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5 Best Cruise Destinations for Nature Lovers

Are you a nature lover looking for a perfect cruise destination? If yes, this post is for you. Check out five top cruise destinations for Nature lovers.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The world is a wonderful place to live. There is an endless number of incredible places and sights you can explore in nature. When it comes to exploring the beauty of nature, nothing is better than a cruise tour. Just being on the right cruise ship, you will be able to have a broad look at the breathtaking natural beauty around you.


Although there are many cruise destinations in the world, our favorite ones are listed in this blog. Here, we have selected the five best cruise destinations for nature lovers. So, without any further ado, let's begin!

5 Heavenly Cruise Destinations Close to Nature

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the most popular places in the world. It is known for its beautiful scenery, wildlife, and hardcore South African Culture. Similar to the rock formations of Ha Long Bay (Vietnam), the Table Mountains in Cape Town make a wonderful sight. After seeing mountains that are close to a city, you'll experience a unique quirk of Mother Nature. Seeing this amazing sight from the best cruise ship will give you an extraordinary view. Holland America Line, Cunard Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line are some of the most popular cruise lines in Cape Town. If you're planning a trip with family, then a Champagne cruise (Pre-sunset) is a great option for you.

2. Belfast, Northern Ireland

If you ever witness a Giant's Causeway, you will never be able to believe that it is a creation made by Mother Nature. Nearly 40,000 different hexagonal columns are aligned to make a formation that is the result of a huge volcanic eruption decades ago.

Norwegian cruise line is one of the cruises for exploring the beauty of Belfast, Northern Ireland. All of their ships are elegant and well-maintained to provide you with a luxurious cruising experience. The main highlight of Norwegian cruise line is the freestyle dining experience they provide to their guests. There is no fixed time or dining schedule that you need to follow.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Any bucket list will be incomplete without mentioning a cruise tour to the most surprising country, Iceland. If you're an adventure seeker, then you must plan a cruise tour to Reykjavik in Iceland. It is a destination with beautiful ice formations, black sand beaches, beautiful but super active oceans, blue lagoons, hot springs, and whatnot.

Famous cruise lines for exploring Reykjavik include Oceania Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Holland America Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line.

4. Alaska, USA

Alaska rightfully known as the wonderland is another great cruise destination. The most attractive place in Alaska is Glacier Bay National Park. Seeing the park from close to a cliff wall will give you the most unrealistic sight. Witnessing all the blue water locked away will give you an out-of-the-world experience. Alaska may be cold, but it is an amazing destination for all the nature lovers out there.

Holland America is a perfect cruise line for witnessing the wonders of Alaska. Onboard the classy MS Noordam to have an amazing cultural and educational experience. The best part of this vessel is the Lincoln Centre and the BB King Blues performance stage.

5. Fiji

The Pacific Ocean is home to several islands that are full of natural beauty, vegetation, and wildlife. Fiji is a perfect example of one such island. Here you can live under a clear blue sky and look around the most beautiful lush green mountains. You'll be amazed to know that it is also a great hiking place. There are several trekking trails and hiking spots in the area. Seabourn, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean provide some of the best cruises to Fiji. These cruise lines are known to offer luxurious onboard services like fine-dining, entertainment, educational commentary, luxury transfers, and more.

What's Next?

So, we have discussed the 5 top cruise destinations for nature along with the famous cruise lines for each. We understand that selecting the right cruise can be a task. This is where can help you. Using Cruisebooking, you can search and compare several cruises and select the one that suits your interests the best. What's more? You will find great offers on cruise tour packages of your choice. Book early and save!

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