those interested in history and families seeking some education will enjoy visiting the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Discover the fateful day that changed the country forever on a ferry ride over harbor waters to the sunken USS Arizona. Did you know that Oahu is the only location in the United States where a royal residence is located? Visiting Iolani Palace will give you a sense of what life was like for royalty in ancient Hawaii. There is a wealth of antiques, history, and royal artifacts at the palace, which was home to King Kamehameha III and his descendants until the late 1800s.

2. The Food Scene

Hawaii cuisine is considered to be one of the freshest cuisines. Fresh fish and fresh fruits are what you need to think about. Farm-to-table fare is available using a variety of local ingredients, so you'll feel like royalty while dining here. There are also a lot of Asian influences in the food, such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and others. Honolulu is also known for its food trucks. The flavors of the islands can be sampled more casually with them!

3. Adventure Activities

The island of Oahu offers much more than postcard-perfect beaches. You can dive with sharks or take a helicopter tour to see the sights. Explore waterfalls, zip lines, surf, snorkel, and kayak the island while hiking, exploring waterfalls, or zip lining. The outdoor playground of Oahu is perfect for everyone, whether you're looking for a water-based or land-based adventure!

Interesting Spots to Visit in Honolulu Cruise Port

When visiting Honolulu places, be sure to check out some of these fantastic attractions! Visit these popular sites and enjoy the simple pleasures of discovering them.

1. Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve

A natural bay formed by an ancient volcano, Hanauma Bay is unlike any other bay. Historically, it was one of the most popular snorkeling destinations, resulting in pollution and damage. As a result of restoration efforts that began in 1990, the bay now boasts pristine waters and a flourishing ecosystem, making its reef and its inhabitants a true pleasure for visitors to observe. Visitors to the bay are limited to make sure the fragile ecosystem is not damaged, and this bay is preserved for future generations by requiring them to watch an educational video before visiting the beach.

2. Diamond Head State Monument

It has a distinctive profile that distinguishes it from other natural landmarks in Hawaii. It was once an essential part of the island's coastal defense, located on the eastern portion of Waikiki's coastline. From the bottom to the summit of the crater, the steep trail rises 560 feet in just 0.8 miles. A giant lighthouse built in 1917 sits atop Diamond Head Crater, along with bunkers and the Fire Control Station that controlled artillery at Fort Ruger and Waikiki. Most tourists enjoy the fantastic scenic shoreline view after enduring the challenging uphill hike. Water and sturdy footwear should be brought on the trek by those who plan to make the journey.

3. Moku o Loe (Coconut Island)

Moku o Loe is the official name of Coconut Island. It is a lush tropical island that is 28 acres in size and located in Honolulu County. Due to its use as a marine biology research facility, it usually remains closed to the public. Visitors to HIBM are sometimes treated to outreach programs organized by the organization. You are bound to have an unforgettable snorkeling and kayaking experience at Moku o Loe. Snorkeling in the stunning blue waters is also a great way to see reef corals, tropical fish, and green sea turtles.

4. Polynesian Cultural Center

It may seem that the Polynesian Cultural Center is a dull, museum-like institution with a name like that, but that's not the case. There is hula dancing here as well as spear throwing at this fantastic living theme park. Six villages represent Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa, Hawaii, and other Polynesian regions. Its homeland influences the activities of each town. When you're finished with your Honolulu vacation, you'll have incredible stories to tell about Hawaii and its surrounding regions!

5. Iolani Palace

Built by King Kalakaua in 1882, this unique National Historic Landmark is located in downtown Honolulu. Hawaii's fascinating monarchy relocated here as its official residence. In the United States, this is the only royal palace that displays the style and lifestyle of Hawaiian rulers in the 19th century. Guided tours of the palace provide an overview of Hawaiian history. Check out the gallery exhibits in the basement after watching the film at the visitor center. There are also gift shops where you can buy souvenirs. The last thing you should do is take some photos using the palace as a backdrop.

When to Visit?

The months of April to June, as well as September to mid-December, is the best time to visit Honolulu. When these shoulder seasons occur, there are fewer crowds at attractions and a variety of festivals. Visiting between late December and early April is another popular time when surfers come to catch waves or watch professionals compete. Additionally, from mid-June to August is an excellent time to visit because of sunnier weather and fewer rain showers.

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