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MSC Orchestra
MSC Orchestra

Best things to do on MSC Orchestra

If you are planning a cruise, we will share the top things to do on the MSC Orchestra.

By Cruise Booking Team

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MSC Orchestra is one of the company’s popular ships thanks to its elegant interiors, delicious food, and the entertainment it offers. Belonging to the Musica Class of ships, it offers a luxurious experience to all its travelers.

However, with so many options and things to do on an MSC Orchestra how do you pick what to do first?

Top 5 Things to Do on MSC Orchestra

1. Appreciate the work of legends at the Art Gallery

Are you a fan of art? If you love to see paintings, are an art lover with a taste for the finest arts, then you can see the best work of creativity onboard this cruise. MSC Orchestra has replicas of some of the finest paintings. Be it the works of Rembrandt, Picasso, or Leonardo da Vinci; you will see the best works in the gallery. If you are an art connoisseur, then you will be craving for more. You will enjoy the ambiance for sure. Never have such pieces of exquisite art been under one single roof. The art gallery represents the refined culture at sea.

2. Deal your heart out at the Card Room

Be it blackjack, poker, or Baccarat, you can play your heart out with the best card players in the world. We have already mentioned before in other blogs that MSC ships have the highest deals. But the Orchestra goes one step ahead and hires the best card players worldwide so that all the guests on the cruise can have a quality time in the card room located near the casino. If you like some drinks or wish to have a smoke along with a game of cards, then the steward and the stewardesses can make arrangements for that also. The sea view from the card room is also lovely. The ambiance of this space is so irresistible. It is one of the ultimate things to do on the MSC Orchestra.

3. Enjoy the Covent Garden Theater

At the theater, you will enjoy the best shows. You can either watch a play, a musical, a music performance or even a magic show. The space can seat around 1240 people at the same time. The show is grand, and the crowd is energized. It feels that you have the world as your center stage, and we promise you will have the time of a lifetime.

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4. Library

It is the perfect place for bookworms who love to read in solitude. We feel that if you are left with books while at sea, it sets up the mood. All by yourself, you discover new things and can pass your time with the selected works of notable authors while exploring newer destinations on the shores of countries that you have never explored through their shores. Want a great idea that you could play out in the library? Take a pen and a diary and maintain a sea journal chronicling your travels.

5. Solarium

If you are a middle-aged man or one who is looking to retire, then the solarium is another place where you can relax while vacationing at sea. There are multiple things you can do in the solarium. You could pamper yourself at the spa with a multitude of services. You could wash away all the exhaustion in the whirlpool, or you could have a cocktail at the bar. So, keep this on your list of things to do on an MSC Orchestra Cruise Ship.

Final Words

To sum up, this list of things to do on an MSC Orchestra offers a brief overview of what to expect on board a ship like this. However, this is not all, and to learn more and book your tickets, you can head over to

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