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How much does a cruise excursion cost?

This article simply works as a guide to help you understand how you can get the best experience during your shore excursions or walks.

By Cruise Booking Team

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How much does a cruise excursion cost?

Cruise excursions, alternatively known as shore excursions, are activities that take place while the ship is docked at a port. You can let your thoughts wander off to activities like hiking the glacier, coral reef diving, snorkeling, exploring ancient Greek and Roman ruins, and ample places to shop from local markets. All these activities add to the fun that is already provided for passengers onboard.

However, shore excursions are not a mandate. Once docked, you are free to roam about and explore on your own. But this article simply works as a guide to help you understand how you can get the best experience during your shore excursions or walks.

How do cruise excursions work?

To enhance a port’s visit and also to uplift their tourism economy, each cruise line is tied up with a port where they dock and its passengers can get down to explore the island for an additional fee. So depending on the place, you can take part in these land-based activities that include sightseeing and playing adventure sports. You can visit penguin colonies in Antarctica, wine tasting in Provence, bike riding in Copenhagen, or watch the orange-hued sunset at St. Lucia’s. The bookings for shore excursions can be made from t from the cruise’s excursion desk or online while you are booking your cruise.

Are cruise excursions included with the cruise fare?

Some luxury cruises do offer cruise excursions included within the cruise fare. So naturally, the cruise will cost you more money. The rest will not include excursion rates, but the price of your cruise will be less.

Types of shore excursions

1. Active excursions

They are some of the longest excursions to go on as they are full of fun-filled activities. Wine tasting, sledding,and zip lining are some of the activities that are possible on your active excursion. Since they are filled with activities all day lasting for hours, they also tend to be more expensive.

2. Family excursions

Since there are innumerable family cruises, these shore excursions are specifically designed for being family-friendly. There are age-restricted activities for the safety of every one of all ages of any particular family. Some cruises do offer discounts on children's excursions.

3. Sightseeing excursions

All those history buffs who took a cruise ride to enjoy both the sea and the landmarks at the port as well cannot miss sightseeing excursion trips. Most ports that the ships dock will have a few sightseeing places that will be right up your alley. You can make a list of the important things to see on shore, or you can ask the staff to let you know of all the places that are famous onshore.

4. Half-day excursions

These excursion trips are smaller than a full-fledged all-day one. This kind of excursion is perfect for you if you are willing to take a stroll through the port or the city all by yourself. This is the reason they are more close to the harbor so that you can return to the ship in no time. Being shorter than sightseeing or family excursions, they tend to fit all the highlights of the city or port at this time. They also cost much less, between $50 to $90 per person.

Therefore, while cruising, it is important to think and plan your on-shore activities as well. Sure, cruises do offer ample activities, sports, and other things to keep yourself engaged, but while docked at port, you would want to make the most of the shore or coast where the ship is pulled over. Cruises often provide every kind of excursion strip there can be to cater to the needs of every passenger. Before booking your cruise, make sure you have detailed information about all the types of shore excursions the cruise provides.

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