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Northern Europe

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Northern Europe cruises offer a spectacular view, eclectic history, heritage, and vibrant cities and historical landmarks. Cruises to Norwegian fjords - with majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, and deep blue waters - and Iceland are must-dos. The country is renowned for its volcanic scenery, hot springs, and erupting geysers. As an alternative, you can explore Scandinavia and the Baltics. Visit the royal palaces in Saint Petersburg and Stockholm, cycle along Amsterdam's picturesque canals, or visit the medieval old town of Tallinn. It even offers skiing opportunities in Norway and heats up in Iceland's thermal pools. You are in a magical world once you are on a Northern Europe Cruise.

Northern Europe's Highlights

A Northern European cruise offers the opportunity to experience the incredible history, culture, cuisine, and undeniable beauty of the Old World. You can explore the best of the region no matter where you are, whether you're in the picturesque crystal clear water of the Mediterranean or the iconic cities of Northern Europe. Experience the eclecticism of Europe again and again as you immerse yourself in Croatia's waterfalls and France's famous rivers journey. Also, try out cuisines from Amsterdam to Zagreb, ranging from Italian pasta to Spanish tapas. Cruise the European continent and discover its magic.

1. Culture

Ancient cultures of northern and western Asia influence the culture of north and west European countries. Known for its sophisticated technology, this region is a technology hub. Similarly, the citizens of this country are proud of its heritage. Northern Europe has a diverse culture that encompasses several ethnic groups. Wool from England fueled the civic culture in northern Italian and Scandinavian cities. These communities were centralized and controlled by aristocratic families, making their economies robust.

2. History

It believes that understanding a place's history is necessary to appreciate its presence. Europe is a place of living history, no matter where you go, and you can find various ancient sites. Visit Rome Empire, built almost 2000 years ago, or learn about gladiator life by strolling around the Colosseum. Take photographs from the top of the Acropolis in Greece, ponder like Socrates, take a stroll to the temple of Zeus or experience a village vacation in Cinque Terre. Think of the life of the 12th century as you cross the stone walls of Dubrovnik. Ancient civilizations have left their mark on every continent.

3. Cuisines

Many Scandinavian and Northern European dishes are made of fish, mussels, and oysters, as befits areas heavily reliant on the ocean. Generally speaking, fish is the cheapest entree. There is also a wide variety of game meat available, including elk and bear. Various hardy fruits and vegetables are also found in northern European diets, including potatoes, apples, and pears. North Europe is also a great place to find beer and liquor, which most travelers find to their delight.

4. Ultimate Scenic Route

Northern Europe's countryside is as fascinating as its cities. Thanks to its northern location, northern Europe has quite a few spectacular natural wonders. This rings especially true if one works their way up into the freezing Scandinavian tundra. North Europe's cloak of snow and ice, reflected in the morning sun, is one of the most beautiful sights. Several parts of this area are very remote, and the population density is low, making it one of the more remote parts of Europe.

5. Wildlife

In North Europe, the Atlantic Ocean and latitude have a significant impact on the mix of wildlife. Nature is more abundant in northern landscapes. The Flora and fauna of these remote areas have adapted to freezing temperatures. Technically, these areas are part of the Arctic tundra. There are reindeer, arctic foxes, snowy owls, and even brown bears. Northern Europe is one of the last wildlands globally with its untamed lands and snowy landscape.

Ports to visit on a Northern Europe Cruise

There are several sides of Northern Europe, from delicious cuisine to diverse cultures, the dramatic landscapes of Scandinavia, sun-kissed beaches, and the delicious food of the Mediterranean. Enjoy a kayaking adventure through the old channels of Norwegian fjords or visit ancient British monuments. Iceland has active volcanoes you can get close to. The Northern Europe countries are listed below for your next Northern European Cruise.

1. Mediterranean

Discover charming, ancient harbors of Italy, Greece, and Croatia on one of the best Mediterranean cruises. Explore the ancient temples, amphitheaters and medieval palaces, and cathedrals. Swim in the clear blue waters of the golden beaches and enjoy the sun.

2. Greek Islands

Athens, Rhodes, and the Greek Islands are just some of the things you'll experience while cruising to Greece and the Greek Islands. Authentic cultural experiences will allow you to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean lifestyle and take you to exclusive destinations other cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean cannot.

3. British Isles

This destination is for all adventure seekers that want more than cruising, including rural vistas, vibrant cities, and cultural attractions. They can visit or explore Ireland, England, and Scotland on a British Isles Cruise for such fun.

4. Scandinavia & Baltic Sea

Take an adventure cruise on the Baltic Sea or Scandinavian countries to see spectacular coastlines with rugged fjords, dramatic cliffs, and seabirds. There is something romantic and kaleidoscopic about cruising Scandinavia. Let us guide you on our customized Scandinavia & Baltic Sea cruise.

5. Fjords of Norway

With their towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and rolling green hills, the Fjords of Norway have long captured cruisers' imaginations. Those traveling around Northern Europe as they sail the incredible coastline can enjoy pristine waters, snow-blanketed mountains, and red-roofed villages along the way and take in the breathtaking scenery.

6. Iceland

Its 38°C geothermal water makes Iceland's Blue Lagoon an ideal cruise destination in the summer. An outflow from a geothermal power plant created the pool in 1976.

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