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Cruises from Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands Cruises

Rotterdam, Netherlands Cruises

Rotterdam has a metropolitan edge to it. This largest port in Europe endured bombing during the times of WWII. Delfshaven showcases a desktop wallpaper-like view of the windmill, dainty buildings, and local shops and cafes. Due to its rich history, Rotterdam puts up a display of its historical preservations at several museums. Head to the zoo to see some exotic wildlife along the way.

Highlights of Rotterdam

Rotterdam has an endless list of reasons to visit. Still, we've compiled major highlights covering various topics and interests. Several lesser-known aspects of Rotterdam are not featured in this list, such as the city's art scene, culinary sector, and nightlife.

Local Cuisine

A wide variety of cuisines are available here, including exotic foreign and traditional Dutch dishes. In Rotterdam, patatje oorlog is a satay sauce-covered french fry covered in mayonnaise and diced onions. When you visit a pub, order bitterballen or deep-fried croquettes served with mustard and roux. Apple cake, reminiscent of bread pudding, is a super-moist dessert.

Local Market

There are shops open every day in Rotterdam. As well to the exclusive Van Oldenbarnevelt street, the Beurstraverse, Lijnbaan, and Meent offer plenty of choices in the city center. There is a wide variety of art boutiques on Witte de With, the cultural shopping street. Concept store Toko 51 carries vintage clothing and art. Dutch clogs are a signature Dutch trinket you should keep an eye out for on your Netherlands cruise.

Innovative Architecture

The 149-meter-tall De Rotterdam skyscraper, designed by Rem Koolhaas, can be found along the River Meuse's waterfront. In a way, it resembles offset stacks and is described as a 'vertical city.' Tea, coffee, and tobacco processing and packaging were done at the Van Nelle Factory in 1932. A great example of Dutch functionalist design thought through carefully. A conference center and offices are located in the airy building today. The Het Nieuwe Instituut presents regularly changing exhibitions and events to promote Dutch architecture and design. View the modernist interiors of the nearby Sonneveld House, considered a perfect family home in the 1930s.

Jazz Festivals

An international media presence and the world's best jazz musicians attend the North Sea Jazz Festival every year in mid-July. A thousand musicians, both international names and local talents, will perform throughout the festival, including multiple stages and multiple stages.

Interesting Spots to Visit

Various aspects of Rotterdam make it a fascinating place to visit, such as its history, the bombardment, and its reconstruction, as well as its drive to innovate. This city is full of sights, monuments, and architectural highlights worth seeing. Here is a top five list of things to do and see in Rotterdam to help you find out where and what to do.

Euromast Observation Tower

Floriade gardening extravaganza in 1960 was commemorated by the construction of the Euromast observation tower. In addition to its 9-meter inner diameter, it has walls that are 30 cm thick and are made of reinforced concrete. A 96-meter-high floor hangs from the building. An observation deck and brasserie restaurant are located on the 100-meter observation deck, reached by a lift that takes just 30 seconds. Ascent to 185 meters is possible with the Euroscope revolving lift. You can abseil to the ground from Euromast, the only abseiling attraction in Europe. An experienced professional should guide you through the process.


Markethal offers everything you could imagine in terms of fantastic food. If you're in Rotterdam, you need to check out this indoor market! Besides the food stalls, shops, and restaurants, you'll also find various shops and restaurants inside. Several different living spaces are also available outside the Markthal. Yes, it's inhabited! It's a blessing for the residents that the ceilings are high enough that they can't peek into their houses. Nevertheless, they can undoubtedly spy on you.

Rotterdam's Harbor

Although Rotterdam isn't the only harbor, it's pretty significant (the largest in Europe), and some of it is beautiful. To reach the Erasmus Bridge (more on this landmark sight below), you can start at Oude Harbor and cross the road. The Hotel New York is just around the corner after you travel over the cruise terminal. You can stroll along the harbor front on your way up to the SS Rotterdam. You can walk on a beautiful summer day and keep fit without spending money. A Dutchie would instead cycle than walk!

Kinderdijk Windmills

A beautiful little village named Kinderdijk lies along the River Noord, 23 kilometers east of Rotterdam. It's one of the most visited places in the Netherlands because of a legend mentioning a baby's cradle that was stranded here during the St. Elizabeth's Day flood in 1421. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to 19 perfectly preserved 18th-century windmills. During special Mill Days, when their sails are once again set in motion, they include the largest surviving concentration of windmills in the country. Museums in the Blokweer and Nederwaard mills and the Wisdom pumping station are fun places to explore. You can also take a canal tour.

Erasmus Bridge

Located at the confluence of the Noord and Lek rivers, this monumental bridge spans the Nieuwe Maas distributary of the Rhine. It is the country's second-largest bridge, with a length of 802m. Swan-shaped masts adorn the bridge, and so it is nicknamed the Swan. Larger ships can pass through the waters through a bascule section at the bridge's center. It is a delicate construction to admire and walk across. It is a marvel of modern engineering behind the port of Rotterdam.

When to Visit?

There is nothing better than summertime in Rotterdam. There is no overcrowding in the city, and it has a perfect balance of liveliness and calmness. The minimal rain makes it a great time to walk around the beautiful city. As well as moderate temperatures, the climate is also pleasant.

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