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Top 5 Things to do in Kobe, Japan

Wondering what to cover in Kobe? Here's a list of top 5 things to do in Kobe, Japan.

By Cruise Booking Team

Cruises from Kobe

Japan's Kobe deserves a well-rounded tour as it has some of the best places to visit. Counted among Japan's most vibrant cities, Kobe is situated on Honshu, a beautiful island. It is a treat to the eyes. Get ready to witness natural beauty in all its might. The mountains in the backdrop only accentuate the effect. Besides the beauty, do not forget to try out their delicious Kobe beef. It is nothing like you have tried before.

Try out the top 5 things to do in Kobe, Japan, this holiday season. Pick either fall or spring as your vacation season, as those are the times meant best for traveling to Kobe. So anywhere from March to May and September to November works fine.

Top 5 Things to do in Kobe, Japan

1. Oji Zoo

The Oji Zoo makes a great spot for younger visitors. So if you have a kid, you must visit this place as it is full of animals of several species. This can be a fun and educational section of the holiday. Oji zoo is an amusement park besides being a regular zoo. There are several rides for younger children, and they are going to love them. You can either explore both the zoo and the park or can go to the amusement park alone.

2. Mount Rokko

Rokko-San or Mount Rokko makes a great place for adventures. It is the perfect spot for travelers who love a touch of excitement on their trip. You can either choose to walk up the mountain or opt for a cable car. Hiking is obviously more fun as it gives you that adrenaline rush.

3. Nunobiki Falls

If your thirst for adventure is not quenched at Mount Rokko, we have another spot for you- Nunobiki Falls. You can hike here and find yourself amidst the raw natural splendor and magnificent view. We guarantee it is going to be worth every step you take and perhaps give you the best view you have had in your life. Even seasoned travelers love to hike to Nunobiki Falls.

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4. Kin no Yu

Bathhouses are common in Japan. The Kinno Yu public bathhouse is a great place to relax after a tiring day. There are rooms for each gender with baths that vary in temperature. This is one of the memorable things to do in Kobe.

5. Ikuta Shrine

The Ikuta Shrine is believed to date back to 201 AD. It is completely made of wood and has a unique appeal. The shrine is enclosed by a forest which renders it with mysticism. Imagine being surrounded by camphor trees on all sides and standing in the middle of an age-old building! Now that's magic.

Key takeaways

Kobe has many other noteworthy spots, and if you have some time left after covering the above-mentioned five spots, you can explore those too. Make sure you embark on a well-planned trip to enjoy Kobe. Visit and let the best travel planners plan your cruise holiday to Kobe.

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