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Ocean Cruise Ships

Diamond Princess

About Diamond Princess

Learn about the Diamond Princess cruise ship – its unique offerings, amenities, accommodations, staterooms, cabin information, and details of luxurious suites, decks, dining, specialty dining, public venues, entertainment, health and fitness facilities, activities for kids and teens, sports and enrichment programs for all family members, pictures and videos.

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Every Princess ship is a destination in itself with wide-ranging amenities, elevated culinary experiences and delightful activities. Below you'll find the deck plans, stateroom details, ship dining information and more for every vessel in our fleet. Visit the links, and get to know what we offer and what makes the Princess experience unique.

  • Size:Super
  • Style:Resort
  • Type:Ocean
  • Year of launch:2004
  • Year of last refit:2019
  • Gross tonnage:115875t
  • Length:290.0m
  • Width:48.5m
  • Speed:22kts
  • Decks:19
  • Language:English
  • Currency:US Dollar ($)
  • No. of passengers:2670
  • No. of crew:1100
  • No. of cabins:1337
  • -wheelchair access:27
Unique Features

A Princess Medallion Class vacation offers the ultimate in hassle-free personalized cruising. Medallion® is her quarter-size wearable device that enables whatever you need, from touch-free boarding to locating loved ones anywhere on board and advanced services like delivery. . Spend more time together and do what you love with a Princess Medallion Class vacation.

Medallion Class® cruising is all about making your vacation effortless. It turns out that the cutting-edge technology behind our smart ships also helps reduce physical contact. From step-by-step boarding to contactless payments, you can enjoy superior service while staying safe at sea, giving you complete control over your vacation experience.

Contactless Boarding

Easy, Effortless Embarkation

Start your holidays sooner while maintaining physical distance.

Keyless Stateroom Entry

Hands Full? No Problem

Walk down the corridor and voila! Your door opens when you approach and even a personal greeting. Enjoy keyless entry with automatic door locks every time you enter the cabin.

TrulyTouchless™ Payment

Buy Without Cash or Cards

Buy food, drinks and stuff - even laundry tokens! – Contactless with MedallionPay™. The flight attendant will verify your identity and match your photo and location without handing over your card or entering her PIN. Wondering how much you (and your family) spent on your cruise? Access your portfolio on your smart device and easily monitor your onboard spending.

The Best Wi-Fi at Sea

Stay Connected at Sea

MedallionNet® Wi-Fi gives you Internet access from anywhere on board, so you can:

Purchase one-device or four-device packages at low daily rates.

Dining Reservations

Dine When, How and Where You Like

Personalize your dining experience with a Dine My Way reservation. Choose from our main dining room or our specialty restaurants and customize your dining times each day. Eat dinner at the same time each night, or change it up according to what works for you. Choose from a variety of options and avoid queues and waiting.

*Reservation times based on venue capacity and availability.


To simplify the tipping process for our passengers, a discretionary gratuity charge will be automatically added to your shipboard account on a daily basis. The daily gratuity amounts are $16.50 per guest for suites, $15.50 per guest for mini-suites and club class, and $14.50 per guest for interior, oceanview, and balcony staterooms. This gratuity will be shared amongst those staff who have helped provide and support your cruise experience, including all waitstaff, stateroom stewards, buffet stewards, and housekeeping staff across the fleet. A 18% gratuity is added to bar charges and dining room wine accounts.


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  • Facilities 2
    Designated areas only
  • Facilities 4
    Not available

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