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Top reasons to book a cruise to Asia

If you are considering a cruise to Asia, then here are some reasons that will convince you to start planning your cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are an avid traveler, then Asia should be on the top of your list. There are numerous tourist spots across this continent that you need to explore. Apart from just the places to visit, this continent is an amalgamation of various cultures and cuisines that makes Asia a must-visit. So, if you are planning to visit, then book a cruise to Asia and start exploring.

Why Avid Travelers Need to Book Cruise to Asia

What do you get to see? There are many stunning temples and large statues of Lord Buddha in Cambodia, China, and Japan. Also, there are two wonders of the world in Asia – the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. Singapore’s iconic half-fish and half-lion statue fountain (called the Merlion) is another major attraction. There are the beaches of Bali where you can just go and forget all the stress.

Still, if you want top reasons to book a cruise to Asia, here are some convincing ones -

1. The diversity available

As there are so many countries on this continent, they all bring a different flavor to the table. For instance, when you travel through Nepal, which is primarily a Hindu country, you will witness a very different culture than in Japan, where the primary practicing religion is Shinto and Buddhism. So, in terms of culture, diversity is noteworthy. The same can be said about the language of the region. You will find a host of different languages spoken only in India, let alone the continent itself. So, if you are booking a cruise to Asia, you stand a chance to experience some of the most diverse cultures in the world.

2. The Asian cuisine is highly delectable

All Asian countries have highly sought-after cuisines. Japanese cuisine is one of the renowned cuisines of the continent. Standout dishes like Kobe steaks, Sushi, and tempura have made their mark on the world. The same goes for Chinese cuisine. The Peking duck, dim sum, rice cakes, and chop suey are extremely popular. The same can be said about Thai cuisine, where you can try out dishes like Som tum and Pad Thai. Indian cuisine is a different platter altogether, where every state has a different sub-cuisine. The North Indian and South Indian cuisine are so different, yet they are fun to have.

3. There are so many temples to explore in Asia

Asia is a land of temples. There are around 10,000 temples in South East Asia alone. Not only are these temples places of religious worship, but they are also heritage sites. Some of the famous temples in this region are in Cambodia. Most temples are found in India. Out of all the temples, the Angkor Wat and the Somnath temple are among the oldest. There are temples in Myanmar, Vietnam, and Bali as well. These temples have provided a haven to the Hindu and the Buddhist devotees. Now, these places help to bring enrichment to the culture and soothe the wandering mind of the present-day man.

4. The culture is fabulous and so are the festivals

One cannot speak enough of the cultural diversity in Asia. The best of culture is brought out from the celebrations it has to offer. Like, as the Chinese New Year. It is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. As a result, the vibrancy of Chinese culture is on full display. The sights of the Chinese New Year can enchant a traveler and also give them a new and wholesome experience. The same applies to Diwali in India. You see people of different ethnicities coming together for the sake of happiness and humanity. The Taiwan Lantern Festival and Thaipusam in Malaysia are also one of a kind.

Parting Thoughts

To sum up, Exploring Asia can help you access some of the diverse places on earth and gather a lifetime of memories and stories to tell. So, if you are planning a cruise to Asia, then head over to and make your plans.

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