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The Mediterranean Sea is a beautiful stretch from the west side of the Atlantic Ocean to the east side of Asia and separates Africa from Europe. This horseshoe-shaped island is formed from the remains of a volcanic crater. Make your Mediterranean vacation totally enchanted by visiting its famous tourist attractions such as museums, local towns, ports, and more. Moreover, each port will consist of culture, history, stunning landscape, panoramic views, and iconic tourist destinations. This place is also known as a foodie’s dream place.

Where does an Eastern Mediterranean cruise go?

Book Mediterranean Cruises The Eastern Mediterranean is a region rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. It includes countries such as Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, and Cyprus and is a [...]

May 12, 2023

Best Family Cruise Destinations in the Mediterranean

Book Mediterranean Cruises Have you always dreamt of taking your family to Europe? Then, take a cruise to explore the European landmarks around the Mediterranean seas. A cruise trip with your [...]

May 09, 2023

5 Best Mediterranean Cruise Ports

Book Cruise to Mediterranean Cruises are a popular way to see the world. They are full of new adventures and are extremely convenient for people of all ages. Whether you are traveling with family [...]

September 19, 2022

5 Famous Historical Sites to Explore in Valletta, Malta

Book Cruises from Valletta Malta is one of Europe's must-see destinations, rich in history and breathtaking natural beauty. You'll have time to see this centuries-old fortified city that [...]

December 15, 2022

5 best foods to eat in Valletta, Malta

Book Cruises from Valletta The capital city of Malta carries a rich history and is a living testament to the architectural brilliance of the times gone by. Constructed by the Knights Hospitaller [...]

December 22, 2022

Best Time to Cruise the Mediterranean Sea

Book Cruise to Mediterranean The Mediterranean Sea is bordered by around 20 countries in Southern Europe and North Africa (including two islands, Cyprus and Malta). It is an ideal cruise [...]

January 05, 2023

Essentials to Pack While on a Mediterranean Cruise

Book Mediterranean Cruises There are endless gems to discover in the Mediterranean. A Mediterranean Cruise is ideal for those seeking relaxation, picturesque coastlines, incredible food, and [...]

March 05, 2023

Top Instagrammable Spots to visit on a Mediterranean Cruise

Book Mediterranean Cruises The highlights of vacations and holiday trips can be captured with snaps of food, places and people doing quirky stuff. And, when it comes to the Mediterranean, there is [...]

May 09, 2023

5 Best Beaches in the Mediterranean

Book Mediterranean Cruises Generally, when you plan a cruise to the Mediterranean Sea, you plan to stop at the popular European landmarks. Instead, you can take a detour and explore some of the [...]

May 31, 2023

Top Cruise Hotels Near The Port In Venice

Book Cruises from Venice Venice port is one of the commercial hubs of northeastern Italy and a city of great historical significance. For a tourist traveling through Europe, this is a mandatory [...]

September 19, 2022

5 Best Beaches to visit in Sicily

Book Your Dream Cruise Sicily’s coastline extends for more than 930 miles and is the largest island in the Mediterranean. This place is famous among tourists for its beautiful beaches and [...]

September 19, 2022

Best Beaches In Sardinia

Book Cruises Now Sardinia is among the 20 Italian regions and is among the largest islands on the Mediterranean Sea, only second to Sicily. The land instantly evokes the aura of the great [...]

October 14, 2022

What is the best month for a Mediterranean cruise?

Book Cruise to Mediterranean In the lovely region known as the Mediterranean, more than 20 countries border the Mediterranean Sea. It is the perfect schedule for a cruise because it includes [...]

March 30, 2023

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