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Top Things to do at the Progreso, Mexico

Are you ready for a thrilling cruise trip to Progreso? We’ve compiled our favorites. Read along for best things to do in Progreso, Mexico.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Maybe you have read about the fascinating saga of the iconic Mayan civilization. What if you had the opportunity to witness the Mayan archaeological sites? Explore all this, and more, in Progreso. A concise list of top things to do in Progreso, Mexico will help you explore the port better.


Besides bouncy waves and a delightful view of the Yucatan peninsula, Progreso carries the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. On one hand, you can spend your carefree vacation kayaking through the mangroves and watching flamingos dancing on the seashore, and on the other hand, you can witness the somer ruins of Mayan civilization. Therefore, Progresso brings you the true opportunity to witness the ultimate diversity where the glory of the bygone days juxtaposes the prosperity of today. Things to do in Progreso Mexico cruise port are immense, but let us stick to the top 5 things to do in Progreso.

Progreso is one of the most vivacious beaches in the world that offers you many fun activities to do. Royal Caribbeanis the most sought after cruise line operating in Progreso. The other cruise lines that harbor the Progreso cruise port are Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Line, American Queen Voyages, etc.

Without further ado, here are the 5 things to do in Progreso, Mexico.

Top 5 Things To Do In Progreso, Mexico On Your Next Cruise 

1. Spend a day in the mangroves on a kayak

This is indeed a small, refreshing detour around the swamps of the Yucatan peninsula that hides the blue sea for a few hours. All you have ahead of you is a patch of mangrove forest, teeming with birds and typical mangrove trees. The journey begins at La Ria Progresso where you rent a kayak and set off for the expedition. As soon as you enter the mangrove region, birds will welcome you with sweet hums and whistles. This offers you a fun day getting in touch with nature.

2. Reminisce the bygone Mayan days

Dzibilchaltun is the old city that preserves the last elements of the ancient Mayans. A civilization that was way ahead of its time, the Mayans welcome you with fascinating towers, monuments, effigies and buildings. The Temple of Seven Dolls is one of the most visited sites here. They even had astronomical centers way back in 2000 BC. Experts are still excavating and unearthing new sites in and around Dzibilchaltun and Xcambo.

3. Discover the pink water of Laguna Rosada

Laguna Rosada connotes a ‘lagoon with the Color of a rose (pink)’. This is a fascinating place since you will get to witness the most absorbing and contrasting scenic beauties side by side. On your right, there is a vast sea with a touch of green and on your left, the lagoon with pink water. This place is a photographer’s paradise! Moreover, it is adjacent to Xcambo. Thus, you can chalk out a perfect day’s trip that starts with exploring Mayan traces and ends with the calm, soothing and tranquil Laguna Rosada.

4. Shop a few fancy items at Merida

Located at a short distance from Progresso cruise port, Merida has been the cultural hub of Progreso for years. The local market of Merida draws a large number of tourists every year. While you discover the charming marketplace of Merida, you can taste local street foods as well. When you are exhausted, treat yourself to the famous Merida gelato, which will truly be the icing on the cake!

5. Swim along the river with flamingos

Just a few minutes’ drive from the main city of Progreso lies an ecological reserve, named El Corchito. This beautiful ecological reserve teems with local wildlife, but the key attraction is of course the dancing flamingo. You can take a boat ride through the mangrove forest of the ecological reserve to get up close with nature. The freshwater sinkholes on the fringe area are perfect for a rejuvenating bath. If fortune favours, you will be swimming along the river with a flock of gorgeous flamingos!

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