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Southern Europe

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A cruise to Southern Europe is always a popular choice on an itinerary to Europe. There are pristine Mediterranean and Adriatic coastlines and surrounding islands to visit, including relaxed cities, ancient playgrounds dating back to the Roman and Greek times, fortresses strung out along cliffsides, and some of the best European cuisine. Furthermore, as well as the enthralling landscapes and vineyards, unspoiled towns and trails hidden between the large cities are a real treat, as are the snow-white beaches, a wealth of enthralling towns, and some fantastic local stories. 

Southern Europe Highlights

There are some fantastic beaches in Southern Europe, ancient archaeological treasures, incredible high-life cities, and some incredible coastlines. The mixture of cultures, history, and warm Mediterranean climate is quite different from other regions. It's a unique experience to experience so much variety in one place. 

You will find stunning white sand beaches and azure waters in Southern Europe. You can relax or prepare for a great adventure as you tour the quaint villages. On the French Riviera, indulge in fine wines and delicious olive oils, or sip champagne on Europe's best beaches.

You will wake up to your inner artist when you view ancient cave drawings, contemporary architecture, and art. Many well-known architects and artists originated and were inspired in Southern Europe. The Mediterranean offers a plethora of fascinating cities where centuries of history and culture unfold before your eyes, like Florence, Rome, Athens, Greece, Istanbul, Turkey, Lisbon, Portugal, and Malaga, Spain.

You can shop to your heart's content for those who would like to enjoy the freshest specialty food at the market. The various shops in different parts of the area are the right place to find souvenirs, hand-made jewelry, and other unique finds.

Ports to Visit in Southern Europe

As romantic as going on a romantic getaway, taking a cruise to Southern Europe would be an excellent idea. A refreshing breeze, azure blue waters, and beautiful medieval towns rich with European culture welcome you when you arrive. Greece, the Adriatic, Italy, Spain, and many more breathtaking countries and ports are part of a Mediterranean tour. The following ports will be on your itinerary: 

The city of Naples lies along the Mediterranean coast in southern Italy. Rome is a beautiful city and the third-largest city in Italy. There is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the historic center of Naples. Naples has a rich history in the heart of Europe, making it one of the oldest cities. In the bay of Naples in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius, this ancient city is surrounded by blue waters with a backdrop of the active volcano Mt Vesuvius. In addition to being the most densely populated city in Italy, Naples is also one of the largest. Naples is a dream come true for anyone who loves history, with its historical buildings, museums, and castles. The city boasts beautiful bay views and some of the best restaurants in Italy, as the pizza was created here.

The island of Mykonos is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, among the beautiful Greek islands of the Cyclades group. It offers one of the best nightlife experiences in Europe, making it highly popular among party lovers. Additionally, many beaches and clubs in the city make it a popular LGBT destination—one of the most popular islands in the Aegean Sea in Mykonos.

The Balearic island of Ibiza is one of the most famous party destinations in Europe. It is the most popular island within the Balearics. Spain's Balearic Islands include this island. Historically, this place had a Phoenician culture and history. With more than 50 beautiful beaches, Ibiza is an ideal destination for vacationers. Tourists who desire to listen to famous DJs visit here in large numbers. Those who enjoy partying will enjoy this island. In addition to nighttime parties, there are beach parties during the daytime. You can party all night in Ibiza, whether you are a raver, a boho hippie, or anyone who enjoys parties. The pristine beauty of nature makes it an ideal place for adventure seekers.

With its beautiful scenery, magnificent mountains, and sunny beaches, Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. One can also enjoy affordable Mediterranean food on the island. There are modern beaches here, but the island also has forests and mountains. The 550 km coastline of Majorca is like a mecca for beach lovers. You get to see forests, valleys, and mountains as you move inwardfrom the beautiful beaches. 

The fifth-largest Greek island is Creta, located in the Mediterranean Sea. The Aegean Sea is separated from the Libyan Sea by the southern part of this Sea. In addition to sun, sand, Sea, mountains, and a wealth of shopping opportunities and cultural venues, Creta is home to nightclubs, a thriving arts scene, and an expansive infrastructure. Minoan civilization, the earliest culture in Europe, flourished on the island of Crete. Mount Creta runs from west to east, forming a mountain range. In addition to these attractions, the island also has many gorges, rivers, and lakes. Crete will surely contend for the title of the most beautiful island in the world if such a contest exists.

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