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Kobe, Japan Cruises

Kobe, Japan Cruises

Kobe lies on the southern side of the main island of Honshu and is the seventh-largest city in Japan. It is a cosmopolitan but compact port city that boasts some of the country's best beef, Japanese-style steakhouse, and sushi bar. It is well known for some famous fashion industry. The nightlife here is prime perfection, along with some ancient buildings, rich culture, iconic places, and signature experiences. In Kobe, you will experience a mix of charming, modern, and ultra-luxurious vacations along with a blend of western and Japanese cultures.

Highlights of Kobe

Take a cruise trip to Kobe, a coastal city of Osaka Bay, if you're looking forward to traveling to Japan. Among the places you should consider are Kyoto, Tokyo, and Kobe. You will be motivated to visit Kobe after reading about these highlights.

1. Good Food Scene

Of course, Kobe Beef is famous worldwide, but there is much more to enjoy here. Many foreign restaurants are located throughout the city, representing world cuisine. The Japanese food offerings in the city are unique, and there are many foreign food import shops. It's also fantastic to try the festival food.

2. Friendly People

Friendship and helpfulness are typical of the people in Kobe. The chances are that if a stranger sees you walking down the street in an apparent state of confusion because you cannot locate what you are looking for, they may stop and assist you if they see you in an apparent state of confusion. It may seem like some cities have a cold feel, but that is not the case for Kobe.

3. A Laid-back Vibe

The city has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere where you'll always feel welcome as soon as you arrive. Whether strolling through Kitano-Cho, enjoying the bustling nightlife of Sannomiya or Motomachi, or sampling local delicacies in Chinatown, Kobe boasts a reputation as one of Japan's most delightful cities.

4. A Cultural City

There are several world-class museums in Kobe. The Maritime Museum is an excellent resource for learning all about Kobe's history as a port city. Visit this exhibit to explore models of ships and navigational instruments, and see a performance demonstrating the effects of World War II and the 1995 earthquake. The first fashion museum in Japan is also located in Kobe. It has a library with fashion publications in various languages. It organizes temporary exhibitions in its spaceship-like building on Rokko Island. They also highlight the longstanding relationship between Eastern and Western cultures.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Kobe

The beef in Kobe is not the only thing that makes the city famous. Anyone looking for fun activities can find them here in the city and in nature. You might want to check out some of these exciting locations on your Kobe port day.

1. Kobe Port Tower

From 1963 to date, the Kobe Port Tower has been one of Kobe's most prominent seafront landmarks. With its observation deck overlooking the bay and the Rokko mountain range, the 108-meter-high red lattice tower offers spectacular views. Its curved tubelike shape is considered a hyperboloid in architecture. Still, it was designed in the style of a kabuki drum. While Kobe's great earthquake of 1995 destroyed many buildings, the unusual design remained strong and attractive. There were also collapses near the port. There is an earthquake memorial near the tower and a launching point for harbor cruises in Meriken Park, which is home to the first American Consulate.

2. Walk across Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

As the tallest bridge of its kind in Japan, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is located west of Kobe. Standing at 283 meters above sea level and spanning Akashi Strait, it straddles both sides of it. This 320-meter walkway spans 47 meters above the ground at Maiko Marine Promenade. You can check out this fantastic engineering feat there. However, ensure you have a head for heights before visiting since the floors are glass to give you panoramic views over the strait.

3. Try Freshly made Sake.

As the largest producer of Japanese Sake in Japan, Kobe's Hyogo prefecture leads the way. In an area called Nada, there are many sake breweries. A 270-year-old brewery with a museum, Hakutsuru Sake Brewery boasts an impressive history. An exhibition about the sake production process is currently displayed in the warehouse previously used for sake production. You can sample freshly brewed Sake and buy it at the tasting area. 

4. The Rokko Island

There are countless beautiful natural islands in East Asia but very few artificial islands. It is located in Kobe, however. A 12-hectare artificial island in the Port of Kobe, the rocky island is home to markets, residential complexes, schools, hotels, and an amusement park. The Rokko Mountains were moved to create this port island to accommodate Kobe's growing population. Sunsets at Rokko Island Port are breathtaking.

5. Visit Nankinmachi

In Kansai, Nankinmachi is the only Chinatown. Founded when Kobe's port opened in 1868. When Japan and Qing ruled China, there was no treaty. Consequently, Chinese migrants settled in Kobe's west side of the foreign settlement instead of the foreign district. In Nankinmachi, you can enjoy Chinese culture with over a hundred stalls, restaurants, shops, etc. You must walk around and eat. Chinese food stalls are located throughout the area, offering steamed buns, steamed pork buns, and shengjianmantou. There are two major seasonal events: Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese food and culture can be enjoyed here.

When to Visit Kobe?

From late September to November is the best time to visit Kobe, followed by March to May. While the summer season extends from late June to the end of August, it is hot and humid. There are sometimes quite a few cool nights in June. Winter experiences cold temperatures, but they are not too severe for travelers.

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