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Once you make your bookings, the vouchers will be sent over to your address after 2-3 weeks. But you will receive the tickets only after you have completed the registration and made the final payment.

A lot of cruise lines face last-minute cancellations. You can grab the opportunity to book yourself a cruise holiday on a short notice. Although it is advisable to plan and book early, you can always slip into the cruise for a fun vacation!

Cruise vacations have been trending among travelers, couples, and families in the past years. The cruise travel business has boomed since people have begun to opt for prolonged luxury and entertainment on their journey to the destination. Plus, a cruise has a great value in the price paid as a lot of amenities and services like accommodation, meals and grand entertainment. The cruise line often also covers some of the on-shore activities. You can enjoy a spa treatment as your ship cruises to your favorite port. A cruise will save you the trouble of packing your things and carrying it around to hotels.

Most big cruise ships have common features with unique styling that appeals to the cruisers depending on their tastes. You can decide the cruise lines they wish to select based on their budget and interests. Weigh out whether you wish to go on a frugal adventure to the ports or want to have a lavish experience onboard. You can go for a mega-ship with ample activities and hustle-bustle if your plan is with the family. A quiet less crowded ship would be preferable if you are on a getaway with your significant other. Compare the lines in terms of price, amenities, excursions, onboard activities and much more. Pick the one that best suits you.

The best time to go on a cruise depends on factors like weather and the availability of cruise ships for the area. Normally, ships are available round the year. Although, cruises to various ports are preferable at different times of the year. Usually, the Mediterranean and Northern European cruises flock to the ports on that belt during summers. Antarctica and Alaska cruises are only favorable at certain times of the year when the weather permits. Cruises are the most expensive during the school holidays. For cheaper rates, cruisers can book tickets at the end of the season when the pleasant weather hasn’t yet faded away.

When you book, the cruise fare includes the basic facilities and amenities on the cruise itself. It covers meals, accommodation, and all-access activities. Grand entertainment performances are sometimes included. Cruisers will have to pay extra for onshore excursions by the port. The cruise line charges separately for internet access, photos clicked by professionals, spa treatments, onboard classes, premium dining, and entertainment options. For certain cruise lines, the compulsory tipping policy is stated at the time of booking.

Your transportation from airport to the ship depends on the availability of taxis in your city of embarkation. A lot of cruise companies arrange for the transport from airport to the pier for a small fee. The representative of the cruise line will meet you at the airport and drive you to the ship.

The boarding usually begins 3 to 4 hours prior to sailing. Although, the passengers must check in at least 1 hour before the ship starts to sail.

You will have to carry your luggage just when you board and show your identification proof. Make sure you keep important items such as medicines and handy electronics in your carry-on luggage. Your suitcases will be chauffeured to your cabin safely.

The visitor policy does not allow visitors to come on board while the ship is yet to sail.

A cruise ship offers an array of facilities for leisure. Cruisers can take a dip in the swimming pool or enjoy the whirlpool in the middle of the ocean. Some cruise lines have specially designed exciting water rides for adults and children. Larger vessels have advanced amenities for leisure and entertainment. High-tech activities like onboard surfing induced waves to surf on. Rock climbing is also one of the adventure sports arranged on some ships. The aim is to keep the cruisers entertained and occupied with unique experiences. A small golf course is constructed on the ship so that the golf lovers do not miss the land in the sea. Some cruise lines even install tennis courts and running tracks. Cruisers can pamper themselves at the spas and steam rooms. Onboard classes for computers, cooking, and much more are arranged by the cruise line.

Entertainment is the biggest plus point of traveling on a cruise. Mega ships have organized entertainment like musical performances, orchestras, bands, dance performances and so on. The nightly theatre is the centerpiece of every cruise ship. Cruisers can watch performances and be entertained by a group of talented musicians and dancers. Ships often have a huge flat screen on the deck for movies with rows of seats lined up in the front. Cruisers can watch new movies every night in open theatres on deck. To top it all, cruise lines often have onboard discos, bars, nightclubs, and casinos to choose from.

Cruises generally sail on full capacity at all times of the year. The kind of crowd onboard differs each time of the year. More often than not, you will find the ship swamped with a younger population and families during the holiday season. The working crowd finds it difficult to leave commitments and therefore you may find some adults sailing offseason. The number of passengers also vary according to what time of the year the cruise line is sailing to a particular region.

Cruising is absolutely safe for kids if they are under the supervision of their family. Cruise lines have also been known to have a daycare center for the kids to play while the adults relax by the pool or engage in other activities. Teach your children to keep a safe distance from railings and about the basic safety measures. Explain to them the basics of muster drills separately. Know where your kids are at all times, or you can even cruise with the nanny.

Cruise dress code has traditionally been only formal in the past. Although, the dress code has evolved with time and is now mostly casual leaving out certain occasions like formal dinners in premium dining areas. You will find people wearing jackets and cocktail dresses on a cruise ship. Beach and leisurewear are also perfectly acceptable on the cruise ship. Only on a formal night are the passengers required to adhere to the formal dress code including the crew.

The entire crew conducts a muster drill in the common area for all the passengers. The drill takes place within 24 hours of departure in the presence of the entire crew. They demonstrate safety measures like how to put on a life jacket in case of an emergency. All passengers must pay attention during the drill as you will need to follow the instructions during dire circumstances. The crew explains the passengers about 7 short alarms followed by a long one. They give you an overview of evacuation and lifeboat embarkment procedures for your own safety. Crew members responsible for each lifeboat introduce themselves in front of the passengers.

Generally, anyone who is fit and doesn’t suffer from any communicable disease is allowed to go on a cruise. Although, it is risky to go on a cruise after 24 weeks of pregnancy. Even though the ship may be equipped with doctors, hospital equipment cannot be availed in case of complications. An individual under 21 must be accompanied by their parent/s. They are required to present a letter of consent by their legal guardian in case they are cruising with a relative. Infants are required to be 6 months and above to sail on a cruise. Some cruise lines require the infant to be 12 months or older. Check the rules before booking.

In this day and age, the ship does not dwindle. The ship makers install high-tech stabilizing systems that correct the roll, pitch, and yaw. The ship will remain stable throughout the journey as if you never landed in the water. As a precaution, weather predictions are taken into consideration for the dates. If you are seriously motion-sensitive, you can call for ginger candy. Many ships have it at the reception and other public areas.

A set of cabins on a cruise ship is equipped with facilities for cruisers with special needs. These are called accessible cabins. The cruise line provides wheelchairs for people with physical disabilities and a caretaker if needed. Certain areas on the cruise ship are inaccessible by wheelchair. For people with hearing impairments, the alarms are set to vibrate with visual light indicators. Accessible cabins are more spacious with more space to move around. The Braille language engraved in elevators and common areas of the ship makes it convenient for the visually impaired. People with severe food allergies must explicitly inform the cooking department about the same and carry their medicines at all times.

At least one doctor and three to four nurses are required to be on board. Cruise ships have medical staff on call 24 hours a day. The doctors are required to have three years of postgraduate experience in general and emergency medicine to qualify to work as a doctor on a ship. The doctor must be able to perform advanced life care and minor surgical procedures. Their duties include stabilizing seriously ill patients and performing reasonable diagnostic and therapeutic inventions. The medical crew is required to be fluent in the dominant language of the ship. Some cruise ships even have infirmary on the lower deck and an onboard pharmacy.

The number of ports visited on a cruise varies on the cruise line you select and the region you sail to. Mega ships usually cover ports along the large patch and the cruise lasts for months altogether. On the other hand, smaller cruise ships cover fewer ports and only last for weeks. Some itineraries have different ports of call every day which enables you to visit a greater number of ports in a shorter period. Those who have money and time at their disposal can see the world on a cruise ship.

Once you disembark, cruises sailing across international waters are required to carry out the immigration customs and formalities. Ships that terminate in the U.S. require the passenger to carry out the process and present their passports and other documents to the officials. Passengers might be required to meet with the officials before disembarking to clarify their identity and be informed about the rules and regulations of the country. Buses and taxis will be parked outside the terminal and the cruisers will be guided by the ship staff or locals at the port. Passengers can rent cars and check with the agencies online.

Local languages vary from port to port and the region you travel to. You will also have co-passengers from different nationalities onboard speaking their native language. Nevertheless, English is the primary language of any cruise line. English is widely spoken at the restaurants and shops wherever you go. Even the tour guides are mostly English-speaking.

Being left behind by the cruise ship is a rare occurrence. Regardless, it is important to be back on the cruise ship. If you miss the departure from the port, you are solely responsible to make arrangements to re-join the ship at the next port of call. Availing the cruise line’s organized tours will save you the trouble as they will normally delay the departure to avoid leaving any guests behind.

Cruising enables you to travel light without the fuss of carrying the luggage around and settling at a hotel. The plus point of traveling on a cruise ship is that you take your hotel along with you. Do not forget to carry your ship ID and room keys before leaving the ship. Carry some cash in the currency of the country you are cruising to and a credit card. If you have made the bookings for shore excursion, carry the tickets along. Your shore bag full of essentials like extra clothes, a water bottle, medicines you might need or daily doses. Keeping a local map of the destination with you at all times should be helpful. Remember to bring along a camera to capture exciting views.

The advantage of traveling on a cruise is that you can avoid the hassles of air travel like luggage limitations. Unlike at the airport, cruise ships have considerably generous allowances. They allow their guests to carry more than two suitcases and other hand luggage. Their leniency is due to more space onboard to conveniently accommodate the luggage. You can even bring hair straighteners and hair dryers are allowed on a cruise ship. Not all alcohol is allowed onboard. Beer and liquor are prohibited on the ship whereas wine and champagne are allowed. Despite the considerate allowances, they encourage their guests to limit their luggage.

You will be informed about the prohibitions prior to the departure. The basic behavioural and materialistic prohibitions are mentioned when you book a cruise. Guests must adhere to the rules set by the cruise line. Prohibited articles include clothing irons, household appliances like toasters and coffee makers. Even candles are not allowed onboard due to the risk of an open flame. Some lines do not allow skater shoes on the ship. Sharp articles like a knife and big scissors are also not allowed on a cruise. Do not pack highly flammable liquids, explosives and fireworks on a cruise.

It is always safer to have travel insurance. If you need to cancel your cruise trip in case of an emergency, travel insurance will cover your cancellation fee and save you the hole in your pocket. Apart from that, travel insurance covers medical expenses incurred if you fall ill on board. For example, if you have a cardiac arrest and are treated by the doctor on the ship, the insurance will cover the amount.

An increasing number of cruise lines have installed their own satellite-based mobile network which provides coverage throughout the cruise. This way, cruisers can avail coverage even in the areas where international roaming doesn’t work. It is important to state that ship networks can be substantially more expensive than international ones.

Internet access is available on all cruise ships. But the network is expensive with limited bandwidth. Guests may not be able to use loaded services like video streaming and Skype calling as demands heavy internet usage and the access charge is fairly high for such services. This is because sea satellites are much slower than cable or mobile networks.

The normal mains in your cabin will be the same. You may need to carry a travel adapter for different types of pins on your appliances. Most ships go with the European or American pin sockets or a combination of the two. It is best to carry an adapter if you are unsure of the pin available.

Lots of cruise lines offer ample activities for babysitting onboard which will keep them occupied and entertained. Some cruise ships even have day-care wherein children are looked after and can play with toys and games in a safe environment. Certain ships also provide babysitting services in your cabin so that you can enjoy while your child is safe.

The guests must remember that it is their responsibility to ensure that all their travel documentation in place. It is important to have a valid passport and visa during your journey, especially if you are venturing into foreign waters. Get in touch with consulate of the country you are visiting, your country of residence to get a list of verified documents. The passports of the cruisers will be held when on board and only returned upon disembarkation once the cruise trip ends.