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What should I wear on my first-night cruise?

You’d want to look your best for your first cruise night. Men can suit up in that tuxedo, and ladies can glam up wearing evening gowns or pantsuits.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Luggage is the first thing vacationers should consider when going onboard a cruise. Even though most cruise companies don’t have limitations on luggage capacity, it is wise to remember that cruise cabins don’t usually have large wardrobes or lockers.

Regardless of the size of your luggage or the number of suitcases you have, you must put all the necessary things and much-needed outfits. Now the question is — what sort of clothing do you take along with you when travelling on a cruise? You must carry outfits according to every occasion or event that the cruise will host. You will have options to choose from if you bring different attires.

What should I wear on my first-night cruise?

Learn what to wear for the first night of a cruise, especially if this is your first time on a cruise and you don't know how to dress for it.

Weather-friendly wardrobe

It is critically important to keep in mind the climate of the place you are travelling to. You will be comfortable in the outfit if it suits the weather conditions. When travelling to tropical ports, you need to wear different attires than what you will do when travelling towards the Tundra regions. Choose the best outfits from your summer or winter collection according to the time and place of your cruise trip.

What to put on when travelling with your romantic partner?


The level of formal clothing you wish to put on is more a matter of personal preference than necessity. You can wear dark-coloured suits, tuxedos, show-stopping gowns, or cocktail dresses for the formal night.

If it is a dinner date with your romantic partner, you should prefer going to the main dining hall or specialty restaurants.


Add some colourful jewellery piece(s) to style your outfit. Accessorising with jewellery is a fantastic way to perk up your entire look. Wear it on a dinner date with your partner when onboard. If you forget to carry or do not intend to take along any precious jewellery, most cruise liners have boutiques where you can shop some.


While packing bags, do not forget to keep ample footwear. In addition to flip-flops or slides, it is essential you have a pair for every kind of event.

Your outfit is incomplete if you are not wearing a proper pair of shoes or sandals. Women could prefer wearing sleek heels with a gown or pumps with a formal pantsuit. Men can wear formal shoes if planning to wear a suit or tux. Sneakers are also a good option if you are wearing jeans. They are stylish yet comfortable.

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What to wear on the first family cruise night?

For women

A stylish colour-blocked shirt is the best choice if you are travelling with the whole family. You can choose to pair them with jeans and sandals or sneakers. You can enjoy the night with this sophisticated casual look. A swing T-shirt dress is also a great option when on a family cruise. One can wear it for lounging on the deck as this attire is generally comfortable.

For men

If it is a formal night at a restaurant on the cruise, it would be wise to dress formally rather than wearing T-shirts and shorts. For a casual day, you can wear comfy cargo shorts or baggy trousers. You can use the extra pockets to carry your key cards, wallet, and mobile phone.

Final thoughts

The first-night attire of your cruise trip highly depends on how and where you choose to spend your time. You can wear casuals if you want to spend a night roaming around and eating at a pizza or burger joint. There would be restaurants holding special night events. For a fancy time like this, choose the best formal or party-wear outfit.

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