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Cruises from Genoa

Genoa, Italy Cruises

Genoa, Italy Cruises

Genoa conveniently lies on the Western Mediterranean coast and offers several exciting excursions. Trace back history by paying a visit to the House of Columbus, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Piazza de Ferrari is the central square around business and financial affairs. It is famous for its big, beautiful fountain. The 17th-century Royal Palace, Cathedral of San Lorenzo, and La Lanterna (the lighthouse) are a few other places worth visiting.

Genoa Highlights

It's not only about meeting the locals but also about enjoying all Genoa has to offer, including these highlights below!

1. Local Food Scene

On a Genoa, Italy cruise, you find anything "Genovese" delicious. Italian cuisine's signature foods come from Liguria, which is one of the most influential regions of Italy. Simple pleasures are a hallmark of cooking, including pastries, cakes, and local pancakes made on wood-burning stoves and ovens. A beloved local delicacy, pesto originated in Genoa. No store-bought pesto can compare to this stuff. You should try focaccia bread while visiting the region because it is a classic Ligurian food.

2. Culture and History

During the 6th century BC, Genoa was founded by the Phoenicians and Etruscans. As a result of the destruction of the city during World War II, decades of prosperity in this region came to an end. Maritime trade and commerce have developed in the town. Many Ligurian cultural practices are rooted in this resilient city, from its seafood to its festivals and events, as in nearby San Remo. Cyprus is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and beyond. The island of Cyprus has many schools, theaters, art galleries, and music venues. In addition to soccer, this area is also a popular destination for tourists.

3. Local Markets

Shoppers in Genoa prefer the carriage, or cobblestone alleyways, of the historic district. You can view artisans crafting leather shoes and bags, gold jewelry, and handcrafted clothing in old-school workshops. During the 18th century, Indian trade brought ornate shawls to Genoa, which inspired mezzaro Genovese tapestries. Also unique to Ligurian culture are playful cat statues, which you can find in Cinque Terre and here.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Genoa

The map may seem to show close distances, but they may be far apart in reality. The arc of Genoa's harbor slopes abruptly down to the lower slopes of the Apennines. There are five road tunnels and high bridges linking the various segments of town - you can't just drive across them. Here is a handy list of the top tourist attractions in Genoa that can help you decide which places to visit.

1. The Opulent Palazzo Reale

Palaces such as Versailles are popular with travelers who enjoy glitzy European palaces. Many original furnishings and artworks remain in this regal palace, built in the 17th century by the Babli family and owned by the House of Savoy in the 19th century. Nearly all of the Italian peninsula was under the rule of the Savoy dynasty by the end of its reign. As a testament to the family's power, the palace boasts its version of the less crowded Hall of Mirrors. Several renowned masters, such as Van Dyk and Tintoretto, have painted pastel passageways and Baroque gilded rooms. Terrace views of the sea can be seen from the Palazzo Reale's terrace.

2. Acquario di Genova (Aquarium)

A massive waterfront "Education" center in Genoa's harbor features the largest aquarium in Italy and one of Europe's largest. To commemorate Columbus' 500th anniversary of sailing, the aquarium, built in 1992, shows marine creatures in primarily natural settings. Italian architect Renzo Piano designed a steel-and-glass globe structure containing a tropical garden dubbed the biosphere. This fragile and endangered ecosystem is described in the exhibits on display in the park.

3. Take a Harbor Tour

On one of the many harbor cruises, you will be able to see the big ships and the little PorticcioloDucadegli Abruzzi. A vast bowl lies at the foot of the mountains, giving you a spectacular view of the city itself. Whale and dolphin watching, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and diving are all available from the harbor. From a boat, you can see the fabled coast of Portofino for half a day or a full day.

4. Corso Italia

Feel free to don your best threads and stroll the main promenade connecting Genoa's Force district to Boccadasse fishing village. If all the walking makes you thirsty or puckish, there are many beach clubs, bars, and restaurants lining the route; it also passes key Genoese landmarks, including Chiesa di San Pietro and the Abbey of San Giuliano.

5. Porta Soprana

A once expansive city wall once enclosed much of Genoa - its walls were the longest in Italy as they were expanded over the years. Porta Soprana gatehouse and towers remain today as remnants of this ancient area. From many parts of the city, these towers can easily be seen from the Piazza De Ferrari. Both circular towers flank the arched gateway and are topped with crenulations, making them an excellent photographic subject. 

When to Visit Genoa?

The best time to visit Genoa is between May and June. The Focaccia Festival takes place mid-month in May, celebrating one of Genoa's quintessential foods. St. John the Baptist's ashes are paraded through the streets of San Lorenzo on June 19 as part of the feast day of St. John. In October, the Pesto e Dintorni Festival celebrates another Genovese delicacy, pesto. The weather in Genoa is cool and bleak from November through January when it rains.

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