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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A. General FAQs about

Today, when information is available in abundance, it sometimes becomes confusing for an individual to choose an appropriate travel medium to book his or her travel journey safely online. We at understand your dilemma. We have made a user-friendly, easy to use and safe online travel website that delivers stress free travel. offers:
• User friendly search and book capabilities
• Best pricing directly from the cruise line
• Connect to our support customer care anytime with 24/7 Customer Support to respond to your questions or booking related needs
• ZERO online travel service fees
• Immediate email Confirmation
• Highest security standards of data encryption

We are Cruise vacation specialists. offers thorough information about the cruise lines, ships, ports and even programs and what the first timer cruiser can expect on their first cruise vacation. utilizes its unique cruise line relationships and innovative Booking Engine to source the best cruises at the lowest prices, no matter your destination.

The website is designed to operate on any platform that includes PC, Smartphone and tablet with the support of a compatible browser.

Contact us here or email us at with any questions you may have with your online booking related query.

We love hearing from our customers. You can provide your feedback about the website by writing to us at: or alternatively on the Feedback page.

To receive the latest updates and information about the travel industry, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the website by providing your email address. encourages its customers to go through the website’s terms and conditions and the privacy policy. Each cruise line also has their own travel policies which will be available at the time of booking. doesn't just make booking your cruise vacation simple, but also offers travel industry inspiration. Access the Cruise inspiration page to review trip ideas, guides and information to help you choose the best cruise vacation for you.

Your contact information is collected at the time of booking for the ease of communication when required. The contact details can assist to contact the passenger immediately about payments, itinerary changes, or the government’s change of travel rules. The cruise line may also require an emergency contact number for all travelers.

B. Cruise Fare

When you book, the cruise fare includes the basic facilities and amenities on the cruise itself. It covers meals, accommodation, all-access activities, and grand entertainment performances. The cruise line may charge separately for internet access, photos clicked by professionals, spa treatments, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, onboard classes, premium dining, specialty entertainment options, and shore excursions. Service charges/gratuities will be charged to your onboard account if they are not included in your fare or have not been pre-paid prior to your cruise.

C. General Cruise FAQs

Cruise vacations have been trending amongst all types of travelers including couples, and families for the past few years. The cruise travel business has boomed since people have begun to opt for prolonged luxury and entertainment on their journey to their destination. Moreover, a cruise has great value in the cost paid to receive a plethora of amenities and services like accommodation, meals, and grand entertainment. You can pamper yourself in a spa treatment as the ship sails to your favorite port. The best reason of all is you unpack once but get to visit multiple exciting ports of calls.

Ships are accessible all year round but change their itineraries throughout the year. Mediterranean and Northern European cruises are most popular during the summer months. Antarctica and Alaska cruises are only favorable at certain times of the year when the weather permits. If you are interested in Alaska, these cruises are only available during the summer months, usually May through September. You can find a Caribbean cruise all year round. For lower rates, cruisers should book early and if possible look for sailings during less popular travel times.

Choose from 75+ destinations from 22+ cruise lines and 180+ departure ports from and plan your next cruise vacation with family and friends.

Are you looking for a quiet luxury, family friendly fun or specific itinerary? You can decide which cruise line is best for you based on your budget and amenities they offer. You can go for a large ship with ample activities and a robust children's program if your plans are with the family. If you are traveling with your life partner for a romantic getaway, maybe a smaller ship with fewer passengers would be preferable.

Compare in terms of price, amenities, excursions, onboard activities, etc., and pick the one that best suits you from

At the time of booking a cruise vacation from, you will be presented with the following information:

•  Itinerary including ports of call
•  Other available sailing dates
•  Cruise info (Ship highlights, Picture gallery, deck plans, ship facts/information & Cabin view/description)
•  Policies (Cancellation, Gratuities, Pregnancy, Minor Accompanying and Smoking)

The ship info feature will provide you with information about the amenities and services offered on the cruise.

As you proceed further in booking your cruise vacation, you will be directed to the stateroom booking page. From the time a stateroom is selected, you will have up to 20 minutes to complete your booking for your cruise journey. There is an option to extend this time. You will see the timer at the top right of your screen.

A lot of cruise lines face last-minute cancellations. You can seize the opportunity to book yourself a cruise holiday at short notice. Although it is advisable to plan and book early, for the best pricing and availability.

Most cruise lines publish their itineraries at least 18 months in advance. If you can’t find the sailing date you are looking for, you can let us know and we will contact you once the cruise becomes available. If you are looking to book a cruise last minute, you should know the cruise line closes reservations 48-72 hours prior to the sailing date.

If you should cancel your cruise, you can contact us as soon as possible. Please provide the required details of your cruise sailing date to assist us in cancelling your trip.

Please be advised that each cruise has a different cancellation policy that may affect your cancellation. Cancellation charges will be applicable as prescribed in the booking terms and conditions. You can contact a cruise expert to know the penalty you may face if you cancel within or outside the payment period/ sailing period. The penalty amounts differ by cruise line.

We recommend each passenger consider travel insurance at the time of reservation.

The guests must remember that it is their responsibility to ensure that all their travel documentation is in place. It is vital to have a legitimate passport and visa, especially if you are venturing into foreign waters. Reach out to the consulate of the country you are visiting in your country of residence to get a list of verified documents.

Please be advised that the flight schedules to and from the cruise will likely require a passport, so you may have to check with the airline while creating your reservation.

Every passenger of the cruise is required to carry certain official documents based on their nationality and other prescribed rules. This will be noted by the cruise line and itinerary and included with your reservation.

U.S. Citizen Documents: All U.S. Citizen passengers on a cruise must have a valid proof of citizenship such as a passport and a valid government photo ID.

U.S. Citizens Born outside of the U.S.: All U.S. Citizens who are born outside of the U.S. must have a valid U.S. Passport alongside them or an original naturalization certificate with a valid government photo ID.

U.S. Permanent Residents: All U.S. Permanent residents will have to carry a valid Permanent Resident card, aka the Green Card, with a valid Government photo ID or a passport from their country of citizenship.

Non-U.S. Citizens: All Non-U.S. Citizens must carry a valid passport, multiple entry visa or a valid ID document. The travel agent can be consulted for additional and necessary travel documentation.

To receive a detailed information, please contact the U.S. Immigration department or consult the cruise line website. Always confirm what documentation is required prior to sailing.

• Once you get onboard sign up for a ship tour or take some time exploring on your own so you feel more comfortable with your surroundings
• Schedule your massage or spa appointments in advance. Usually there are discounts for spa appointments on days you are in port
• Listen and take part in the mandatory Muster drill organized as a part of the safety briefing. This usually takes place just prior to setting sail
• Some cruise lines allow you to book your shore excursions prior to sailing. If not then you should consider booking these once you get onboard. Most excursions are capacity controlled and could fill up quickly
• If your ship offers alternative restaurants on board, you should make these reservations early

The number of ports visited on a cruise varies on the cruise line, the region you are sailing in and the length of your cruise. Some itineraries have different ports of call every day, which enables you to visit a greater number of ports in a shorter period. There are sailings that have more days at sea and fewer stops at a port of call.

An individual under 21 must be accompanied by their parent(s). They are required to present a letter of consent by their legal guardian in case they are cruising with a relative. Some cruise lines require the infant to be 12 months or older to sail. The policy on infants will vary by cruise line.

Some cruise lines may require a medical certificate from their physician for women at later stages of pregnancy. Please consult your cruise line for specific requirements.

Cruising is absolutely safe for kids and many Cruise lines offer comprehensive programs for kids of all ages.

D. Pre-Boarding Cruise FAQs

When a cruise line offers a guarantee Room instead of a stateroom assignment, it means that the cruise line will select the best available stateroom in the category you booked. If there are no staterooms available in that category, they will assign a stateroom in a higher category at no additional charge. If you have a preference or are traveling with other guests, then a guarantee room may not be the best for you. Our cruise consultants can help you navigate the various category and stateroom options if you are unsure about the best choice for you.

Upon making your deposit you will receive a complete invoice from including plenty of detailed information about your cruise vacation. Once your final payment is made and you have completed your cruise-line registration your final documents will be issued. Your final cruise documents will be received usually within 2 weeks prior to your departure in the form of e-documents.

The advantage of travelling on a cruise is that you can avoid the hassles of luggage limitations. Unlike at the airport, cruise ships have considerably generous allowances. Most cruise lines allow their guests to carry two suitcases and other hand luggage.  Although most staterooms have ample storage, it’s important to remember the standard room is smaller than a typical hotel room. Pack accordingly.

Generally, the boarding time for a cruise begins 4-5 hours prior to the ship’s departure. One must be onboard the ship at least 2-3 hours before the cruise’s sailing time.

Most cruise lines allow guests to complete an online check-in to help expedite the boarding process at the pier. You may also be provided with a scheduled time for you to check in which will be indicated when you receive your cruise tickets.

A lot of cruise companies arrange for the transport from the airport to the pier for a small fee. The representative of the cruise line will meet you at the airport and drive you to the ship. This should be booked in advance and can be booked via

Your final cruise documents will include personalized baggage tags that must be attached to your luggage. When you arrive at the cruise terminal, you can hand over your luggage to the baggage handlers. Your luggage will be delivered to your cabin. Make sure you keep essential items such as medications or anything you might need in case your luggage was delayed, in your carry-on luggage.

E. Travel Insurance Needs for Cruising

It is always safer to have travel insurance. If you need to cancel your cruise trip in case of an emergency, travel insurance will cover your cancellation fee. Apart from that, travel insurance covers medical expenses incurred if you fall ill onboard. For instance, if you have a cardiac arrest and are treated by the doctor on the ship, most insurance policies will cover the amount incurred.

Travel insurance provides emergency medical aid and covers your baggage and other travel aspects in numerous ways. If you don’t have any health care coverage while travelling outside the country, it may personally cost you medically or otherwise, should anything happen to you. You will have to pay on a personal basis in these situations. Travel insurance may also cover the costs incurred for any flight delays or missed flights.

Travel insurance may cover:

• Travel delays due to natural disasters or weather conditions
• Cancellations due to any unforeseen injury, sickness, death of you or a family member or a friend
• Abrupt financial collapse of the cruise line or an airline
• If the luggage is stolen, lost or damaged
• Any emergency medical expenses incurred during the trip
• Other reasons as included in the agreement

Please note that most of the cruise lines travel insurance policies may not cover existing medical conditions in their clauses (Existing Medical Conditions = Treatment within 4 months of purchasing travel insurance). However, waivers may be available on some cruises. Not all policies are equal and it is important to do your research. Please contact your agent to learn more about the travel insurance policies.

Being left behind by the cruise ship is a rare occurrence. If you miss the departure from the port, you are solely responsible for making arrangements to re-join the ship at the next port of call. Opting for the cruise line’s organized tours will save you the hassle as they will normally postpone the departure to avoid leaving any guests behind.

This is where travel insurance can come of handy. If you happen to miss the ship, the insurance can help you with the costs accrued in re-joining the ship and other such expenses.

F. Amenities and Medical Assistance FAQs for a Cruise

In this day and age, most ships barely rock. The ship makers install high-tech stabilizing systems enabling the ship to remain stable throughout the journey. As a precaution, weather predictions are taken into consideration for the sailing dates. If you are extremely motion-sensitive, you can consult your doctor beforehand for medicine, consider natural remedies like ginger tea or contemplate sailing with fewer days at sea.

At least one doctor and three to four nurses are required to be on board. Cruise ships have medical staff on call 24 hours a day. The doctor must be able to perform advanced life care and minor surgical procedures. Their duties include stabilizing seriously ill patients and performing reasonable diagnostics. The medical crew is required to be fluent in the principal language of the ship. Some cruise ships even have an onboard pharmacy.

A set of accessible cabins on a cruise ship is furnished with facilities for cruisers with special needs. Wheelchairs can be reserved for people with physical disabilities. For people with hearing impairments, the alarms are set to vibrate with visual light indicators. Accessible cabins are more spacious with additional space to move around and larger bathrooms to accommodate a wheelchair. People with severe food sensitivities must explicitly inform the kitchen in advance and carry their medicines at all times.

We request you to consult one of our cruise specialists who can assist with your booking if you have special needs or requests on your cruise.

Of course you can! At the time of booking from our website, after you select your cabin or room, you will be directed to enter your name and contact details on the next page. Click on the ‘Additional Services’ and choose your dining time preference and bed preference (Twin Beds or Beds converted into a King). You can then complete the booking of your cruise vacation.

Entertainment is one of the biggest plus points of traveling on a cruise. Mega ships have organized entertainment like Broadway shows, musical performances, comedy shows, and dance performances and so on. The nightly theatre is the heart of every cruise ship. Some ships have a huge flat screen on the pool deck for movies. To top it all, cruise lines have onboard nightclubs, sports bars, casinos and more to choose from.

Cruise guests can book their spa services once they get on board. Please note that people under 18 may not be allowed in the Spa services center without being accompanied by an adult. Cruise lines often run specials on days the ship is in port.

An increasing number of cruise lines have installed their own satellite-based mobile network, which provides coverage throughout the cruise. This way, cruisers can access coverage even in the areas where international roaming doesn’t run. It is significant to state there may be a cost to access the ships network.

Internet access is available on all cruise ships. Most cruise lines offer an internet package while onboard.

Yes, sure! In these times, almost all the ships are equipped with Satellite TV’s and other communication resources. Wi-Fi is available at a charge for all passengers.

Most ships are equipped with both European or American pin sockets and a combination of the two. It is best to carry an adapter if you are unsure of the pin available.

Lots of cruise lines offer ample activities and kids clubs onboard which will keep the younger cruisers occupied and entertained. Some cruise ships offer in cabin baby-sitting. Check with the kids club once you get onboard to see if this is available for your sailing.

Laundry Services are available onboard for a nominal fee. On some cruises, there may also be a self-service Guest Laundry Room with washers, dryers, detergent, and ironing equipment that are operated using your ship’s room key.

At the time of booking your cruise, you will be presented with the option to pick a date to celebrate your event (Anniversary, birthday or graduation). This will guide the crew to contact you on the ship for any special arrangements you may wish to make such as a complimentary cake. In some cases, for a small cost, you can organize in advance to have your cabin decorated or a small gift waiting including champagne, wine or flowers.

G. On the Cruise Journey FAQs

First-timers on the cruise should consider taking an organized tour or a self-tour of the ship to get familiar with the ship. There will be an onboard newsletter in your cabin to let you know about activities, available dining and entertainment options for the day. One should not miss the mandatory muster drill announcement from the Ship captain which will take place prior to sailing.

Passengers- Single or with family have a plethora of activities to indulge in while onboard. From swimming in the pool or lounging on its deck, exercising in the well-equipped gym, playing in a casino, witnessing a stage show or having a relaxing spa treatment. These are just a few options to choose from.

The entire crew conducts a muster drill in the common area for all the passengers. The drill takes place within 24 hours of departure in the presence of the entire crew. They demonstrate safety measures like how to put on a life jacket in case of an emergency. All passengers must pay attention during the drill and attendance is mandatory. The crew explains to the passengers the signal that indicates an emergency, 7 short alarms followed by a long one. They provide an overview of evacuation and lifeboat procedures for your own safety.

A cruise ship offers an array of facilities for leisure. Cruisers can take a dip in the swimming pool or enjoy a water slide in the middle of the ocean. Some cruise lines have specially designed thrilling water rides for adults and children. Larger vessels have advanced amenities for leisure and entertainment. Some cruise lines have tennis courts, golf courses, ice skating rinks and running tracks. After an active day, cruisers can pamper themselves at the spa and steam rooms.

Visitors are not allowed to come on board the ship.

Cruises have certain guidelines about items that are permitted or not permitted on the ship. The basic prohibitions are mentioned when you book your cruise. Guests must adhere to the rules set by the cruise line.

Largely, the following items are not permitted onboard the ship:
•  Illegal drugs
•  Knives and Blades or pointed items
•  Alcohol from home
•  Martial arts equipment
•  Flammable liquids
•  Personal coffee makers
•  Mechanical tools
•  Candles and incense

Guests are requested to smoke only in the designated smoking areas on open decks. Please check with the cruise ship’s guidelines if E-Cigarettes are permitted aboard.

Cruise lines have a small safe or a safety deposit boxes in all the cabins with different sizes and feature up to 12” in a closet or a cabinet. The reception department can be contacted for more information about safety.

If a passenger loses or misplaces an item on the ship, they can contact the guest services on the ship. However, to claim a lost item after the cruise, one needs to get in touch with the ship authorities via email or phone or contact the lost and found department.

The dress codes onboard have evolved with time and is mostly casual with the exception of certain occasions like formal dinners in premium dining areas. You will find people wearing jackets and cocktail dresses on a cruise ship but for the most part it’s a more casual dress code. There are dress code requirements for the main dining room.

There are about 3 types of shore excursions, 1) Group shore excursions, 2) private shore excursions and 3) Independent Outings. To assist guests in choosing their shore trips, cruise lines rank their tours according to the level of activity they can expect.

You can purchase a shore excursion on the ship if you have not done so prior to boarding. There is a special desk onboard just for booking shore excursions.

Cancellation policies will differ by cruise line and excursion. You may receive a full or partial refund based on the prevailing rules of the cruise. However, in some cases your tour may be non-refundable. Pay attention to the change and cancellation policies when booking.

If your booked excursion is cancelled due to unexpected reasons, the organizer may arrange an alternative option or refund your payment.

When you disembark in a port of call, all guests will be required to show their id when leaving and returning to the ship. In some cases passengers might be required to meet with customs officials prior to disembarking. Buses and taxis will be parked outside the terminal and guests will be guided by the ship staff or locals at the port.

Cruising enables you to travel light without the fuss of carrying your luggage around and settling at a hotel. A bonus of traveling on a cruise ship is that you take your hotel along with you. Do not forget to carry your ship ID, room keys, and photo id before leaving the ship. It’s always best to use credit cards but if possible carry some cash in the local currency.

If you are heading out on an excursion or just exploring on your own, be sure to pack a bag of essentials. Depending on your plans consider bringing a change of clothes, a water bottle, medicines you might need, sunscreen, a reusable bag for your purchases and of course your camera.

Local languages vary from port to port and the region you travel to. You will also have co-passengers from different nationalities onboard speaking their native language. Nevertheless, English is the primary language of any cruise line. Even the tour guides are mostly English-speaking. You can take the assistance of the mobile apps for translating and learning a language of the country.

Largely, every guest adheres to the cruise’s policies and regulations. However, any failure to act in accordance to these policies may result in:

• Removal of specific privileges onboard, including detention or being confined to a cabin
• Interference by security personnel if required
• Seizure of illegal or prohibited items
• Ban of boarding on any future cruise
• Report of any untoward incident by the passenger to the government authorities
• Other penalties or punishments as prescribed by the cruise authorities or policies

H. Cruise Payment General FAQs

When you book, the cruise fare includes the basic facilities and amenities on the cruise itself. It covers meals, accommodation, and all-access activities. Grand entertainment performances are also included. Cruisers will have to pay extra for onshore excursions by the port. The cruise line may charge separately for internet access, photos clicked by professionals, spa treatments, onboard classes, premium dining, alcohol and some soft drinks. For certain cruise lines, the compulsory service charges/gratuities can be paid in advance or will be added to your onboard account and paid at the end of your cruise.

Currently, all reservations are processed in U.S. Currency. Any international credit card payment will be converted into U.S. dollars including or excluding taxes. Our cruise experts can provide you with detailed information about the process.

I. COVID-19 and Medical Condition Rules in a Cruise

The cruise passengers can refer to the guidelines of the Center for disease control or confirm with their cruise line about the updated vaccination rules.

If any passenger has been in close contact with a COVID-19 individual, it is strongly advised to not travel in this situation.

The cruise ships have been administering several measures to ensure the safety and health of the passengers and the crew.

Some measures include:
• On- site testing of crew and guests
• Comprehensive disinfecting and sanitation
• Separate isolated arrangements for those who are infected while on board
• Medical professionals and medical infrastructure on board for each cruise

The cruise passengers can refer to the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or confirm with their cruise about the updated COVID-19 test rules.

• All medical conditions- physical or mental that require medical treatment should be disclosed to the cruise authorities before the journey
• Any condition that can deem the passenger unfit or requires special assistance need to be disclosed
• Any medical condition that can put the guest or the other passengers at risk needs to be disclosed

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