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A cruise to Asia will allow you to explore the incredible engineering, from canals to massive fortifications, as well as the royal palaces and temples created by emperors. It doesn't matter which port in Asia you visit; you will be captivated by the cultures, histories, and landscapes of this vast continent. Throughout Asia, you will find amazing cities with impressive things and beautiful architecture. You will learn about Thai, Indian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine and customs, as well as traditional dances and cooking techniques.

10 Best Beaches in Thailand

Book A Cruise This southeastern Asian Country is lined with some of the world's most gorgeous beaches. With more than 2500 miles of coastline, Thailand has beaches for every generation. Continue reading to find out the top 10 beaches of...

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5 Best Shopping Markets in Bangkok

Cruises from Bangkok Every traveler inevitably ends up shopping at some point of their trip. It’s a great way to preserve memories and discover local crafts and specialties. It’s also a different way to explore a city. Plus you know...

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5 Must-visit Temples in Bali for Your Next Trip

Cruises from Bali Denpasar (Benoa) The temples in Bali are beautiful and offer a very pleasant experience altogether. In fact, many tourists come to Bali only for these temples. Interestingly, Balinese temples have Hindu gods, but they look very...

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Interesting Reasons for Visiting Hong Kong

Book Cruises from Hong Kong Hong Kong is one of those places on earth that everyone should visit once in their lifetime. Although there are myriad reasons for visiting Hong Kong, a few avid travelers choose this place for its culture and...

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Reasons to Choose Singapore for Your Vacation

Book Cruise to Singapore If you are planning a cruise vacation in the South Asian region, you will most likely make some stops near Singapore and Malaysia. Now tell me why you have considered Singapore as a stopover? Is it just for taking a short...

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