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At, you can find the best last-minute cruise deals on all popular cruise lines: Royal Caribbean Cruises, Norwegian Cruises, Princess Cruises, and many more.

You can count on our industry-leading experts to help you maximize the value of your last-minute cruise vacation. In addition to finding the best last-minute cruise deals, we ensure you get the most exclusive benefits. Our low rates and exclusive perks ensure you get more value than if you booked directly with the cruise lines!

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Check out some bucket list adventures that are on sale for a limited time. Enjoy world famous Caribbean beaches. Experience the wine country of Baja in Mexico. Alaska offers fjords and glaciers along with kayaking. Take advantage of these last-minute cruises now, to explore breathtaking destinations around the world.

Featured Last Minute Cruise Deals of 2022-2023!

Sometimes it's difficult to predict when you will have a day off. Several last-minute cruise deals set sail soon, so if you find yourself in that situation, you're in luck. You could save a lot of money by taking advantage of last-minute cruise discounts if you can travel suddenly.

There is nothing better than sailing away to beautiful ports and countries! Wouldn't it be great if you were able to tell someone about your upcoming cruise to the Caribbean or Europe when they ask if you have plans for the weekend?

You can find a variety of cruise lines, ships, dates, and itineraries , so check back soon if you don't see anything you're interested in!

Best Cruise Deals To Grab!

Would you prefer to plan your holidays spontaneously and flexibly? You can take advantage of our attractive last-minute cruises if this is what you are looking for. Find the perfect last-minute offer for you, or contact us directly.

A last-minute cruise is definitely for you if you like to book a cruise spontaneously and on short notice. The average time to book and start a last-minute trip is 30 days prior to the cruise date. Whether you are traveling with your family, traveling with your significant other, or just going on an adventure, they are perfect!

Last Minute Cruising: Tips for Getting the Best Deal!

Last-minute cruises are usually booked within a ten days to three months of the embarkation date. However, buying a last-minute cruise has pros and cons, as do all deals that seem too good to be true. These tips and tricks teach how to cruise cheaply and avoid potential savings pitfalls.

1. Book at the Right Time

60 to 90 days before departure is the best time to find last-minute rates on a particular sailing. Why? There is still time for travelers to cancel existing cruise reservations without penalty (for most cruise lines and itineraries). If more room is available than the cruise line desires, it will (and often heavily) reduce the fare to sell out the ship.

2. Don't Expect "Peak" Travel

Last minute deals during peak travel are rare because these sailings are a hot seller. There's a reason. Last-minute bargains aren't likely found on Christmas, New Year's sailings, or spring break weeks. You might be able to make it out during those times -- but don't wait too long. In contrast, shoulder seasons are typically filled with various travel options, such as the Caribbean during hurricane season (July through early November) and the post-holiday lulls (the first two weeks of January) during the pre-holiday season. Nevertheless, nothing should be ruled out.

3. Embrace Repositioning Cruise

Last-minute deals are common with unique itineraries. The most common one is repositioning cruises. These involve vessels changing "regions," often crossing an ocean or sea to get to their new homeports. There are usually a lot of sea days and a mix of ports on these trips, which can last for two weeks instead of seven days. In these cases, passengers are responsible for picking up one-way or open-jaw airfares because they depart from one port and end in another. Consider crunching the numbers; finding a good deal on airfare will save you money on last-minute repositioning cruises.

4. Defining Value is Key

How good is the bargain when you have to pay twice as much for airfare as a cheap cruise? The Alaska-to-Vancouver route has a higher percentage of last-minute bookings than the more affordable round-trip Seattle route. What's the reason? Air travel is often cheaper as the latter operates within the same city. There are many different airports you must fly into and out of with the former, including one in Alaska, where fares are often high. Don't forget to factor that cost into your decision.

5. Read the Fine Print

Be sure to read each offer carefully since it will indicate what you are entitled to as a result of your purchase. Having claustrophobia does not make an inside cabin a bargain. Views may be obstructed from outside cabins for sale. Some offers are based on guaranteed cabins. This means you can't request cabin numbers or locations for some last-minute deals. In addition to the sale price, you should also look for information about service fees, taxes, and port fees. Make sure you know whether special offers require full payment or non-refundable deposits when booking.

6. Be Flexible

Those who book late lose out on the best selection after the early planners have made their arrangements. Suites and balconies, prime dinner tables and seating, and a choice cabin location are less likely to be available. You'll enjoy your discounted cruise more if you don't mind being flexible.

7. Take the Car

Using your own car to get to your cruise port makes it easier to say yes to an eleventh-hour offer. When searching for deals, focus on departures from your homeport if you live nearby. Getting there can be quickly planned by finding a good deal. Park, sleep, and cruise packages are available at some hotels near major embarkation ports.

8. Keep Your Passport Up to Date

If you need a passport for a last-minute sailing, but yours has expired, you don't want to have to cancel your trip. Take the example of needing to plan a getaway on short notice. Check the date your passport expires, ensure you renew it if there are less than six months left.

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You will receive exceptional value whenever you book last-minute discount cruises with You can also benefit from free onboard spending, cabin upgrades, and other bonuses by booking a last-minute cruise. The prices of last-minute discount cruises include meals, accommodations, and a multitude of activities onboard. Cruise deals for last-minute cruises are available now, so start planning your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Last Minute Cruise Deals

1. How to get last-minute cruise deals at Royal Caribbean? can be a fantastic resource when trying to book a last-minute cruise. We list all the latest offers on our cruise deals page.

2. How to get last-minute cruise deals for Carnival?

Last minute deals for Carnival can be found on our last minute cruise deals page.

3. What kind of last-minute cruise deals can you get in May?

Early May is a great time to find deals for Alaska and Europe before the busy summer months.

4. How can I get notified of last-minute cruise deals?

Sign up for newsletter so you never miss a great deal. You'll always be on top of limited-time offers, last-minute deals, and value-adds that may make a deal even sweeter.

5. What cruise line has the best last-minute deals?

Each cruise line has unique last minute offers.

6. How to get discount cruise deals?

There are some ways to get discount cruise deals. You find the best deals during the shoulder-season. Booking early for peak travel times is recommended for the best pricing and availability. There are rarely last minute deals on peak sailings like New Year’s Eve and Alaska in July.

7. How to find Galapagos last-minute cruise deals?

You can find Galapagos cruises on our website's Last minute deals section.

8. How to book the best cruise deal last minute? is an excellent place to book these deals. You can also book over the phone if you're new to cruising or are uncomfortable booking online. Last minute deals are usually very limited availability. If you see something you like, you will want to act quickly.

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