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Top 5 Must-Visit Museums in Hawaii

If you love history and your next trip is to Hawaii, then this is the list for you. Here we have listed down the 5 Must-visit museums in Hawaii.

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are a traveller that loves exploring the history of the places you visit. Then the list of must-visit museums in Hawaii is for you. Here in this article, we have our favorite Hawaii museums worth visiting.


Hawaii is a place known for its rich beauty, culture, and history. And as we all know, visitors who long for education prefer to visit beautiful museums in Hawaii. Hawaii has so much to offer, whether it's about the plantation era or native Hawaiian culture – if you really look at the right places you can end up learning so much about Hawaiian culture.

So without wasting any more time, let's discover all about these must-visit museums in Hawaii.

List of 5 Must-Visit Museums in Hawaii

Hawaii is a small state when it comes to size but the island is surely rich in culture and its diverse history. From Islamic art to traditional Hawaiian, you will get to explore a wide variety of beautiful museums in Hawaii.

1. Honolulu Museum of Art

The first Hawaii museum worth visiting on our list is the Honolulu Museum of Art. The museum is a perfect blend for depicting Hawaiian culture, art, films, etc.

This museum showcases artwork ranging over 5000 years and more. It depicts all the major Hawaiian cultures, such as American, Asian and European. That is not all, this diverse place has different art and outreach programs for individuals.

Further, many individuals come to the museum for live music, cuisine, and dance as the last Friday of the month is specially dedicated to entertain the audience.

2. Shangri La Museum

Doris Duke built this museum in Hawaii to promote Islamic art. It is known as the orientalist's dream. The museum was built in 1938, and the inspiration was drawn when Doris started collecting beautiful pieces from India, Syria, Morocco, and Iran.

When you visit this museum, you will notice a beautiful fountain and landscaped garden. Further, it won't be easy to keep your eyes from charismatic arabesque wall structures, marble mosaics, wooden ceilings, and much more.

One will surely get the essence of the place when they take the guided tours where you will see Duke's bedroom based on the Taj Mahal and much more.

3. Pearl Harbour Museum

The museum brings back the memory of World War 2. It has various artefacts, dioramas, and aircrafts from the same time. It will surely give you goosebumps.

Further, this beautiful museum in Hawaii also organizes various events such as educational tours and tours to historic sites, throughout the year. Moreover, if you visit the museum with your family, it has a cafeteria, music theatre, and combat flight simulator to enhance the experience.

4. Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum

This museum is located in the Kalihi district and is dedicated to Hawaiian natural culture and history. It is known to be the largest museum that houses Polynesian culture artefacts. It has around 13.5 million insects.

For those who are crazy about science, the science adventure centre would be a great place to hang out. Further, it also has Hawaiian navigation based on a planetarium show. This is for sure a must visit museum in Hawaii.

5. Iolani Palace

This place is known as the royal residence of the USA and was built in the year 1882 by King Kalakaua. This was the only house with supposed electricity, telephone, running water, etc., even before the White House.

But when the era of monarchy ended in the year 1893, the place started serving as a capitol building. After years of renovation, it reopened as a museum in 1978 and has been a must visit place when in Hawaii ever since.

When you visit this museum, you will observe heroic history photos, military equipment, royal work, furniture, and more.


There is no denying that Hawaii is a culturally enriched place. Each museum has something to offer, and it will surely take your awareness to the next level. You won't go empty-handed while leaving the place as you will carry the history of Hawaiian culture with you.

So what are you waiting for? Give these beautiful museums in Hawaii a try and see for yourself. Head over to and book your cruise to Hawaii.

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