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Chichen Itza, mexico
Chichen Itza, mexico

Must Visit Historical Sites in Mexico

Along the endless coastlines and lively cities, find the must-visit historical attractions in Mexico to spend an engaging cruise vacation!

By Cruise Booking Team

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The Mayan temples and staggering pyramids speak volumes of the rich Mexican history. The pre-hispanic civilizations in the country built some jaw-dropping pieces of architecture that you can witness on a cruise to Mexico. Well, it sounds like a fun trip, doesn’t it?


Mexico’s widespread coastline along the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez is popularly regarded as the “Mexican Riviera”. You can sail these waters to witness the colonial-era towns, beaches and churches. The vibrant cultural lifestyle of people living in these areas will uplift your spirits!

Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruise, Carnival Cruise, and others, embark on routes that can take you to these beautiful attractions. All these cruise ships are packed with luxurious amenities, international cuisines, unique lounges and lots of entertainment options. Plan a rejuvenating family or couple cruise to witness these must-visit historical attractions in Mexico. Here are some of our top picks that you can include in your itinerary for a memorable cruise to Mexico!

Check Out the Must-visit Historical Attractions in Mexico

1. Chichen Itza

Named one of the top-rated historical attractions in Mexico of all time, Chichen Itza exudes beauty and architectural perfection. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Itza is a union of two cities built by the Toltecs and the Mayans. Its circular observatory, known as the El Caracol, El Castillo and the Warrior’s Temple, is a sight to behold.

Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises and others are some of the popular cruise lines that can take you to Itza for shore excursions. You can enjoy an enthralling journey onboard Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, which has an ice-skating rink, zip line, basketball court and aquatic theatre!

2. Tenochtitlan

Tenochtitlan is located on an island in the famous Lake Texmoco. Although most of the remnants of this heritage have been consumed in the city development, a few beautifully carved temples are still under protection for sightseeing. Xochimilco and Templo Mayor are two of the best attractions. You can visit this site on the same cruise ships that sail to Chichen Itza.

3. Castillo de Chapultepec

The Chapultepec castle, as referred to by tourists, is an 18th-century building that now contains Mexico’s National History Museum. It is undoubtedly one of the fantastic historic sites in Mexico. The exhibitions will take you back to ancient times, while the mesmerizing architecture will yield some picture-perfect vacation snaps!

4. San Augustin

San Augustin Church in Mexico was built in the 16th century. It features various artifacts and paintings that represent ancient art and history. If your cruise stop is at Teotihuacan, this church is not far away! You can come here for an off-shore excursion to take a quick view of the beautiful architecture.

5. Tulum

Tulum is another Mayan city that is popular as one of the famous historical attractions in Mexico. The preserved ruins include temples, castles, and city walls. The Temple of the Frescoes is its prime highlight. You can also relax by the secluded beachside location in Tulum to watch a beautiful sunset.

6. Todos Santos

The Todos Santos is also counted as one of the top-rated historical attractions in Mexico that you can sail to! This sun-drenched town has narrow streets that will guide you to numerous galleries, shops, and studios. It is a lively art hub in Mexico. A number of Princess Cruise ships are a good option to visit this port of call.

7. Zihuatanejo

Zihuatanejo is a mesmerizing beachfront village in Mexico. This port of call is all about ancient pottery, artisan jewelry and stone artifacts. You can spend a wonderful evening at this location by engaging in shopping and food tasting!

Looking for Cruise Tours to Mexico?

Now that you have noted down the must-visit historical attractions in Mexico, book an exciting cruise. Head straight to the renowned Mexican attractions, sinkholes and caves that define the ancient history of the country!

Check out and select the cruise that fits your needs. From luxury ships of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to the best of Carnival Cruises, you will find the best prices.

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