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Best Foods to Eat in Aruba

If you are visiting Aruba Island in the southern Caribbean, you must try some of the iconic dishes. There are many local and fancy restaurants that serve these best foods to eat in Aruba.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Aruba is an island nation situated in the southern Caribbean Sea that sits thousands of miles from Venezuela's coast.

For a small Caribbean island, Aruba has a diverse cuisine culture. It offers an intriguing combination of international cuisine influenced by over 90 different nations and civilizations. It is available at over 200 diverse restaurants, as well as several cafés and snack bars around the island.

Following are some of the best foods to eat in Aruba: -

The 5 Best Foods in Aruba

1. Sopis (soups)

Soups are a very famous food to try in Aruba. Arubans adore thick soups, particularly fish soup (sopi di pisca), which is made from the day's fish catch. Sopi di mondongo is also available for culinary adventures (tripe soup). Sopi mondongo is an Aruba-style slow-cooked tripe and vegetable soup. Yambo is the term for their Antillean-style gumbo, which contains okra and has a slippery, stringy texture, earning it the moniker "slimy soup." If you see the classic Aruban soup, sopi di pampuna, on a restaurant menu any place - get it! This incredibly excellent creamy pumpkin soup is flavoured with annatto seed and occasionally contains pieces of salted meat. Delicious and nutritious!

2. Fresh Fish and Pisca Hasa

Pisca and fresh fish Hasa Aruba is well-known for its fresh-caught seafood, like the red snapper included in this ceviche dish. Of course, Aruba is rich in marine delights, but when it comes to the preferred manner of serving fresh fish, Arubans keep it quite simple. In their local language, Pisca Hasa means "fried fish." A traditional Aruban catch-of-the-day dish would be a fillet or whole fish fried or grilled and topped with a thick red sauce made of tomato-onion-peppers, other local herbs and spices to create a delicious Aruban delicacy.

3. Funchi

This is a version of polenta made in Aruba. It's prepared from cornmeal that has been boiled in water with salt and butter. This can be eaten with savoury and sweet foods, although it is most commonly served as a side dish with soups and stews. Fried funchi is also an alternative to this dish.

4. Stobas (stews)

Stoba is a type of stew dish made in Aruba. It is a popular hot soothing dish that Arubans enjoy despite the tropical environment of Aruba. It is often made with beef or goat meat, although conch stew (calco stoba) is also much appreciated among locals. Though it was usually served at restaurants that specializes in local cuisine, some of the new cafes and restaurants are now spotlighting the local cuisine and adding their special twists to make them seem more appealing when served. Eating locally in Aruba is a great opportunity for foodies who want to learn about local cuisine and support local suppliers.

5. Savoury Dutch Pancakes

Dutch pancakes with savory fillings, is a dish linked to Aruba's involvement in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Dutch pancakes are broader, thinner, and healthier than puffy American pancakes. Brunch at a pancake house in the capital city of Oranjestad is a great way to start the day. The restaurants here are famous for serving the greatest breakfast in Aruba, and after just one visit, you may find yourself redefining "Breakfast of Champions."

These are some of the must-try foods in Aruba. Still, the Aruba episode is not finished yet. Here are some more mentions:

Yena Keshi: Often referred to as Aruba's national dish. It was prepared completely of leftovers baked inside an Edam Cheese hollow rind.

Keri Keri: This meal can be made with any firm whitefish. Flaked or leftover fish is occasionally combined with sautéed annatto powder, onion, green pepper, tomato, fresh basil, and celery.

Aruba Dragon Fruit: Dragon fruit is always crisp and delicious, and it is a West Indian staple.


These are some of the top things to eat in Aruba when visiting both luxurious restaurants and regional street foods. Therefore, now you know the top things you must try to eat when visiting Aruba. These mouth-watering delicacies will not only tickle your taste buds, but you'll also experience the authentic taste of Aruba.

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