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Best Things to Do in Ketchikan

Planning to visit Alaska’s first city? Consider adding these 5 best things to do in Ketchikan to your itinerary. Read more to reveal the adventure!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Often regarded as the 'salmon capital of the world', Ketchikan is famous for its rich culture and mesmerizing scenery. Tucked inside Alaska, this city has everything from snow-capped mountains to the enthralling wilderness. So, whether you are cruising through the inside passage of Alaska or flying directly in, this awe-inspiring place has a lot to offer. Moreover, to help you explore this place better, here are a few best things to do in Ketchikan.

5 Best Things to do in Ketchikan

1. View Totem Poles

If you like the beauty of art and aesthetics, head to this place while visiting Ketchikan. The native Alaskan culture art at Totem Bight State Park exhibits the spectacular aura of the area's culture. You can check out the world's largest collection of 19th-century Totem Poles in this park, and learn their meaning and heritage in detail at the Totem Heritage Centre.

2. Explore Creek Street

Strolling down the Creek Street is one of the best things to do in Ketchikan. Hop down to explore the various shops in the street and munch your favorite salmon recipe in a restaurant. You can also visit the Dolly's House Museum, which is situated on the same street. Further, if you are a culture enthusiast, consider visiting the Southeast Alaska Discover Centre. This place is filled with interactive displays and exhibits as well as a movie theater.

Lighthouse lovers would love to check out the iconic 100-year-old Guard Island Lighthouse, which is visible from the North Tongass Highway.

3. Hop in (or on) the water

While on vacation, one of the fun things to do in Ketchikan includes fishing, or kayaking in the water. If you are an angler, you will love the salmon capital of the world. Just hop on to one of the many fishing charters and spot this famous Alaskan fish.

You can also take a sea kayaking tour to explore the waters on a 3-to-5-hour ride. If you are up for some adventure, you can sign up for the Bering Sea Crab Fishermen's Tour. Choosing this tour will let you climb up to the Deadliest Catch King Crab boat. Here, you will be able to conversate with seasoned fishermen, and experience a massive 700-pound king crab pot and hook to catch crabs, fish, octopus, and more.

Or, to try something more fun, put on a wetsuit, fins, mask, and snorkel to get a closer view of the underwater world. Snorkeling across this region would be one of the most exhilarating experiences to try.

4. Go hiking in the forest

Ketchikan is tucked away in the Inside Passage and is thus surrounded by dense forest. In other words, it is a perfect place to go hiking. You can hike to the lush green vegetation and experience nature's beauty in its most explicit sense.

If you want to juice up your vacation, consider booking an ATV tour, which will take you all around the old logging paths. Another option among the top 5 things to do in Ketchikan includes taking a guided hiking tour. You can combine this along with biking and kayaking to enjoy an ultimate Ketchikan trip.

5. Experience wildlife

If you are in Ketchikan, do not miss out on the wonderful sight of black bears fishing for salmon in the sea. Book a van or a floatplane to experience this wonderful sight. These salmon also attract a large population of bald eagles all year round. Thus, Ketchikan is also sometimes called the 'eagle capital of America'. Moreover, you will also be able to view other faunal species in its Rainforest Sanctuary.

Parting Thoughts

Enjoy your full exclusive tour across Southeast Alaska by including these 5 best things to do in Ketchikan. Expect to experience a truly enthralling travel experience, filled with adventure, culture, and natural beauty. For more information on the same, pay a visit to

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