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Plan the perfect Wedding Cruises

Wedding Cruises

Flowers, entertainment, dance, music, the cake, breakfast-in-bed, the sea, and the horizon - a perfect recipe for a cruise wedding. Exchange vows and rings by the sea with your loved ones as witnesses. You can even take your guests along to your dream wedding destination and marry ashore by the turquoise seas. Get on board for a festive and romantic journey to make a memory of a lifetime.

What do they have in store for you?

When you are tying a knot on a cruise, no stone must be unturned when it comes to the arrangements. Dream it and it will come true. The hospital staff is happy to be at your beck and call to fulfill all your wishes. While some cruises offer a number of venues on board, some sail you to the destination of your dream, some offer a wedding on the deck as the captain marries you off. There is much more in store for you!

Travel Perks

  • You may be offered exquisite bottles of complimentary wine on your special day.
  • Cruises are teeming with stateroom offers for the guests.
  • Specialized wedding cake and keepsake wedding certificate can leave you with something to remember forever.
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