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Most Popular Beaches of Krabi in Thailand

These 5 beaches of Krabi in Thailand will surely leave you breathless with wonder and make you want to come back for more. Check them out!

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Situated on the southern end of the Strait of Malacca, Krabi is one of the popular vacation spots in Thailand. It is full of various coastal areas and beaches that allow tourists to enjoy its beauty while undertaking various activities on any one of the 5 best beaches in Krabi. These beaches offer opportunities for swimming, inter-island traveling, photography, and more.

Top 5 Beaches of Krabi

Here are the 5 most popular beaches of Krabi –

1. Railay Beach

Located at a distance of 2.3 miles from the city center of Krabi and about 0.02 miles from Phra Nang Beach, Railay Beach makes for a particularly fulfilling visit as it is a beach that is only accessible by boat. This beach is a particularly favorite place for rock climbers because of the cliffs.

People can also find the presence of various shops, accommodations, restaurants, and more. Though this beach is generally a little crowded, people can explore the beach where they will find spots that offer privacy.

2. Ao Nang Beach

The Ao Nang Beach resides about 22.1 miles from the city center of Krabi. It is one of the most popular beaches in Krabi and deserves to be on the list of the 5 top-rated beaches to visit in Krabi as it is located near various major hotels and eateries in the city.

People who like being in the thick of things should visit this beach, as it allows them to swim, snorkel, and take boats to visit other islands. Otherwise, they can simply enjoy the ambiance of the beach and shop around if they wish to do so. In the evenings, however, people just prefer to enjoy the vista of the sunset.

3. Phra Nang Beach

Located at a distance of 2.3 miles from the city center of Krabi, Phra Nang Beach is a hub of various activities for people of all kinds. Depending on their preferences, people can simply enjoy the beach by walking on the shoreline or snorkeling and swimming about or even going on a short hike, which makes it one of the must-visit beaches in Krabi.

The hike mentioned above refers to the journey to the Princess Cave or the Tham Phra Nang Nok in the local tongue. The route that leads to the cave has a rainforest that allows travelers to experience the atmosphere of a jungle. People can also follow the trail further to a hidden lagoon, which adds to the beauty of the place.

4. Tub Kaek Beach

Tub Kaek Beach is located at a distance of 22.1 miles from the city center of Krabi. It is one of those beaches that feels like an entirely different place, that is, a place-within-a-place. The beach is known for the degree of peace, quiet, and solitude it provides to visitors. People can either walk on the shoreline here or swim about in the shallow and clear waters, following which they can rest and enjoy the beautiful view or head to one of the nearby eateries present, which makes it one of the 5 top-rated beaches to visit in Krabi.

5. Nopparat Thara Beach

Located at a distance of 12.4 miles from the city center of Krabi, Nopparat Thara Beach is one of the beaches to visit when in Krabi, Thailand. This place offers a mixture of solitude and activity, where there is something for everyone.

People can either hire motor boats or kayaks that will take them to visit other islands nearby or even walk to the same during occasions of low tide, or spend time lounging about in the waters, swimming, and spending time with the inhabitants of the ocean.

Final Words

The list of beaches in Krabi does not end with the 5 best beaches in Krabi mentioned above, for Krabi has many other beaches that are worth visiting, which will surely appeal to any visitor. Therefore, make your travel plans and experience the best of Krabi and Thailand.

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