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Cruises from Kiel

Kiel, Germany Cruises

Kiel, Germany Cruises

Kiel is the capital city of Schleswig-Holstein which serves as a huge natural harbor. During the Kiel week, you will see many competitors set sail in the waters to win the competition that has taken place since 1882. On a beach towards the eastern side of Kiel is a submarine on display that Germany used during WWII. Pay a visit to the Naval Memorial to learn more about the port's history. The city becomes a hotbed of tourists, foodies, and festival-goers during KielerWoche. It is also a thriving nightlife city that offers plenty of natural vistas, canals, and parks, regardless of the time of year.

Kiel Highlights

As one of the world's busiest artificial waterways, the Kiel Canal links the Baltic Sea with the North Sea. Kiel is a famous maritime city. You can tell a lot about this town from its history. You can hire a bicycle from the pier and cruise along the promenade and Kiel Fjord to see the sluice gates and mighty ships up close. Take a look at these highlights as well.

1. Learn a whole lot of history

The history of Kiel stretches back almost 900 years, so culture buffs have plenty to choose from. St. Nicholas church is the city's oldest building and features architecture dating back to the thirteenth century. Visit the world-renowned University, and you can listen to the opera house play or explore the museums to learn more about the city. Visiting Kiel's preserved Flandernbunker or Schifffahrtsmuseum will help you learn more about Kiel's role in World War II.

2. Enjoy German Gastronomy

You can enjoy German/Turkish Döner kebabs right by the water at GaripsImbiss, located right across the street from the intersection of Metzstrasse and Wörthstrasse. If you like potatoes, you can dig in at the Kartoffel-Keller, a restaurant with a potato theme.

3. Quality of life

Even though Kiel is a large city, it still manages to remain manageable. Students don't need to travel long distances to universities because they all have campuses. There is quick access to all the city's central institutions. There is no doubt that Kiel is a bike-friendly city. The beautiful surroundings can also be explored by bicycle. Your favorite routes and spots are waiting for you!

4. A Cultural Heart

Whether it's acting, opera, cinema, concerts, a museum or botanical garden, choirs, or improvisational theatre, Kiel is a cultural hub of the region. Also, there are plenty of pubs and bars. Several events, festivals, and the internationally acclaimed Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival are broadcast internationally. KielerWoche, the biggest summer festival in Northern Europe, is held annually at the end of June.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Kiel

The city of Kiel has several maritime-themed attractions, including a Nazi submarine, an artificial waterway where sailboats can be seen, and the Kiel Week regatta. Those aren't the only things you can do in St. Lucia - look at our top 10 list for more ideas.

1. Cruise the Canal

The Kiel Canal has been linking the North and Baltic Seas since its construction more than 100 years ago. With this artificial waterway, sailors won't have to navigate Denmark's stormy Jutland Peninsula for 280 miles, saving them time and money. With locks controlling the water levels and numerous bridges spanning it, it cuts through the northern tip of Germany, between Kiel and Brunsbüttel. You can cruise along the canal at your leisure as you travel past lush fields, picturesque meadows, and rural towns.

2. Visit Kiellinie

Scholossgarten to the northeast marks the beginning of the Kiellinie. While admiring their tiny aquarium and sailing clubs, you can enjoy delicious meals in their cafes and restaurants. As well to huge ships, the harbor is full of ever-changing vistas. A cruise ship is also an excellent way to discover the sea's charm and see what it has to offer. A motorboat ride on the seaside is a great way to get a feel for the speed of the water and a great way to spend time with your significant other. You can also participate in the KielerWoche (the Kiel Week) if you are here during the last week of June. Thousands of visitors attend this event each year.  

3. Taste Craft Beers

The local breweries will be of great interest to anyone who loves beer, and fresh beer has a distinct taste, so instead of going to the pub, check out the local breweries. For those who are curious, KielerBrauerei am AltenMarkt seems like a good option. Guests can enjoy great food and tasty beer at this place, which can seat up to 200 people. Brewers must take care of malt, water, and yeast when brewing beer since it needs to retain its taste. Several options can be found on the menu, so don't forget to try them all.  

4. Molfsee Open-Air Museum

The Molfsee Open-Air Museum, located just 6.2 miles from Kiel's center, takes you on an adventure through the ages. There are dozens of historic houses, farms, mills, and farmhouses from the 16th through 19th centuries scattered across 40 hectares of fields, gardens, and ponds. Local artisans perform live performances in some buildings decorated with authentic furniture and appliances.  

5. KielerRathaus

The City Hall's 106-meter tower dominates Kiel's skyline. At the time of its construction during the 1900s, this Art Nouveau building was located in the suburbs west of the old town. Upon first glance, the tower looks strikingly similar to St Mark's Campanile in Venice, which is where the idea came from. While it was closed for refurbishment at this post, visitors may tour the Art Nouveau interiors and climb up to the observation platform. An exciting feature of the hotel is the last paternoster in the world; an open, slow-moving lift for two passengers.  

When to Visit Kiel?

It's hottest in July, August, and June, so that's the best time to visit Kiel. The average temperature for each month is shown below. Early July is generally the warmest time of year, with highs regularly around 73.5°F (23.1°C) and nights rarely falling below 55.3°F (12.9°C).


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