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About MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises

MSC cruise line boasts one of the most modern cruise fleets globally, with 19 ships in its fleet. It was founded in 1970 by an Italian shipping company. It refines onboard experience and eclectic selection of facilities, including Balinese spas, adult-only pools, and 4D cinemas. Its ships cater to various destinations like the Mediterranean, South America, Northern Europe, and the Caribbean, lasting between one and 116 nights. Its fleet ships can carry 1984 to 6300 passengers with approx. There is one crew member for every three passengers. It gives passengers live entertainment, which includes evening concerts, parties and contests, and live shows. You can explore the Dunn's river falls in Ocho Rios in Jamaica.

MSC Cruise Ships

With one of the youngest fleets at sea, MSC Cruises Ships boasts one of the strongest fleets. Aboard one of MSC's fine European ships, you can expect elegant décor that might include Italian marbles, Swarovski crystal stairs, and private enclaves. The spacious, innovative staterooms feature an array of amenities, such as butler service, a concierge, and a VIP experience. The MSC Cruises experience includes pampering spa treatments, dazzling entertainment, and dining experiences of the highest quality.

With a fleet of approximately 2,000 guest cabins at double occupancy, MSC Cruises boasts one of the youngest fleets in the cruise industry. A Fantasia Class ship has a capacity of between 3,200 and 3,500 at double occupancy, while the Musica Class has about 2,550 at double occupancy. There are two newest classes: Seaside Class, with a capacity of 4,100 to 4,500 passengers, and Meraviglia Class, with a total of 4,300 to 4,800.

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MSC Class Ships
Lirica Class MSC Armonia, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Lirica, MSC Opera
Musica Class MSC Musica, MSC Orchestra, MSC Poesia, MSC Magnifica
Fantasia Class MSC Fantasia, MSC Splendida, MSC Divina, MSC Preziosa
Seaside Class MSC Seaside, MSC Seaview
Seaside EVO Class MSC Seashore, MSC Seaside, MSC Seascape
Meraviglia Class MSC Meraviglia, MSC Bellissima
Meraviglia-Plus Class MSC Grandiosa, MSC Virtuosa, MSC Euribia
World Class MSC World America, MSC World Europa

MSC Cruise 2024 Destinations

MSC Cruises offers one-of-a-kind vacation experiences in ports worldwide, showcasing the best of each region. Caribbean, South American, and Atlantic cruises are all available with MSC. Cruises to the Red Sea and Northern Europe are both available from MSC Cruises. Go through the list of MSC Cruise destinations and explore the regions.

1. Transatlantic

2. Asia

3. The Bahamas

4. The Caribbean

5. The Eastern Caribbean

6. The Western Caribbean

7. Europe

8. The Eastern Mediterranean

9. The Western Mediterranean

10. South America

11. Around the World

12. The Middle East

13. The Baltic Sea

14. The Mediterranean

15. Africa

16. Mexico

These MSC Cruise Ships in 2024 will sail worldwide to discover 56 unique locations. Below are just some of the hot spots you will find:

Puerto Madryn (Argentina), Ushuaia (Argentina), Punta Arenas (Chile), Puerto Montt (Chile), Valparaiso (Chile), Callao/Lima (Peru), Hanga Roa /Rapa Nui (Chile), Rarotonga (Cook Islands), Auckland (New Zealand), Tauranga (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), Mare (New Caledonia), Lifou Island (New Caledonia), Port Vila (Vanuatu), Alotau (Papua New Guinea), Cairns (Australia), Lombok (Indonesia), Port Klang, (Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Mumbai/Bombay (India), Aqaba/Petra (Jordan).

How to Book MSC Cruise Online On

1. Visit the website.
2. Use the search feature to select your preferred destination, travel dates, and MSC cruise options.
3. Browse through the available MSC cruise itineraries, cabins, and pricing.
4. Select the specific cruise package that suits your preferences.
5. Add the chosen cruise package and click ‘book now’.
6. Review your booking details, including cabin type, pricing, and additional services.
7. Proceed to checkout and provide your personal information, contact details, and payment information.
8. Confirm your booking, and you'll receive an email confirmation and e-tickets.

MSC Cruise Ships Ports of Call

With MSC Cruises, passengers can explore destinations and ports all over the world. There are a variety of cruise ship destinations on offer from MSC Cruises, including cruises to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

1. Miami

2. Southampton

3. Barcelona

4. Palma de Mallorca (Majorca)

5. Naples

6. St. Petersburg

7. Copenhagen

8. Rome (Civitavecchia)

9. Lisbon

10. Seville

11. Tallinn

12. Rio de Janeiro

13. Marseille

14. Madeira (Funchal)

15. Genoa

16. Tenerife

17. Flam

18. Kiel

19. Malaga

20. Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

MSC Cruise Ship Destinations

You can explore the world's most exciting cultures with various cruise itineraries tailored to reveal the sights, sounds, and flavors. Embark on a Mediterranean cruise to Spain, the Canary Islands, Portugal, and Corsica and experience the beauty of the Adriatic, Eastern, and Western Mediterranean. You can discover Arabia & Red Seas, South America, Emirates, and North America, Nordic and Greenland mystery, the exotic Caribbean with the Bahamas and our exclusive cruises to Asia, South Africa, Seychelles, and our premier destinations, as well as the exotic Caribbean with the Bahamas and Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

With MSC Cruises, you'll have countless opportunities to be curious and adventurous. See what we have in store for you on your next memorable getaway by browsing our list of cruise destinations for 2024 below.

1. MSC Opera Cruises to Europe

2. MSC Seashore Cruises to the Western Caribbean

3. MSC Seaview Cruises to the Western Mediterranean

4. MSC Seaside Cruises to the Mediterranean

5. MSC Magnifica Cruises to the Western Mediterranean

6. MSC Virtuosa Cruises to the Baltic Sea

7. MSC Preziosa Cruises to the Mediterranean

8. MSC Magnifica Cruises to Europe

9. MSC Opera Cruises to the Mediterranean

10. MSC Armonia Cruises to the Eastern Caribbean

11. MSC Poesia Cruises to the Mediterranean

12. MSC Armonia Cruises to Europe

13. MSC Splendida Cruises to the Western Mediterranean

14. MSC Armonia Cruises to the Bahamas

15. MSC Sinfonia Cruises to the Mediterranean

16. MSC Lirica Cruises to Europe

17. MSC Meraviglia Cruises to Europe

18. MSC Fantasia Cruises to Europe

19. MSC Seaview Cruises to the Mediterranean

20. MSC Seaside Cruises to the Western Mediterranean

21. MSC Bellissima Cruises to Western Mediterranean

22. MSC Fantasia Cruises to Repositioning

23. MSC Grandiosa Cruises to South America

24. MSC Magnifica Cruises to Transatlantic

25. MSC Meraviglia Cruises to the Caribbean

26. MSC Meraviglia Cruises to the Canada / New England

27. MSC Preziosa Cruises to Northern Europe

28. MSC Virtuosa Cruises to Northern Europe

29. MSC Armonia Cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean

MSC Cruise Ship Departure Ports

Mediterranean style is MSC's specialty, and they offer a variety of cruises in and around that region. Despite this, the cruise line is expanding with cruises to Dubai and Caribbean cruises departing from Miami. From Rio de Janeiro, MSC also offers sailings to South America. Consult a cruise booking consultant at for more information on MSC cruises.

1. MSC Armonia Cruises from the East Coast

2. MSC Meraviglia Cruises from Port Canaveral

3. MSC Fantasia Cruises from Messina

4. MSC Magnifica Cruises from Civitavecchia (Rome)

5. MSC Bellissima Cruises from Yokohama

6. MSC Seashore Cruises from Civitavecchia (Rome)

7. MSC Poesia Cruises from Bari

8. MSC Opera Cruises from Dubai

9. MSC Armonia Cruises from Miami

10. MSC Fantasia Cruises from Naples

11. MSC Grandiosa Cruises from Marseille

12. MSC Poesia Cruises from Marseille

13. MSC Splendida Cruises from Santos (São Paulo)

14. MSC Poesia Cruises from Sydney

15. MSC Fantasia Cruises from Palermo

16. MSC Musica Cruises from Cape Town

17. MSC Splendida Cruises from Jeddah

18. MSC Poesia Cruises from Civitavecchia (Rome)

19. MSC Preziosa Cruises from Santos (São Paulo)

20. MSC Opera Cruises from Abu Dhabi

MSC Cruise Departure Ports

1. Abu Dhabi

2. Ancona

3. Piraeus

4. Barbados

5. Barcelona

6. Bari

7. Buenos Aires

8. Cannes

9. Cape Town

10. Copacabana Beach

11. Copenhagen

12. Dubai

13. Durban

14. Livorno

15. Fort de France

16. Genoa

17. Haifa

18. Hamburg

19. Istanbul

20. Kiel

21. Kusadasi

22. Lisbon

23. Southampton

24. Madeira (Funchal)

25. Malaga

26. Malta (Valletta)

27. Marseille

28. Miami

29. Naples

30. Palermo

31. Palma de Mallorca

32. Le Havre

33. Port Canaveral

34. Rio de Janeiro

35. Rome

36. Rotterdam

37. San Francisco

38. Santiago (Valparaiso)

39. Santos (São Paulo)

40. Shanghai

41. Sydney

42. Valencia

43. Venice

44. Guadeloupe

MSC Voyage Duration

2 – 5 DAYS

Choosing your ideal 2 to 5 Days cruise with CruiseBooking will allow you to experience one of the most memorable journeys of your life.

6 – 9 DAYS

Choosing your ideal 6 to 9 Days cruise with CruiseBooking will allow you to experience one of the most memorable journeys of your life.

10+ DAYS

Choosing your ideal 10+ Days cruise with CruiseBooking will allow you to experience one of the most memorable journeys of your life.

Why Should You Go On MSC Cruise?

A photo of the front of Msc Splendida Cruise Ship
Photo by violetta at Pixabay

The MSC cruise ships are best known for Mediterranean-style designs and food. Also, cruisers looking for action-packed adventures, around-the-clock parties, and entertainment that are too family-friendly and within budget choose MSC cruises. But if you’re someone who is looking for a small ship with plenty of quiet spaces and doesn’t want to pay any extra penny, please stay away.

This cruise line is best known for Mediterranean-style designs and food. Also, cruisers looking for action-packed adventures, around-the-clock parties, and entertainment that are too family-friendly and within budget choose MSC cruises. But if you're looking for a small ship with plenty of quiet spaces and don't want to pay any extra penny, please stay away.

As a company with European roots, MSC Cruises Ships offers a wide variety of experiences that connect people from more than 180 different nations. Every port and city along the way offers incredible experiences, from the Caribbean Islands to the Mediterranean, the Fjords in Northern Europe to South Africa and Asia. The 19 MSC cruise ships in the fleet are among the most innovative and modern in the world. There are 6 more MSC Cruise lines under construction which will split into five classes: Lirica, Musica, Fantasia, Meraviglia, and Seaside.

A Mediterranean-style promenade and a Swarovski crystal staircase give the building a distinct European elegance. Enjoy enriching excursions and wonderful onboard activities during your cruise; experience the best of international cuisine; soak in authentic Balinese spas; take part in immersive kids and family programs, and stay in stylish accommodations with award-winning entertainment.

MSC Cruise Line Rankings

The below ranking is based on the reviews of the travelers and user testimonials.

Best Cruise Line For The Money
Best Family Cruise Line
Best Caribbean Cruise Line
Best Mediterranean Cruise Line

Different Types of Cruising Style

MSC cruise line offer different types of cruising style that includes cruises for family-friendly cruising, for disabled people, senior citizen, romantic honeymoon, fitness & health cruising, solo cruising and foodie people cruising.

MSC Types of Cabin/Staterooms

With the help of below details, you will find a perfect cabin or suite for you and your loved ones. All the cabins/suites will offer you different types of experience such as Aurea, Bella and Fantastica. There are connecting suites to ultra-luxury cabins to make the passengers more comfortable.

Suite with Panoramic Sealed Window are specially designed to offer fascinating views of ocean and sea with Fantastica and Aurea experience.

Duplex Suite is present aboard Virtuosa, Bellissima, Meraviglia, and Grandiosa with Aurea Experience.

Two-Bedroom Grand Suite offers Aurea experience for its passengers only on MSC Seaview and Seaside.

Grand Suite offers a large balcony with a private sitting area or separate living area onboard MSC Seaside and Seaview.

Suite with Private Whirlpool bath and Aurea experience onboard of MSC Virtuosa, Grandiosa, Bellissima, Meraviglia, Seaside, and Seaview.

Suites are accommodated by up to 5 people with a sealed window or balcony for the views. You can find this type of suite across all the fleets of MSC with Fantastica and Aurea experiences.

Balcony staterooms are found on all fleets of MSC with Bella, Fantastica, and Aurea experiences.

Family Cabins are of different types. You can choose from the superfamily plus, superfamily + ocean view or balcony, superfamily, family balcony, and family ocean view cabins. It is available with the Fantastica experience onboard MSC Virtuosa, Grandiosa, Bellissima, Meraviglia, Seaview, Seaside, Preziosa, Fantasia, Magnifica, Musica, Orchestra, Poesia, Divina, and Opera.

Ocean View has a window that gives breathtaking sea views and is available across all fleets with Bella and Fantastica experience.

Outside with Partial View has a window with sea view and is available across all fleets with Bella and Fantastica experience.

Interior staterooms are comfortable and are present on all fleets with the Bella and Fantastica experience.

Interior Studio has a comfortable single bed and gives Bella experience to its occupiers. It is available on MSC Virtuosa, Grandiosa, Bellissima, and Meraviglia.

MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite has a balcony with a private whirlpool bath and a dining table, and a separate living area and dining room. It is available with MSC Yacht club benefits aboard MSC Seaview, Grandiosa, Virtuosa, Bellissima, Meraviglia, Seaside, Preziosa, Divina, Splendida, and Fantasia.

MSC Yacht Club Executive Family Suite offers a panoramic sealed window and is available with MSC Yacht club benefits on MSC Divina, Splendida, Preziosa, and Fantasia.

MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite cabins can accommodate up to 5 members and have a balcony with a comfortable and spacious wardrobe. It is available on MSC Yacht Club benefits on MSC Virtuosa, Grandiosa, Bellissima, Meraviglia, Seaview, Seaside, Preziosa, Divina, Splendida, and Fantasia.

MSC Yacht Club Interior Suite is available with MSC Yacht club benefits onboard MSC Virtuosa, Grandiosa, Bellissima, Meraviglia, Seaview, and Seaside only.

MSC Cabin Features

Food and Wine Benefits
Food and Wine Benefits
Sports and Activities
Sports and Activities
Relaxation and Wellbeing
Relaxation and Wellbeing
Other Privileges Include Designer Décor, Spacious Wardrobe, Shower, Mini Bar, Safe, Telephone, and Wi-Fi
Other Privileges Include Designer Décor, Spacious Wardrobe, Shower, Mini Bar, Safe, Telephone, and Wi-Fi.

MSC Dining Options

International Dining
International Dining
Mediterranean Dining
Mediterranean Dining
Dessert Corner
Dessert Corner
Pasta Station
Pasta Station

From authentic Asian dishes to succulent steaks to some Italian dishes, MSC dining has a delicious variety of options. Find out the perfect cuisine for you and your loved ones on MSC fleets.

Daily Special Corner will make you go wow by the creativity of MSC talented chefs, who are always ready to make different dishes every day for the fellow cruisers to make their journey unforgettable.

Dessert Corner will happily satisfy the sweet tooth carving with some delicious and tasty sweet treats such as pastries, candies, and more.

Ethnic corner is always ready to serve some mouthwatering flavors from Asia to India and every corner of the world.

International Dining is the main dining area that introduces you to the world of international cuisines. It offers cuisines worldwide and is created by Chef Ramon Freixa, the two-star Michelin chef.

Kids Area is designed for little cruisers aboard. All the meals for kids are made according to their taste and something exciting to discover. The dishes change daily, so there’s something new every time you opt for a meal.

Meat Carvery is for delicious, tender, juicy, and flavorful roast meat specialties that will please every cruiser's taste buds. Guests can enjoy the cooking of your carved right in front of your eyes.

Red Velvet is the main dining room split over two decks with a seating capacity of 529 and 626 guests, respectively. It features open-seating for waiter-served breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mediterranean Dining is the main dining restaurant on all MSC ships. It is one of the healthiest diets on the planet that gives tempting French, Italian, and Spanish Cuisine. Also, don’t forget to taste the signature dish of Michelin Star chef Ramon Freixa.

Pasta Station features the authentic taste of Italian cuisine. Discover this new selection of tasty combinations every single day to satisfy your hunger.

Special Diets and Menus are present on all the MSC cruises. It offers kosher meals, vegetarian menus, halal products, gluten-free menus, and more. MSC has to be certified for providing Gluten-free menus from Bureau Veritas.

Eataly Steakhouse is famous for serving some modern and traditional Italian dishes such as pastas, pizzas, Italian flatbreads and more.

Take Away Station is just a place to be when you’re feeling puckish for snacks on the go. It is a buffet-style location that is perfect for a casual dining fix for those sudden hunger strikes.

Wellness Corner is a section of some light and tasty dishes made with your health in mind. All the recipes are made to satisfy those onboard carvings instead of putting a strain on your waistline.

Asian Market – Sushi by Roy Yamaguchi has designed this Hawaiian fusion cuisine. Roy is expert in combining the Japanese heritage with some fresh ingredients and turning it into something extraordinary.

Asian Market – Teppanyaki by Roy Yamaguchi is a mixture of Hawaiian, Japanese, and European food. Chef Roy brings a creative flair to every detail, from creating the recipes to suggesting the plating and the ideal music enhance the dining experience.

Butcher's Cut is an American-style steakhouse that serves some delicious and selected Linz Heritage Angus beef. The Great Plains inspires the menu of a butcher and Bold New World wines and cocktails to accompany it with swagger.

Galaxy Disco Restaurant is a large disco onboard with a bar and restaurant combination on one side and a large dance floor. This place is overpopulated with international people, particularly on summer cruises.

Galaxy Kaito is the best sushi bar at sea. You can have different kinds of Japanese dishes such as sushi, maki, futomaki, tempura, nigari, and more.

Sea Pavillion Hot Pot by Jereme Leung is an exclusive restaurant where the oriental cuisine meets the Celebrity Chef's passion, Jereme Leung. This dining area is only available on the MSC Splendida and MSC Bellissima.

Shanghai is an onboard Asian restaurant that offers Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes in an informal atmosphere. It is only available on the MSC Orchestra fleet with an additional charge.

Surf & Turf is indulging in offering seafood and steaks that bring water to your mouth. Their menu satisfies your taste buds for seafood such as crab cakes, lobster, melt-in-your-mouth ribeye, and filets. It offers tasty Mediterranean cuisine with a seating of 40 people at an additional charge on MSC Armonia.

Oriental Plaza is an Asian restaurant that offers cuisines like Japanese, Thai, and Asian.

Ristorante Italia is an intimate 30-seat venue that offers specialty restaurants that feature a different menu each night.

Hola! Tapas Bar is created by the renowned Chef Ramon Freixa, a two-star Michelin chef. Guests can experience the real cuisine of the Mediterranean with some excellent dining.

Kaito Sushi Bar venue offers deliciously authentic Asian cuisine prepared with some fresh and high-quality ingredients with a traditional and modern touch.

Kaito Teppanyaki is a cook station for some delicious Japanese dishes that come to life right before your eyes. It is available on the MSC fleets namely Virtuosa, Grandiosa, Bellissima, and Meraviglia.

La Pergola is the main restaurant that offers the world’s healthiest diets on the planet, Mediterranean food. Not only has that, but it has also given you tempting cuisines such as Italian, French, and Spanish.

L'Atelier Bistrot is the charming place that welcomes every cruiser onboard MSC Bellissima, Grandiosa, and Virtuosa. It offers terrific French cuisine with small plates perfect for sharing and quality products.

Ocean Cay is a luxury fish restaurant that offers a mouthwatering menu of sophisticated fishes and other cuisine. All the dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and complemented by a beautiful wine.

Il Girasole is an outdoor restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a gala buffet and table dining. The gala night is offered every night at midnight, except the first and last night of the cruise.

Drink Packages onboard offers a wide choice of drinks from cocktails to wine tastings to premium drinks to mocktails. To enjoy this package, a guest must be 21 yrs. old and more. Even you need to consider pre-booking your drink package at the time of cruise departure.

Kids Area and Menu in the main restaurants feature delightful dishes assessed by nutritionists from the Osservatorio Chicco and prepared according to high standards. They include food options dedicated to babies from 6 to 12 months. The food onboard for kids is easy to digest, light, tasty, and authentic.

Special Diets onboard all MSC cruises are available and with a wide variety, including gluten-free and vegetarian. All fleets offer a dedicated kid’s menu for children with the famous Mediterranean and international classics.

La Brasserie is a buffet that lets you explore an astonishing variety of different cuisines. You can grab your breakfast through late-night snacks that mean 20-hours a day. It offers cuisines that start from International to the best Mediterranean food.

The Black Crab Restaurant is the main dining room of MSC Divina. It serves different dishes from International cuisine and Italian cuisine.

Specialty Restaurants on MSC fleets come with additional charges but can serve you the world on a single plate. You can order things from sushi to Asian dishes to international cuisine and desserts.

Marketplace Buffet is open for 20 hours a day. It is an impressive array of Mediterranean specialties and international dishes that are made in open-kitchens.

Galaxy A la Carte Restaurant is transformed into a disco and bar in the evening with seating for around 55 guests. Here you can taste fusion cuisine on a la Carte.

Gli Archi A la Carte Restaurant is situated on deck 13. Passengers can enjoy the breathtaking views along with sumptuous Italian cuisine. The dedicated chefs strive to impress and pamper guest's taste buds with contemporary Italian cuisine blended skillfully with international influence.

I’Angolo dell’Oggetto Self Service Café is a buffet cafeteria open from morning 7:00 to 10:00 am for buffet breakfast. You can get bread, muffins, bacon, baked beans, scrambled and hard boiled eggs, cold meats and cheeses, fresh fruits, cereal, and yogurts for breakfast. Drinks like fruit juice along with tea, coffee, and water stations are available 24-hours.

The Golden Lobster serves a range of Italian and international cuisine and a seven-course continental-style menu aboard MSC Preziosa. This main dining room is split over two decks.

L’ Arabesque is the main dining room aboard MSC Preziosa that offers panoramic views and is open for 766 guests at a time. It is famous for serving Italian and international cuisine along with a seven-course continental style menu.

Il Galeone and Il Covo are outdoor restaurants that boast a top gastronomic selection thanks to the variety of dishes and the high quality of foods such as Italian meats to fresh fruit.

Villa Verde is the second main dining room onboard MSC Splendida that offers panoramic views, Mediterranean menu along with comfortable seating.

Bora Bora & Pago Pago is the self-service counter with a complimentary buffet spanning almost half of the length of deck 14 on MSC Splendida. It is open non-stop for 20-hours a day.

MSC Cruise Ships Entertainment That Are Included

view of the MSC opera Cruise
Photo by pisanodanie at Pixabay

Onboard MSC cruises, you can enjoy glamour nights, parties, thrills, theaters, live music, and more. Read below to see all the entertainment options and discover them to take advantage of their activities and venues.

Art Gallery enables you to take home the ultimate reminder of your cruise time onboard. Talk to the cruise staff, and they will guide you in your choice.

Bowling Alleys is a place where you can see whether you have the knack and play with other people aboard to become bowling champion. Every time you will hear the sound of bowling ball barrels down the alleys.

Brass Anchor Pub is a British-style pub that serves food and drinks during cruising hours.

El Sombrero bar serves traditional Mexican drinks that range from vodkas, beers to tequila and margaritas with Latin music in the background.

At Broadway- Style Theaters, you can enjoy excellent entertainment rather than going to New York while you are at sea. Many international artists are lined-up to entertain you without leaving the ship.

Carousel Lounge is a small place for meetings and talks during day time, while in the evening, they transform it to Cirque du Soleil’s at the sea performance.

Casino Imperiale is elegantly designed and features games for all types of games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and more. You can choose one among a variety of slot machines.

The Champagne Bar is an elegant bar that features a wide variety of champagne, prosecco, and other bubblies worldwide. Grab some starters from the snack point, such as oysters, caviar, and crab.

Cirque Du Soleil is a place on board of MSC where you can enjoy a gadget-filled lounge while enjoying your dinner. It can host up to 450 guests, including more than a hundred who can enjoy full show and dining.

Cyber café is within the atrium on deck 5. Here you find ten computers with a printer and an internet connection to stay connected with your loved ones and dear ones. You can post your photos but not your videos or audios.

Edge Cocktail Bar is a pre-dinner bar and a perfect spot to enjoy some refreshing drinks. This bar is open throughout the day.

F1 Simulators are designed for F1 racing thrill with the help of virtual reality racing.

Flight Simulator is the thrilling live option of flying at high altitudes through their cutting-edge Simulator. You will get a feeling that you are flying high in the sky and controlling the plane.

Galleria Meraviglia is a long lane aboard MSC Meraviglia. In the evening, this place turns out to be the most happening place on board with live music, parties, and entertainment.

Himalayan Bridge is an 80-meter long sky suspension bridge located at the aft of the vessel at the height of some 60 meters above sea level.

Horizon Amphitheater is a poolside theater where a big flat screen is present. You can worship the sun during the day, while it turns into a party space at night.

Jean-Philippe Maury Chocolaterie is a chocolate bar designed by the chef Jean-Philippe Maury. He is a French pastry maker that offers a delectable range of the finest creations of chocolate.

Sky and Stars Library is a conference room located on deck 16 adjacent to Disco Galaxy. People can borrow books from here to read.

Photo Gallery has an emotional-immersive gallery to see the unique photos of MSC guests taken by the professional photographers onboard. You can grab your pictures by paying an additional cost.

PhotoShop has professional photographers roam the ship to capture beautiful memories every day. Be sure that you stroll through the photo gallery daily so don’t miss one of your great shots while enjoying the cruise.

Polar Aquapark has two high jinks and water elements, making it more ideal for some aquatic fun and activities such as pools, and twisting slides.

Tops brands Shops & Boutiques are available onboard each MSC cruises. Whether you’re looking for some Gucci stuff or Furla, you can get it. You can enjoy the expert guidance of their staff while you opt for shopping.

TV Studio and Bar has a karaoke area and atmospheric comedy club with a live music venue along with high-tech and multi-purpose space.

Venchi 1878 Chocolate Bar is designed by renowned pastry chef Jean Philippe Maury. It is specially designed for all chocoholics as it features mouthwatering treats in an open kitchen with elegant surroundings. It is available only on MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview.

Wrap your favorite palate around a generous portion of authentic gelato made by Venchi 1878 Gelato & Crêperie. It offers several natural ingredients with extra chocolate, mellow gianduja hazelnut, and fruit sorbets.

Virtual Games Arcade onboard MSC cruises is the gaming station space where kids and young adults play different types of games including pinball, video games, Xbox, and more.

White Party is a theme-party onboard where everything revolves around the white color, including dazzling décor and costumes, along with some impressive performances starring their theater cast.

Sailaway Party is a start-to-cruise event of the ship’s departure. The entertainment team and dancers lead it in a spectacular costume parade.

La Luna Piano Bar space is a bit of a misnomer. Though it’s gorgeous, it wasn't used as the typical piano space on a cruise. Instead, a duo played standards in the evenings and trivia at day. Also, at the bar, you will only get martinis, as the bar menu focuses more on that.

Silver Lounge is an excellent place to get together and spend some time with others onboard. You can even arrange onboard meetings.

The Black and White Lounge is a striking lounge with larger windows that provides panoramic views of natural scenery. It is prevalent in the evening as it organizes themed events, live music programs, and dances.

The Cigar Lounge is an indoor smoking point with a lounge enclosed with no smoke drifting out. There is a stocked humidor.

Piazza Del Doge is a rounded shape café and a great place to have some gelato or pastries during day time. While at night, you can grab your favorite coffee and listen to live music. You can shop from the shops and boutique next to it.

Caffe Italia features segafredo Italian drinks and is a worthy stop for morning mood. There is also a lounge that makes this place more compelling and the best spot to enjoy some me-time at sea.

Golden Jazz Bar is a funky lounge hosting games and trivia during day time, while at night, live music is the norm.

Divina Bar is the atrium bar and an excellent place to take action on gala nights. There are usually live musical shows during afternoons and evenings.

La Cantina di Bacco is an onboard pizza restaurant used as a wine bar where you can do some wine tastings by blending or simply chilling out. Even live music takes place in the evening.

Poseidon Bar is a pool bar on the busy Aqua Park and features different kinds of fruity cocktails and mocktails. This bar gets busy on sea days.

Sports Bar has TV screens where you can watch your favorite sports game worldwide. For example, soccer, basketball, or football. You can also enjoy bowling on two lanes with mini-pins and balls.

Grab your Caribbean favorites at Tritone Bar. It is also a for-free gelato bar.

LED Dome is the ceiling that is covered by a giant 480 sq. m. LED screen that is transmitting visual magic round the clock. It is a digital sky that animates the whole area from above with inspiring vistas, sunsets to sunrises, and starry night skies.

Attic Club is a stylish onboard nightclub where you can enjoy a night escape for some fun.

All MSC fleets have branded Boutiques and shops onboard that feature clothes, souvenirs, and toys, including cosmetics and perfumes, including brands like Dior and Marc Jacobs.

Coffee Bar serves a selection of cakes and desserts with 58 passengers.

Vitamin Bar is a fresh juice spot that offers vitamin drinks such as carrot fantasy and orange delight.

Pantheon Theatre is a 1,600 seat theatre lounge found onboard, offers at least six different shows, and spans two decks. Even during the daytime, it hosts conferences and bingo games. It features Broadway-style shows, circus extravaganzas, dancing on ice shows, and illusionists.

Starlight Disco is a late-night bar and nightclub with a 450 sq. ft. dance floor. It is the perfect place for having a night's fun.

The Card Room is located on deck seven and offers 28 persons.

The Pool Bars are located on deck 14 of MSC Divina and offer cocktails and drinks.

Sweet Shop- La Caramella is the candy shop onboard MSC Divina and features a confectionery shop.

The Red Bar Piano and Lounge is a lounge with a bar, piano, and a 193 sq. ft. dance floor. You can spend your late evenings listening to the music that comes out of a piano.

Piazza San Giorgio is an Ice-Cream bar designed to reflect the Italian Square with live music, chocolate, and pastry shops, and an ice-cream Parlour. It offers coffee, chocolates, pastries, traditional gelato, and exotic flavors of ice-creams such as peach, vanilla, hazelnut, pistachio, strawberry, raspberry, and more.

Il Cerchio d'Oro is the other main dining hall onboard MSC Fantasia that offers panoramic views and is located on deck 6 with 766 seating capacity.

Casino Delle Palme is the onboard casino that features slot machines, poker, roulette, and blackjack-like table games. You can also get drinks from its bar.

At Fantasia Bar, fellow cruisers can enjoy their evening by listening to classical piano music, string quartets, and singers by taking a sip of your favorite drink.

Il Transatlantico Piano Bar is the ship’s piano and Martini bar with a seating capacity of 108 people. Here you can enjoy your drinks with live piano music.

Il Cappuccino Coffee Bar serves delicious cakes and pastries along with your favorite cappuccinos and hot chocolate aboard.

Nutella Corner and Happy Puppy Ice Crystal Drink Stand is near the Aqua Deck of MSC Preziosa. It serves chocolate crepes, and the Happy Puppy Ice Crystal is for ice slush drinks in various flavors and colors.

4D Cinema is a ten-seat cinema hall that lets you watch your favorite movie with 3D graphics and moving seats to enhance fellow cruisers' experience. You can watch the film by paying some additional cost.

La Cantina Toscana is a wine tasting bar onboard MSC Fantasia with tapas and live music. Wine tasting events occur each day with different food bites, such as bruschetta, fried polenta with cream cheese, and other bites. There is a guiding section where you will get all information regarding the wine tasting.

Le Vele Cocktail Bar is a cocktail bar that overlooks the central atrium and serves the foyer area with some musical entertainment.

Liquid Disco is a nightclub that is served by its bar. During day time, the club turns into an aerobic and dance sessions room.

Manhattan Jazz Bar features live music along with an impressive range of ‘made to measure’ drinks.

L'Insolito is the show lounge with its bar and dance floor. This place can entertain you with games such as bingo to international dance music.

Meraviglia Bar & Lounge is the main dining area onboard MSC Meraviglia. It serves a tasty blend of freshly prepared Mediterranean cuisines and international specialties with elegant surroundings.

Teatro L'Avanguardia is a theatre lounge with a guest capacity of 1,600 people. It is perfect for conferences, dancing, or any at-sea event.

Casino Imperiale is designed so elegantly that it features games like poker, blackjack, roulette, different slot machines, and more.

Infinity Bar & Atrium is on deck 5 of MSC Meraviglia. It offers drinks, vodkas, wines, and bites to eat with your glass.

The Atmosphere Bar is next to the atmosphere pool and serves different ice-creams, coffee, and drinks.

Quattro Venti Restaurant offers fresh dishes and high-quality food and cuisines such as Italian meat, carefully controlled and fresh fruits.

L’Edera Restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes, prepared by hand with the freshest ingredients. The main dining room on the MSC Magnifica board offers fresh-baked breads to Italian cuisine until Mediterranean style.

Polar Bar offers drinks and ice cream by the poolside. Guests can enjoy the poolside ice-cream parlor while swimming in the pool.

Top Sail Lounge features panoramic views of the stylish restaurant and One Pool Deck with a private swimming pool, whirlpool, sun deck, and bar.

Sky Lounge features a bar with panoramic views perfect for spending some alone time.

The Gelato comes in a wide variety of around 16 different flavors, from vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, coffee, strawberry to kiwi, pistachio, and lemon.

Byblos Discoteca is a perfect place for all-night owls. It is a nightclub with a late-night bar and a big dance floor.

Cocktail Bar is an ideal location for the people who enjoy their pre-dinner cocktail while enjoying the live music entertainment.

La Cabala Piano Bar & Lounge is a show lounge with piano, bar, and a dance floor that is 193 square feet.

Patio Pizzeria is an alfresco restaurant that serves pizza and other fast-food dishes.

At the Lounge & Wine tasting bar, each day special wine tastings are accompanied by different food bites, such as bruschetta, fried polenta with cream cheese, and other specialties.

La Caravella and L’Approdo are main dining areas that range cuisines from traditional to tasty Mediterranean fare, with refined international recipes.

Teatro Dell'Opera is the main show lounge on board with a 713 seat theatre where small-scale productions show and cabaret performances are organized.

4 Seasons Italian A la Carte is Orchestra’s onboard restaurant with panoramic views and 250 guests seating capacity. It is open for dinner only and with recommended reservations. The menu is inspired by Italian cuisine that provides guests with a wide range of pasta, steak dishes, and seafood.

Shanghai is an onboard Chinese restaurant on a Med’ Baltic or fjords cruise that offers top quality and spicy Szechuan cuisine to the sweeter Cantonese fare of Southern China.

Covent Garden Theatre is the main show lounge and State-of-the-art theatre onboard MSC Orchestra, with a seating capacity of 1,240 people. The theatre is split over two decks and arranges, ranging from singers to jugglers to shadow puppets and acrobatic gymnastics.

R32 Disco is a live DJ lounge that is open from 11:00 pm until late-night. It has a bar that serves world-famous wines and drinks.

Palm Beach Casino is a 630 square meter casino that is accommodating 222 guests at a time. It features games like roulette and blackjack to slot machines and poker. This casino is open only for guests who are 18 or older.

La Cantinella Lounge & Wine Bar features world wine tasting with tapas and some live music. Each day new wine tasting is arranged with some quick bites.

La Cubana Cigar Lounge is a smoking and whiskey bar. It offers elegant surroundings with leather settees and armchairs for cruisers to relax and enjoy their cigar accompanied by a drink.

L'Incontro Piano Bar is the ship’s reception bar that features live piano music and an accompanying orchestra.

Savannah Bar is the ship’s second show lounge served by its bar and dance floor. Activities and entertainment are the features of this place. Guests can enjoy bingo, game shows, Italian lessons, seminars, karaoke, and international dance music.

Shaker Lounge is a cabaret-style lounge with five shows and bands for guest’s entertainment. It has its bar and a dance floor for guests capacity of 330 people.

The Purple Bar & Zaffiro Bar is an ideal cocktail bar for all the guests who love drinking cocktails before dinner while listening to live music.

Il Palladio Restaurant is serving a wide variety of handmade dishes with fresh ingredients and various choices to be had in the restaurants. Guests can find everything from freshly baked bread to Italian and Mediterranean style food.

L’Obelisco Steak House A la Carte Restaurant is situated aft of deck 13 and offers panoramic views seating for 250 guests. This place is only open for dinner, with reservations recommended.

Villa Pompeiana is a self-service café onboard MSC Poesia with a guest’s capacity of 472 people. It is open from 6:30 to 7:00 am for early coffee birds and 12:00 to 2:30 pm for lunch with food offering from eggs to fresh fruits, cereals, and yogurts to cold meats, cheeses, and bread.

Casino Royal is a 630 square meter casino that is accommodating 222 guests. This places features like slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and poker. Even it has a bar that serves drinks.

Le Rendez-Vous Piano Bar is the ship’s reception bar on MSC Poesia that features live piano music and accompanying orchestra.

Teatro Carlo Felice is a state-of-art-theater and main show lounge that offers shows ranging from singers to jugglers, shadow puppeteers, and more.

Il Grappolo d'Oro Lounge & Wine Bar is the tasting bar with tapas and some live music for all fellow cruisers onboard. The place is accompanied by different bites of food such as bruschetta and other specialties.

La Locanda is Preziosa’s pizzeria wine bar where passengers can grab their favorite Italian Eataly and traditional fresh-baked pizza along with some complimentary tapas and hors d’oeuvres to enjoy with a selection of wine either by the glass or bottle, cocktails, beers, or more.

Galaxy Lounge is a theme-based 1950s supper club on MSC Preziosa. It offers breathtaking views and background music alongside brunch or the Mediterranean fusion cuisine for dinner.

Platinum Theatre is a theatre lounge that spans two decks. It hosts bingo and conferences while at night, it hosts two main productions, one at 8:00 pm and another at 10:15 pm.

Pigalle Lounge is on deck 7 of the Poesia and has its bar and dance floor to entertain the guests. It is a sizable cabaret-style lounge with live shows and bands for guests and entertainment.

The Giada Bar & Bar Smeraldo is the cocktail bar onboard MSC Poesia. It lets cruisers enjoy their pre-dinner cocktail with live music entertainment.

The Hitchcock Cigar Lounge is MSC Poesia’s smoking room and whiskey bar that offers elegant surroundings with leather settees and armchairs for guests to relax and enjoy their cigar accompanied by their favorite drink.

Zebra Bar offers different activities and entertainment that range from Bingo, seminars, Italian lessons, salsa dance classes, and more.

Diamond Bar & Library overlooks the central atrium and serves the foyer area, making the most ideal place for relaxing and enjoying musical entertainment while reading books in different languages. It has a board games selection that can also be found in the library for guest's use.

El Dorado Piano Bar is Preziosa’s piano and martini bar that has a capacity of 108 guests.

Green Sax Jazz Bar features live jazz music along with an impressive range of ‘made to measure’ drinks.

Millennium Star Casino features games like slot machines, roulette, poker, and blackjack.

Preziosa Bar offers classical piano music, string quartet, and singers while enjoying drinks.

Safari Lounge is the ship’s show lounge with its bar and dance floor. It offers entertainment that ranges from bingo to international dance music.

Biscayne Bay Restaurant & Buffet is a dedicated family buffet area that offers various popular favorites and tasty, healthy dishes that small kids even love.

Haven Lounge offers super cocktails from something classical to entirely new.

Odeon Theatre is the most ideal venue with stunning high-tech spectacular Broadway-style shows, entertaining fellow cruisers every evening.

Panorama Bar offers some frozen delights, beers, soft drinks, cocktails at the main pool near the ice cream bar.

Seaside Lounge is for an evening of laughter with friends and family on board. You can be accompanied in the evening by drinks.

Garage Club is the area that is dedicated to teenagers. At night, it is converted into a club with a powerful sound system and great cocktails.

Aurea Bar lets its guests plunge into this refreshing outdoor pool bar menu with various margaritas, frozen delights, and other thirst-quenching options.

Waterfront Boardwalk offers a wide variety of bars and restaurants along with some jaw-dropping view of the sea from above.

Wine Cocktails in the heart of specialty restaurants. You can enjoy a classic aperitif, a glass of fine wine, and mixologists.

Four-Deck Atrium is aboard MSC Seaview with some panoramic views and live entertainment with spectacular ocean views.

San Remo Casino is a full gaming casino that features poker, blackjack, slot machines, and roulette. It is open until late at night while at sea while tournaments are regularly held onboard.

Santé Fe Tex Mex is Splendida’s specialty restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine and Mexican drinks. The cuisine ranges from tacos, fajitas, burritos, and enchiladas. In contrast, drinks range from Tequila and Margaritas with Latin American music in the background.

Royal Palm Casino offers its bar and features casino games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and machine slots.

The Purple Jazz Bar features live jazz music and a unique range of ‘made to measure’ drinks.

The Strand Theatre offers at least six different shows that range from Broadway-style, illusionists, dancing, and more. Even during the daytime, the cruise hosts bingo games and conferences.

L'Aperitivo Bar overlooks the central atrium and is serving the foyer area. Guests can enjoy the musical entertainment from the bottom of the atrium.

Splendida Bar is where guests can drink and listen to classical piano music, string quartets, and singers.

La Prua Piano Bar is a piano and Martini bar with 108 seating arrangements.

The Aft Lounge has a dance floor, its bar, and plays host to live music and shows.

Club 33 is the futuristic nightclub on MSC Splendida along with a bar.

The Poker Room is reserved for only 27 guests at a time and is located by the casino. It has a separate card room for Texas Hold’Em games.

L'Enoteca is a wine bar on Splendida’s board where a guest is guided through the wine selection by experienced sommeliers. The sommeliers suggest an appropriate selection of Italian cheese and cold meats for each wine, including pecorino di Fossa, Parmesan, and Salami.

Galleria Grandiosa is a long lane and an ideal place for dining, shopping and socializing in a unique atmosphere.

Sahara Restaurant is a buffet and self-servicing restaurant that can accommodate around 470 guests at a time for breakfast and lunch.

L'Olimpiade Sports Bar serves an a la carte menu between 10:00 am to 1:00 am featuring steamed shrimp cocktail, buffalo chicken wings, salad, fish, and chips.

Atlantic City Casino is served by its bar. It features casino games at sea, such as blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and poker.

Bowling Lanes is available aboard MSC Magnifica and is offering ten-pin bowling in T32.

Cuba Cigar Lounge is the smoking room and whiskey bar onboard MSC Magnifica that offers relaxing armchairs and leather seats.

L'Ametista Lounge is a cabaret-style lounge that organizes live shows and bands for guest’s entertainment.

Le Gocce Coffee Bar offers a range from chilled liquor-based coffees such as American Style Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Espresso Martini, and more.

T32 Disco is the live DJ disco that entertains the guests until late at night. The disco has its own bar.

Topazio Piano Bar is the ship’s reception bar featuring a giant piano, live music, and accompanying orchestra.

Tiger Bar on MSC Magnifica is the second lounge that has its bar and dance floor.

Royal Theatre is the main show lounge and state-of-the-art theatre that features from jugglers to singers to acrobatic gymnastics and shadow puppeteers.

The Cigar Room is onboard MSC Divina that is open for smoking.

Lounges and Bars onboard MSC Lirica are inspired by different themes: a group of 8 bars, inimitable in their wine and food selection. It also includes the Beverly Hills bar and L’atmosphere.

Masters of the Sea Bar offers unlimited drinks, wines, beers, and sodas to keep you entertained with the drinks onboard MSC Grandiosa.

Piano Bar & Lounge is a 193 square foot dance floor where guests can entertain themselves until midnight. It also has its self-serving bar.

MSC Cruise Health and Fitness

Make yourself feel relaxed and comfortable by looking best at your sea vacation. Here are some facilities that the MSC Cruise Line offers for their fellow cruisers.

The Barber Shop is inside the MSC Aurea Spa that will make you look best during your cruising. It is mainly available on MSC Seaside, MSC Grandiosa, MSC Seaview, MSC Bellissima, and MSC Meraviglia with some additional charges.

Beauty salon on MSC aboard has the experience and well-qualified staff for aesthetic treatments to offer you excellent results and a relaxing cruise journey.

Hair Salon offers different packages, including a haircut, hair wash, and a single color treatment process. Buy that package and get ready for your formal evenings onboard.

The Atmosphere Pool is poolside on the MSC Bellissima and offers some stunning views. It has a large screen, beautiful lighting, and atmospheric design that makes this main pool area even more alluring after dark.

Arizona Aquapark is the most exciting water park at sea with all types of fun and water activities according to age groups.

Horizon Pool is a stunning outdoor spot for dancing and onboard entertainment.

Inside Pool is the most significant indoor pool area that features a different deck over and around the pool.

Le piscine & children's spray park is a pool area specially designed for kids and teens with a separate children’s Spray Park.

Miami Beach Pool is on deck 16 of MSC Seaside and gives panoramic views of the sea. There are some innovative sun loungers on the poolside to let the guests sunbathe.

Mini Golf is only featured on board of MSC Opera, MSC Lirica, MSC Musica, MSC Orchestra, MSC Sinfonia, and MSC Poesia. Entertain yourself with an open-air mini golf course onboard the ship.

Medi Spa Center is a relaxing spot on each MSC cruise. Medi Spas experts have some secrets that can make you feel good with anti-aging effective treatments and return from your cruise visibly rejuvenated.

MSC Aurea Spa is fully equipped with specific and massage treatment suites. It is available on all MSC cruises with an additional service charge along with natural stone, rich mosaics, and precious wood.

MSC Gym by Technogym is fully equipped with the latest gym equipment and some breathtaking ocean views from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The MSC Yacht Club pool is the freshwater pool with two hot tubs and a bar, and a small snack bar. It is high on deck 18, and here the place is so windy, which makes you feel good in the hot Caribbean.

Power walking is a jogging track on the top deck of all MSC Cruises savoring outstanding ocean views.

The Aft Garden Pool is on deck 15 and offers fantastic views, an infinity-like style saltwater pool, and is an adult reserved place at sea.

Thermal Area is an area where you can experience the soothing sauna, a steam bath, and a refreshing whirlpool bath. The Thermal site is available on all cruises of MSC.

Panorama Pool offers fantastic sea views and sun lounges specially designed for guests to let them stay near the pool like never before by creating an immersive water connection.

Shuffleboard is a play area that is 215 square feet and is open for all types of sports. It is located on the 12th deck of MSC Sinfonia.

South Beach Pool at the aft of the MSC Seaside on deck 7. Two panoramic lifts are connecting the top tier.

Sportplex is a large and spacious amusement park that provides a large space for young guests. They can play games and outdoor sports during the daytime. Even socialize, party, and dance in the late evenings.

Sunset Beach Pool is on the topmost deck and offers two panoramic lifts with plenty of space in the sun and mind-blowing views.

Top 18 solarium is an adult-only sunning spot that features two hot tubs and a poolside bar. It is located on deck 18 and has standard loungers and covered rattan sunbeds.

Wild forest Aqua Park is one of the most intricate and exciting water parks at sea, with features and activities for all ages.

MSC Cruise for Kids and Teens

Baby Club Chicco is for 1 to 3-year-old babies. Here babies can enjoy activities and games that are specially designed in partnership with Chicco.

Buffalo Bill is a children’s playroom and is open for all kids onboard.

MSC Sports Arena organizes different kinds of sports and games for teens. It also encourages cruisers to meet up at the club to go to lunches and dinners together.

Doremi Castle Aqua Park Adventures (Kids Pool) is the kid's waterpark on MSC Preziosa. There are sprays, fountains, and other water features, including a drenching bucket that slowly fills up before emptying on anyone’s head.

Doremi Land and Kids Club It debuted around the theme of pirates with ships, hidden treasure, and desert islands. This area is perfect for capturing the child’s imagination.

II Polo Nord (Kids Pool) is the children's play area based on the arctic theme with an igloo-shaped paddling pool, slide model kayak, and a giant model whale. There are also some chairs, tables, games, books, TV, and some art and craft activities for kids. Moreover, children can decorate the polar bears and ice blocks.

Doremi Spray Park is where children can play and splash in the water throughout the day while at sea.

Kids Clubs come in five different groups with dedicated services and entertainment activities for each. The age groups are under 3 yrs., 3-6 yrs., 7-11 yrs., 12-14 yrs., and 15-17 yrs.

LEGO Experience at Sea or Mini-Club, both are the same and host fun activities and programs for kids from 3 to 11 years. It has a significant section of LEGO bricks and equipment available at the junior Club and mini-club.

Teen Disco Graffiti is a teenagers-disco located on Deck 15 of MSC Fantasia with its urban style design. It includes multi-colored graffiti, atmospheric lighting, scattered stools, and karaoke areas with casual couches. There are also vending machines for snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Teens Club is a teens-only area that serves a cinema hall, gaming room, disco, and fun activities depending on the time of day. MSC ensures that the teens onboard enjoy and always stay entertained.

Virtual Reality Games is a gaming arcade specially designed for kids and teens aboard. It offers a variety of video games and digital options.

Young Club is for youngsters onboard with fantastic facilities to meet up and do their entertainment and fun things. They offer themed games to sports tournaments and competitions with their new friends.

Things To Know About MSC Cruise Ships

Disabled Facilities: MSC Cruises offers the best facilities for all guests, including those of reduced mobility or disabilities. The majority of the excursions are fully wheelchair accessible with exceptional in-house staff trained for the passengers with disabilities. Even the restaurant doors and cabins are easily accessible by a disabled person.

Medical Facilities: Though MSC fleets are well-equipped with medical facilities, passengers are requested to bring their medicines and put them in their hand luggage. There is a medical center which is open at the time advertised in the booklet. But that doesn’t mean their medical facilities can deal with a birth or any pregnancy complications. Therefore, they cannot admit any women who have reached or exceeded the 24th week of pregnancy by the end of the cruise for safety reasons.

Dietary Requirements: MSC offers all types of special dietary requirements such as gourmet, kosher, gluten-free, and more. Even vegetarian menus of delicious specialties are freshly prepared onboard along with pre-packaged kosher meals.

Dress Code: Casual wear is advised for life onboard and shore excursions. For Gala evenings and parties, slightly more formal dress is recommended. For formal evening, cocktail dresses for ladies, and a lightweight suit or dinner jacket for the gentlemen on board. To visit religious sites, appropriate clothing is recommended, such as no low-cut tops, shoulders and knees should be covered.

Smoking Policy: There are specially designated areas on each vessel. Smoking or e-cigarettes are not permitted in cabins, balconies, and anywhere not expressly indicated by signage and ashtrays. And in case of repeatedly smoking in non-smoking areas can ultimately lead to disembarkation.

Wi-Fi: Onboard all MSC cruises, Wi-Fi is available at an additional cost. There are three packages – Standard Internet, Premium Internet, and Chat & Social. All three packages are unique and keep you connected with the world on land while you’re at sea.

Onboard Languages: Onboard MSC Cruises, crew members use six different languages to make people understand: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese. Even the cabin information booklets and other printing materials used onboard have been published in these six languages. The menus in restaurants also use these languages depending on the area of the world in which each fleet is located.

Frequently Asked Questions about MSC Cruises

On an average, the cost of the MSC Cruise runs somewhere around $1000 per person without taxes or port charges. MSC Cruises do not include tips and gratuities in their cruise fares. Also, it is not recommended to tip individual employees.

Our MSC Cruise Ship sailings tab will give you a detailed view of the MSC Cruises schedule based on departure ports, destinations, and cruise ships.

The MSC Cruises brand might not be on your radar when planning a family vacation. Still, it's one of the best options for people traveling with children. MSC Seaside, one of MSC's newest and largest ships, is a perfect choice for cruising with kids.

The family of Italian billionaire Gianluigi Aponte owns MSC Cruises, along with his wife Rafaela, son Diego, and daughter Alexa. The founder, owner, chairman, and family members of Gianluigi Aponte are all key figures in MSC.

Cruisers can bring an open mind, a bathing suit, a copy of travel documents, memory cards, batteries, workout clothes, comfy shoes for shore excursions, your favorite & most essential toiletries, wrinkle-release or wrinkle-free clothing, a multi-plug device, and MSC onboard application.

The world's largest privately owned cruise company, MSC Cruises, operates 23 cruise ships. The fourth-largest cruise line behind Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruises is MSC. MSC has ships around the globe as well as its own cruise terminals.

You can purchase MSC cruise tickets through, we are one of the authorized online booking platforms. Select your preferred cruise, cabin type, and itinerary, and follow the booking process, providing your information and payment details. After confirming your reservation, you'll receive your MSC cruise tickets and booking confirmation via email.

The smallest MSC cruise ships are the MSC Armonia and its sister, MSC Sinfonia. These two ships have the same specifications and are among the smallest in MSC's fleet.

The biggest MSC cruise ship is the MSC World Europa, launched in November 2022. It is part of the World-class mega-ships from MSC Cruises, known for their size and luxury.

The world's largest cruise ship, Titanic, stands at an impressive height of 235 feet and boasts 18 passenger decks, twice the number of decks on the Titanic. While not the largest in gross registered tonnage, the MSC World Europa features an astonishing 21 decks, though passengers can access only 16 of them.

The newest MSC cruise ship as of August 2023 is the "MSC Euribia," which debuted in June 2023 and is currently sailing in Europe. MSC Euribia is the latest addition to the MSC Cruises fleet, offering passengers a modern and luxurious cruise experience.

MSC stands for "Mediterranean Shipping Cruise." It is a well-known cruise line that originated from the Mediterranean Shipping Company, a major shipping and logistics company.

Disembarking from an MSC cruise ship typically takes about three hours to get all passengers off. However, once your group is called, you can expect to be off the ship in approximately 15 minutes. If you wish to be among the first to get off, you can do so within 30 minutes of the ship docking.

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