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Cruises from Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands Cruises

Amsterdam, Netherlands Cruises

The mention of an Amsterdam cruise, canals, art, and architecture are the initial insinuations by any tourist who knows little about this picturesque city. Several decades after WWII, tourists from all over the world still come to see the small dingy room where the young girl wrote a diary that became world-famous. The streets in the city are connected through canals. Take a majestic canal tour and float under the bridges as you slowly explore the magnificent city. Walk along the cobblestone streets to visit the Van Gogh Museum to see his prestigious artworks.

Amsterdam Highlights

Discover the highlights of Amsterdam, including the history, culture, cuisine, and shopping.

1. History and Culture

Amsterdam's history has been shaped by fishing and trade since the 13th century, when fishers founded the city based on legend. A diamond and other export trade renaissance began in Amsterdam in the 17th century, ushering in its golden age. This city is heavily influenced by world-renowned artists like Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Rembrandt. As Jewish citizens were deported and sent to concentration camps throughout Europe during World War II, Amsterdam established the Anne Frank House and the National Monument as memorials to those lost. Art museums and cultural institutions abound in Amsterdam, which is known as the cultural heart of Europe. Amsterdam is a haven for bicyclists, known as a biker's paradise and an open-minded capital. Amsterdam's tulip festival is held annually in April.

2. Shopping Near Port

Before your Amsterdam cruise, spend some time shopping in the city center, where you can find souvenirs related to Amsterdam and Dutch pottery. If you want clothes, you should visit fashion boutiques or daily markets like Albert Cuypmarkt or Westermarkt. Local food vendors and antique sellers offer a variety of unique items for sale at daily and weekly needs throughout the city.

3. Local Cuisine

Restaurants with Michelin stars, canalside cafes, and classic "Brown Bars" are all available in Amsterdam. Check out the street markets if you're in the mood for herring sandwiches, stroopwafels filled with syrup, or fries with mayonnaise slathered on top. If you're looking for mashed potatoes or fried meatballs, look no further than stamppot (vegetable mashed potatoes). The Heineken Experience offers beer tasting, jenever (Dutch gin), and jenever (Dutch gin).

Interesting Spot to Visit in Amsterdam

There are many cultural highlights in Amsterdam that you can explore on a cruise. Bring your camera while you explore the city. If you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time and have a limited time, choosing which of the most popular attractions can be challenging. Tourists can explore the city's charms and history in this cosmopolitan city. We have provided you with a list of some of the top tourist attractions of this port city, and in this section, you can learn more about some of them. 

1. Royal Palace

They were formerly used as a town hall and the king's residence when visiting the city. The exteriors boast magnificently beautiful architecture, while the interiors are exquisitely furnished. Among the many features of this classic architecture are marble sculptures, art on the ceilings, ornamentation, and friezes. An excellent place to visit in this city at any time of year is open to the public. 

2. Kalverstraat and Vlooienmarkt

Amsterdam has all the retail therapy you could ever desire. The markets in Amsterdam are the best things to do if you want to buy some high-end luxury brands or local artifacts and souvenirs. You will never forget this fun experience with everything from boutiques to galleries to perfumes to cafés. 

3. Museums of Tropics

Since 1864, Tropics has had its museum. This is a tour for those interested in learning about the history of the Dutch colony. It displays objects from tropical and sub-tropical regions. It holds regular performances of eastern or Asian music featuring traditional instruments. You should cover this museum if you are someone who loves museums. 

4. Grachtengordel

A boat tour of the canals is certainly possible, but walking beside the canals gives you a whole new experience that you should not miss. Additionally to taking a boat tour, ensure you opt for a walkable canal tour on foot. Amsterdam has a lot more canals than you can explore in one visit. Among these are the Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht sections in the Grachtengordel neighborhood and the Brouwersgracht and Singel, which served as the city's most crucial canal until 1585. 

5. Damrak

Damrak runs from Central Station to Dam Square. One of the main avenues in Amsterdam, this street features many souvenir shops, chain stores, and inexpensive restaurants. You can spend some time admiring some stunning architecture there, though it gives an impression of a tourist trap. The Damrak area contains more than twenty buildings listed as Royal Monuments, mainly from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The Damrak Waterfront in Amsterdam's city center shouldn't be missed. It is part of the historic harbor. Several postcards and travel brochures in the area can be used as backgrounds for selfies and portraits. 

When to Visit Amsterdam?

A visit to Amsterdam is best during the fall season, from September through November. It is an ideal time to visit the Tulip capital due to the relatively mild weather conditions and the low crowds. Although weather conditions can be challenging on some days, they are never severe enough to interfere with your trip. It's important to note that the summertime crowds have thinned out, so you can explore the city without waiting in long lines or hustling for space. Amsterdam's next best time to visit is in April and May when they fully bloom. A surge in tourists, however, occurs during this beautiful season because of the blooming tulips. During the summer, the city is brimming with domestic and international tourists, making it somewhat challenging to take in all the sights. This is also the time of year when the nights are the liveliest, and the days are bright and sunny. Amsterdam's tourism season runs from January to March.

Frequently Asked Questions about Amsterdam

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While visiting Amsterdam, you should try some local food such as bitterballen, pannenkoeken (pancakes), Broodje Haring (Herring Sandwich), stroopwafels, Poffertjes (mini pancakes), stamppot (Mash Pot), Rijsttafel (rice table), Kaas (Dutch Cheese), Brunch, Dim, Sum, Patet Friet (Fried Potatoes), Appeltaart (Apple Pie), Jenever, and Beer.

The cheapest time to travel to Amsterdam is between September to November and March to April. The tourist attractions during these months are less crowded.

The cost of an Amsterdam sightseeing tour depends on the cruise line’s shore excursion. Else you can also book an sightseeing local tour operators directly.

Yes, the Van Gogh Museum is free for visitors with no exhibition fees. The tickets include admission to the permanent collection and the current temporary exhibitions. Even you can book your tickes online in advance.
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