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5 Best Things to do in Norway

Planning a trip to Norther Europe? Here is a list of the ultimate things to do in Norway!

By Cruise Booking Team

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An exotic trip to Norway on a luxurious cruise is something dreams are made of. Multiple cruise lines sail to the Norwegian shore. All these vessels offer you world-class amenities along with the luxury accommodations. In the romantic twilights, you can bask in the soft, effulgent illuminance on the silent corners of the cruise. Besides, you have golf courses, rock climbing walls and other facilities on the cruise to make the voyage euphoric in all senses. The list of ultimate things to do in Norway will help you have a great time in the salty ocean!


If you talk about Norwegian culture, names such as Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Grieg would definitely come up. In the Munch Museum, every piece of local arts and crafts is carefully curated. If you are planning the trip with your close buddies, Norway offers you the adventure of a lifetime in the form of ice bathing, rafting, snorkeling, river boarding and more.

Norwegian Cruise LinesNorwegian Spirit is one of the most sought after cruise lines operating in this region. Other reputed cruise lines are Regent Seven Seas, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Silversea Cruises and more. All of them present you with the experience of a lifetime. Choose your preferred package and book a cruise trip to Norway on

Now, let us go through the concise list of the best things to do in Norway.

A comprehensive to-do list for your dream cruise to Norway

1. Seize the grandeur of Aurora Borealis

A trip to Tromso, northern light tour, will leave you enchanted with the magical view of Aurora Borealis. The vivacious view of the northern light is the key attraction of Norway. As a bonus, you will get to witness the rustic beauty of Tromso, the countryside that you have more often come across in folklore.

2. Cruise through the fantastic fjords

You can book a small cruise tour to the interiors of fjords along the coastal region. Numerous small streams and waterfalls run through these fjords, making it the ultimate place to visit for photographers. Grab the best seat and enjoy every bit of the aesthetic arctic fjords.

3. Explore nooks and corners of Oslo streets

A comprehensive bike tour in the city of Oslo will make the place even more familiar. The city bike tour includes eminent spots like Kampen and Toyena. Feel the pulse of the streets of Norway in this exclusive bike tour. Make your instagram more impressive with scintillating street photographs.

4. Embrace the local lifestyle while fishing

Local people depend on the sea to earn their livelihood. Fishing is one of the most significant local professions, particularly for those who live adjacent to the coastal region. Try your luck at ice fishing or enjoy a winter day catching migrating codfish under the hypnotic charm of the northern lights. As a bonus, you will have a sneak peek at the great Norway-Sweden water border!

5. Get an aerial view of Oslo fjords

The Holmenkollen ski jump provides you with the unique opportunity to view the entire Oslo fjords from the sky. This is a combo thrill package where you will first hike through the hills to the Holmenkollen ski jumping arena. After a brief rest, you will fly above the fjords and coastal Norway. A view that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Are you searching for the best cruises to Norway?

If you are planning an exquisite cruise to the exotic arctic lands of Norway, here is some good news for you. Head over to to find your perfect cruise to Norway.

Popular cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean Cruises, Seven Seas, Norwegian Cruise Line, Silversea Cruises, and Celebrity Cruises offer a variety of cruise packages to Norway. These cruise lines feature a floating hotel with all the amenities, entertainment, and activities you need to enjoy a fantastic experience!

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