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Top Instagrammable Spots to visit on a Mediterranean Cruise

Share beautiful pictures at these the top Instagrammable spots During your Mediterranean Cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The highlights of vacations and holiday trips can be captured with snaps of food, places and people doing quirky stuff. And, when it comes to the Mediterranean, there is beauty everywhere.


If you are planning a cruise this summer, you might be wondering about the top instagrammable spots to visit on a Mediterranean cruise.

Think no more, as we have got you covered with a list of top locations offering the most mesmerizing landscapes and views.

Your Guide to Top Instagrammable Spots to visit on a Mediterranean Cruise

1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a beautiful city drenched in white and turquoise colors. Color coordinate your outfits in white and blue and post on the gram!

One of the most-loved destinations of celebrities all across the world, Santorini is a star of all famous Instagrammable places to visit during Mediterranean cruise! The polished whitewashed houses with turquoise tops by the blue-green sea will leave you mesmerized. It is quite amusing for people to know that the place owes its rugged landscape to a volcanic eruption in the 16th century.

All these facts sound intriguing, right? Well, you will love your experience at this Mediterranean cruise port!

2. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is another gem of all Greek islands that draw its beauty from amazing beaches, jaw-dropping sunsets and a soothing warm breeze. If you are fond of night beach parties that serve delicious drinks and thumping music, Mykonos is the place for you. You can choose any of the top cruise lines to spend some fun-filled time on this island and take pictures that last a lifetime!

3. Venice, Italy

What could be a better place to visit on a cruise than “The Floating City” itself! Yes, Venice is one of the best picturesque places to visit on a  Eastern Mediterranean Cruise, as suggested by many travelers. Its striking architecture, long winding canals, and beautifully designed bridges are exceedingly popular worldwide. Its sublime ambiance will give you a calm and rejuvenating vibe. You will find multiple spots around the cruise port to capture rare moments.

You can check the package details of numerous Princess Cruise ships and MSC cruises that sail through Venice. On our website you can view details about each port of call on any specific itinerary.

4. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Speaking of famous Instagrammable places to visit during a Mediterranean cruise tours, Monte Carlo is another name that outshines on the list. You would find several Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean cruises making a stop at Monte Carlo. You can visit this location as you cruise along the French Riviera. While Place du Casino stands out as a world-famous attraction on this island, you will find numerous picturesque places by the water and the Palace to capture some special photos.

5. Vatican City, Rome

Vatican City draws attention for its exceptional laws and legislature. However, there is more to this historic place than we know! The beautiful churches and gardens will give you some of the best shots on camera. There are many exclusive cruises from the Norwegian Cruise Line that cover locations in Vatican City and other places in Rome.

6. Croatia

Have you always been a fan of the Game of Thrones series? If yes, you would have a thrilling experience in Croatia. Locations like the Kris Fortress, Minetta Tower, Lokrum Island, Pile Gate, and others will remind you of different scenes and seasons of the series. You can take some memorable shots and relive your fandom in Croatia!

Booking a Mediterranean Cruise?

You can choose any of these best picturesque places to visit on a Mediterranean Cruise trip to weave incredible memories. Some people prefer taking a two week-long vacation and seeing almost all the top locations. However, you can also choose to take a shorter cruise covering a few spots. Whatever you choose, we can get you the best fares.

Our team will help you in planning the cruise vacation of your dreams. Visit and check out all the Mediterranean cruise itineraries. Charm your Instagram followers with some happening vacation pictures from a Mediterranean cruise trip!

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