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Mediterranean cruise
Mediterranean cruise

What is the best month for a Mediterranean cruise?

Almost all the months are best for travelling to the Mediterranean, it depends on you whether you want cheap or enjoy it to the fullest. Know more here!

By Cruise Booking Team

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In the lovely region known as the Mediterranean, more than 20 countries border the Mediterranean Sea. It is the perfect schedule for a cruise because it includes both secular and religious sights, as well as large cities and calm islands. The Mediterranean, as it is known, is a year-round vacation spot with lively holiday markets and yearly wine festivals. Depending on whether you want to save some money while avoiding the crowds or enjoy the coastal sun, you should consider when the time of year you want to sail. The spring, summer, or fall, from early March to late November, when the weather is great and there are plenty of activities to enjoy, is the best season to cruise the Mediterranean. Many local businesses close their doors in the winter, making it challenging for visitors to fully appreciate the Mediterranean.

What is the best month for a Mediterranean cruise?

1. March & April:

The major Mediterranean cruise season officially begins in early spring, so if you want to dodge the crowds, it is the time to go. Moreover, Mediterranean cruises don't attract the normal spring break crowd, although a few families can be expected to sail during school breaks. In comparison to winter, the prices likewise increase. Although March and April mark the beginning of spring, there is still a chance for choppy seas, especially in early March. The prospect of a few rainy days exists now that the winter season is over.

2. May & June:

Enjoy the long days and abundant sunshine of the Mediterranean summer without as many tourists as during the peak season. May through September is prime travel months for the Baltic and Northern Europe. In other locations, late spring is a fantastic time to cram in a Mediterranean cruise before the kids are out of school and summer is fully underway. The downside of the Mediterranean's bright, lovely weather and warm temperatures is an increase in cruise prices. As the months move closer to summer, prices will start to increase on lines.

3. July & August:

The busiest months for travel to the area, whether by cruise ship or otherwise, are July and August since they are the height of summer, with lots of daylight and temperatures ideal for Mediterranean beach days. Families are allowed to travel together, and many people find it difficult to resist the pull of beautiful coastal cities bathed in warmth. While travelling to the Mediterranean in the middle of the summer, cruise lines charge more.

4. September & October:

For a good reason, September is frequently regarded as the ideal month for shoulder season travel. The best time to cruise is right after the height of summer to take advantage of the beautiful weather and avoid the busiest tourist season. Prices for sailing also start to decline. The huge demand for summer travel has subsided, but cruise prices won't go back to being extremely reduced. The Western Mediterranean is best visited in the early fall, but the later the dates are in October, the colder it may become. By October, nighttime lows drop into the low 50s while daytime highs fluctuate and may still reach the 70s.

5. November:

Although fewer people travel to the Mediterranean in the winter, the weather can still be pleasant. Moreover, prices fall to some of their lowest points of the year. During the Advent season, Christmas markets appear in various cities and provide a spectacular shopping experience. The cost of a cruise can increase over the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's), but overall costs can be cut in half. The Canary Islands, Malta, Crete, and Cyprus stay pleasant and warm; expect the high 60s to low 70s during the day there while other ports will remain a comfortable 50-something.


Whether you want to spend the day exploring the Colosseum or trying the first Greek wines of the year, you want to save money by avoiding the crowds, or you just want to relax in the sun on the seaside, what kind of holiday you choose will determine the best month to take a Mediterranean cruise.

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