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Best Things to do in Playa Del Carmen

Explore the best of Playa del Carmen with a brief guide to the best things to enjoy in this coastal city.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Playa Del Carmen is a beautiful coastal town in Mexico that is particularly famous among cruise enthusiasts. With the luxurious resorts, palm trees, beaches, and coral reefs, it is no surprise that travelers are drawn to it. Moreover, the food is exquisite as well.

So, if you are planning a cruise, here is a list of the best things to do in Playa del Carmen for you to prepare an itinerary to make your trip a memorable one.

Top 5 Things to Do in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

1. Visit the archeological sites of Tulum

It’s a great place where you may get to explore the wreckage of the Maya Civilization. It is a famous archeological site located on the coastline of the Caribbean Sea. It’s a major attraction for history enthusiasts. However, its beautiful natural landscape with deep blue water appeals to everyone.

2. Explore the cenote

It’s one of the fun things to do in Playa Del Carmen, or we would say it is a kind of refreshing start to your holidays. What exactly is a cenote? It's kind of a natural reservoir of water. The Yucatan Peninsula's Akumal region is well-known for its cenotes. The experience of swimming or snorkeling in the cenote of XTUN Cavernas may have seemed like a treat to the soul. Here, its subtropical rainforest always reflects a peaceful vibe. Seeing the coral rocks, tropical fish, and the overall mesmerizing views of the Yucatan Peninsula may have seemed fun to you.

3. Visit the beach club

Playa Del Carmen is famous for its beaches, so exotic beach lounges, clubs, and bars are common there. So, you may spend some musical nights there or may spend some quality time in a comfortable environment. Mamita’s Beach Club, Martina's Beach Club, Mandarino Beach Club, and Encanto Beach Club are some of the clubs you may visit while on your trip. The Lido’s Beach Club may also be a good option as it provides services at a reasonable price.

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4. Trying out the local cuisine

Local Mexican foods or Mayan foods are real delicacies, so it is worth a try. Historically, Mexico has been home to an enriched culture, which is apparent in their food too. You may try food from the local stalls or home-cooked meals if you can arrange them. We would refer to the names of some eating places such as Zenzi, La PerlaPixan, La Taberna, Sonora Prime, Porfirlo’s, etc. If you want to have a unique experience, you may visit the Alux Restaurant, which is a cave-like place.

5. Jet Skiing at Laquinta Avenida

It’s one of the best things to do in Playa Del Carmen. If you are an adventurous soul, you may try this out. You may book this activity while you make a booking with cruise line, or you may contact the local vendor for a booking. The most important aspect of a Jet Ski is its ability to excite the rider to a new level. So, this is something that every traveler may find relatable to their travel to-do list.

Final Words

Apart from the above-mentioned list of ‘best things to do in Playa Del Carmen', there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. However, for more information, visit

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