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Haiphong, Vietnam
Haiphong, Vietnam

Things to do in Haiphong, Vietnam

Looking for a fun Vietnam getaway? Consider our list of 5 things to do in Haiphong, Vietnam to make your trip extra special.

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Vietnam has become one of the hottest tourist destinations. Haiphong is still one of the less discovered places, which makes it an even greater spot for tourists. There are several places to visit and many activities to take part in, not to mention its delicious local food. Therefore, if you are looking for a fun tour this year, then nothing beats Vietnam's Haiphong.

You can visit Haiphong during any season except the winter. Pick any date from March to October, and you will have a pleasant stay in the city. So if you are ready to pack your bags and have one of the most exciting holidays, then here's a list of 5 things to do in Haiphong, Vietnam, that should be your priority.

5 Things to do in Haiphong, Vietnam

1. Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is a part of an archipelago that consists of 367 islands. Cat Ba has mesmerizing surroundings and is a great place to go diving or swimming. If you are interested in neither, then simply stand there and inhale all the beauty and peace that it has to offer. The water, the sky, and the neighboring islands all make a very pretty picture that you must capture in your heart forever.

2. Hai Phong Museum

The Hai Phong Museum is worth your visit. It houses several historic pieces and materials that would broaden your horizon. It is among the top activities in Haiphong you will find. Its Gothic architecture alone is a work of marvel. It has many items displayed and is a paradise for anyone who loves to discover the history of the place. However, when planning to visit Hai Phong Museum, make sure that you note the timings as they are different from other museums.

3. Nghe Temple

It is not merely a temple where you offer prayers but has been a part of Vietnamese history. The temple was dedicated to Le Chan, the founder of the city. She is considered a hero in the country as she defended Vietnam against China with the help of a group of female soldiers. Not every day do you find revolution and devotion bound in one place? Therefore, don't miss your chance to witness this historic spot.

4. Street Food

Vietnamese street food is famous all over the world, and Haiphong has some of the best varieties. Try out their noodles and soups that come in different colors. Filling yourself up with street food is one of the amazing things to do in Haiphong, Vietnam.

5. Du Hang Pagoda

The 17th-century Buddhist Temple Du Hang Pagoda is perhaps the most ancient standing building in Haiphong. It was built during the Ly Dynasty and has been renovated several times throughout the years. It is a lovely piece right out of some painting and is quintessentially Buddhist. The gardens, bell tower, and Buddha images all come together to transform this place into a time-traveling machine.

Key takeaways

Haiphong is increasingly gaining popularity as one of the most beautiful places to go on a trip. It is time you ditch basic locations and try something new. Visit and plan your visit today.

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