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Top Excursions and Shore Activities in Doha

Confused about what to explore in your Doha cruise excursions? This article helps you plan for a perfect excursion. Read on to learn more.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Doha, being the capital of the host country of the world cup 2022, is already in everyone's mind for its fantastic show of culture, tradition, and talent. From its exotic landscape and dunes to the tallest skyscrapers, Doha is a small city with big ambitions. Your cruise trip from Doha can offer you the best Doha cruise excursions to connect with the city.

Top Doha cruise shore excursion activities

To save time, while not regretting missing out on things to experience in Doha, you can divide your activities and fix the best places that satisfy your needs. Below are some activities that you must include in your Doha cruise excursion.

1. Visit the futuristic architectures and deserts

It is not unknown to anyone how this city has made some of the wealthiest investments in cutting-edge technologies. Their futuristic and modern ideas are not just ahead of time but unbelievable to the point that you cannot choose to miss them.

A guided tour of all such wondrous projects including architectural innovations is a must. Below is the list of places to visit while cruising from Doha:

With the amphitheatre, private beach, and various exhibitions, Katara Cultural Village is a place you must visit during your Doha cruise excursion.

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2. Savour your taste buds with Qatari cuisine

Qatar is well known for its spices. The Qatari cuisine will serve you the exotic flavours that set this city apart from others. The dates, hummus, and other delicacies are a must to try before your cruise from Qatar. Do not forget to try out their traditional Mediterranean dish, the Majboos, which is the tastiest grilled meat wrap you can try.

These snacks should be eaten while they are fresh. You can get these in Souq Waqif, where it is cooked fresh and served to the customers.

3. Shop from the best places in Doha

Shopping in Qatar involves buying high-end fashionable products with fragrant spices. Souq is the name for marketplaces in Qatar. These markets will cater to all your needs including dried fruits to Bedouin rugs.

Final words

So, these were some of the excursions and shore activities that one can indulge in when exploring Doha, on a cruise in Qatar. For more details, check out

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