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Cruise Ship

Know Before You Go

Things to Know before You go on a Cruise Trip

A cruise is a trip of a lifetime. Luxuriously floating from one exotic destination to the other, all the while being entertained by the best artists of the world and being served food that would make the Gods jealous. That’s a cruise ship for you, and just a little preparation before you step into this magical abode on the water can help you get even more out of your vacation.

Read on for the 8 things to know that will ensure you have a smooth and delightful cruise, just the way it’s meant to be.

It takes one bout of illness to be instantly kicked out of all the magic of a great experience. Nothing feels good if your health is not in order. So before you embark your journey, get a thorough checkup and request your physicians for a list of medicines to take along in case of an emergency. Even though ships have their own dispensaries well stocked with medical supplies, it helps to get your own kit of drugs that you are already familiar with.

Travel insurance comes to rescue in any unforeseen situations while on vacation. It often includes medical coverage as well as things like baggage loss. We strongly recommend you get it before you start your journey. Many cruise companies have a provision for insurance – you can check with them or get your own from an independent agency depending on the suitability.

Cruises are well-known for their range of amusements. Many of these include activities that you can take up during the course of your stay. Booking in advance will ensure you get a slot in your desired activity and might even fetch a discount in case it’s a paid activity.

Also, many cruise ships offer packages on food, drink, and entertainment. Take a look at the offerings and see if any of the deals make sense for you. This is an easy way to save money without having to cut down on your consumption during the voyage.

Start making your checklist well in advance. There are numerous things that come to mind on the go but you tend to forget them later while packing your bags. So don’t let regrets be part of your grand vacations and pay close attention to your packing list. Be it clothes, accessories, cameras, chargers, safety pins – don’t forget any of it at home!

A smart wardrobe is indispensable to a full-fledged cruise experience. Good clothes make you feel good, make your photographs frame-worthy, and give the ship a nice air of elegance. Besides, many dinner banquets, performances, and other activities on-board beckon a dress code. So you must, give your outfits a good thought while packing. Start early so you can buy and alter your clothes in peace. Leave no room for last minute packing!

You will enjoy your ports more if you have read about them in advance. All the history, mysteries and stories of a place make for a perfect prelude to a visit. If you are taking children along, read out to them as well and make them genuinely curious about all the new places they are going to be exploring!

It’s easy to fly out of budget on a cruise ship, even for the most financially savvy of travelers; the allure of these ships is such! All the food, dining, entertainment, activities, and not to mention, on-board shopping amounts to big bills. So, avoid getting a shock at the end, and keep track of what you are spending, including taxes.

It’s always a smart idea to let your people know your whereabouts. Travel is seldom unaccompanied by its uncertainties. And having someone back home to watch out for you helps substantially should you end up in an unwanted situation away from home. Take this safety measure for your cruise ship and all your other trips.

The start of a cruise is a heart-racing moment. Every cruise brings with it its own set of delights and amazing surprises. Brace up for all of it and have an exciting vacation!

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