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Taipei 101
Taipei 101

Top Places to Visit on Your Cruise to Taipei

The South Asian Island of Taipei is a dream cruise destination. Here are 5 things for you to explore for a memorable holiday.

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Traveling is the gust of fresh air between the claustrophobia of the tiresome daily routine. Some people travel to spend their free time while for others traveling might be a source of inspiration. The best of travel comes in a cruise with open-air and the cool sea breeze blowing. Incredibly diverse Taipei should be a must-visit on a cruise.

Located along the banks of river Tan-Shui, Taipei is almost the northern tip of Taiwan Island. Though a relatively small island, Taipei abounds in lush greenery with a picturesque view of mountains as the backdrop. The river becomes an added advantage. Are you willing to feel richer with new travel experiences in your bag? Well, in that case, here is a guide on the best places to visit in Taipei on Asian Cruises.

What are the 5 Top Places to Visit in Taipei on Asian Cruise?

1. National Palace Museum

Taipei is known to be the first settlement area of Chinese Hakka Traders. If you want to experience the mixed culture of China and Taiwan, the National Palace Museum should be one on your bucket list. It is one of the world’s largest museums with a class apart from a collection of art, textiles, sculptures, and manuscripts of both cultures.

2. YangMingShan National Park

This park does justice to the incredible picturesque landscape that Taiwan is blessed with. You can associate forests and midsummer madness with a volcanic landscape aside from the Shamao Mountain and Qixing Mountain. In addition, there is a huge clock at the center of the park, entirely prepared with flowers. It has water flowing through with different tunes playing all along.

3. Taipei 101

Right after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Taipei 101 bags the second position as the tallest building in the world. Its name is synchronized with 101 floors in it that attracts more than thousands of visitors every year with its lucrative and elaborate modern artistry with a combination of traditional Taiwan essence. It also has an adjacent multi-level mall. It is one of the best places to visit in Taipei on Asian Cruises

4. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall is one of the definitive structures in Taiwan. It is a memorial hall built-in 1976 in tribute to the veteran figure of China, Chiang Kai Sheik. The hall is beautifully adorned in blue glassware with golden artifacts, beaming in memory of the former leader. You should be sure not to miss the intricate details.

5. Yehliu Geographic Park

Another beautiful national park is situated in Yehliu cape at the juncture of gushing sea waves and exquisite rock formations. This cape exhibits startling rock formations along with diverse flora and fauna. It is one of the must-visit places in Taipei.

Key Takeaways

Taipei is one of the most popular places in Asia to have a serene and relaxing holiday. Moreover, by booking a cruise, you can feel the true essence of the traditional mixed culture. You can stop at the locales at your convenience, enjoying the sites from the pages of history or the modernist trends within the urban sphere of the city. You can even climb to the topmost floor of Taipei 101 and enjoy a bird’s eye and breathtaking view of the entire city.

So, the list of best places to visit in Taipei on Asian Cruises does not end with these five, certainly. In that case, go to and cruise ship bookings online to take you to this island nation, and you can experience their hospitality first hand.

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