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Cruises from Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal Cruises

Lisbon, Portugal Cruises

Cruising from or to Lisbon is part of the fascinating cruise options to some of the Mediterranean and European destinations. It has one of the best climates anywhere on the planet. Portugal's capital is a walkable city with some of the most stunning places to visit, and arriving by sea is a great way to see it. A journey to Lisbon is one of the world's most memorable and distinctive destinations.

Lisbon's Highlights

Lisbon is draped across seven hills with rich history, cultural heritage, baroque churches, Fado shows, delicious seafood, and brilliantly preserved architecture. One can tour the whole city with walkable neighborhoods. Go through the below highlights of Lisbon and enjoy that plenty of cultural experiences at every turn.

1. Culture and History – Past and Present

Lisbon's equally intriguing history dates back to pre-Roman times and includes exploration, festivals, seafaring, and earthquakes. This city has served as a battleground for Phoenicians, Greeks, and Carthaginians. Moreover, this natural harbor was the center of operations for several explorations, including the Vasco de Gama's famous discovery of the sea route to India. Lisbon became the world's most prosperous trading center through these expeditions, but its glory days weren't long.

Portuguese history is dotted with dictatorships, the last being Antonio Oliveira Salazar, who ruled Portugal from 1932 to 1968. After a coup in Lisbon in 1974, the dictatorship was overthrown, and democratically elected leaders were installed. The port of Lisbon is today a commercial hub of importance that has recovered much of its stability. This vibrant city offers shopping, music, culinary delights, and historical attractions along with some historic charm in terms of beautifully designed buildings, the melancholy of Fado music, and a bustling commercial district.

2. Food and Drinks

Lisbon is one of the most thriving and rewarding places in Europe for foodies. Aside from eating at local restaurants, one can also enjoy taking cooking classes and taking a food tour throughout the day. One can enjoy formal dining with local street food, with plenty of options. Even several casual dining seafood restaurants draw a lot of attention, due to location and culture. Or, if seafood is not what you want, try some traditional roast pork Bifana sandwiches or a hearty Cozido stew made with spiced sausages and vegetables. And in case you want to try a traditional Portuguese liqueur, ensure you order a shot of Ginjamade from sour cherries, sugar, and alcohol at Ginjinha Bar.

Interesting Spots of Lisbon

Lisbon is a fantastic place to visit on/from any European Cruise. It features several Portugal features such as Gothic cathedrals, medieval castles, and picturesque neighborhood villages. This city has been the capital of the country since 1147. To know more about what one can do in this exciting place, go through these below pointers.

1. Alfama

Alfama is one of the historic districts of Lisbon, which is not to be missed. The narrow alleys and streets crisscrossing whitewashed buildings make it a more unique and must-visited place. It adds delightful pops of color to the pale shades of the town to see the colorful streamers draped overhead. This district truly gives an artisan vibe with a big focus on music and cuisine. Moreover, it is home to some of the most iconic sites of Portugal, such as the National Pantheon, Saint Anthony's Church, and St. George's Castle.

2. St. George's Castle

St. George's Castle is a historic site that consists of the remains of the medievalera. The castle presently found here was mostly destroyed during the 1755 earthquake that devastated Lisbon.Though the castle is thoroughly ruined, it still offers incredible sights to see and walk around. Here visitors can explore the rampart and towers along with fabulous views down over the terracotta roofs of Lisbon and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean beyond.

3. Sintra

Sintra is a romantic fairytale destination with castles and palaces. It is located about 18 miles from Lisbon and is a perfect gateway from there for a one-day trip. This town is famous for its 19th-century Romanticist architecture extending to the breathtakingly lovely Pena Palace. The palace of Pena is located on the hilltop with an exterior that charms in shades of red and yellow with princess-worthy towers and elaborate stone carvings throughout the palace. One can also visit the medieval Castle of the Moors and the Portuguese Renaissance Sintra National Palace in Sintra for some more exciting things to see.

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