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Cruises from Tromso

Tromso, Norway Cruises

Tromso, Norway Cruises

In Tromsø, far north of the Arctic Circle, the terrain is characterized by snow-capped mountains, fjords, and scattered islands. This scene is best enjoyed by the Storsteinen cable car. Across town, the striking Arctic Cathedral, with its triangular facade resembling an iceberg sticking to the sky, mirrors the setting in glass and concrete. Norway's indigenous people, the Sami, live in this region of the country, where they practice fishing, hunting, and reindeer herding traditions. Meet Tove and Tore, their children, and the Alaskan huskies at the Wilderness Center.

Tromsø Highlights

A cruise tour of Tromsø will allow you to explore all the city's highlights. While touring the most charming places in Norway, you will discover fascinating facts that contribute to why it is so special.

1. Dancing Lights & an Arctic Cuisine

While the Northern Lights illuminate the scene, you can enjoy an Arctic tapas dinner in a panoramic lounge with a 360-degree view. The Arctic Cathedral is a landmark you'll see along your cruise through the snow-covered mountains.

2. Arctic Wonders

Polaria museum offers a variety of information about northern Norway, the Arctic, and Svalbard. View the fascinating info video, then walk along the Arctic walkway past exhibits about the aurora borealis and shrinking sea ice. The Arctic Aquarium offers a look at cold-water fish and a chance to meet bearded seals.

3. Inspired by Nature

The most prominent landmark in the city is the vast 60-meter-high concrete arctic cathedral. In addition to a stained glass window and 11 triangles reminiscent of glacial crevasses, the structure contains 11 glacial crevasses. A futuristic organ is installed at the west end of the building. The Northern Lights concerts here will be unforgettable.

4. Local Cuisine

Tromsø has many restaurants that are also cafes and pubs, whether they are open at the same time or at different times of the day. On the main street, Storgata, you will find most of the restaurants. Get fresh Barents Sea cod, steamed arctic king crab, or cauliflower and butter sauce in Tromsø. If you're looking for comfort, try the rustic fish gratin or the Tromsø happy-hour special: seagull's eggs paired with locally brewed beer.

5. Shopping

During your Norwegian cruise, you should go shopping on Storgota, Troms's main pedestrian street. You'll find little shops with handcrafted arts and crafts using old techniques and patterns based on coastal or Sami traditions.

6. Sami Culture

Nomadic peoples of the north, the Sami survive primarily by fishing, herding reindeer, and picking fruits and berries. Known as the first indigenous population of Scandinavia, they are a tribe with their own culture. A Sami culture and traditions tour includes a traditional Sami dwelling (a lavvu), a traditional meal, and listening to Sami songs and stories.

Interesting Spots to Visit in Tromsø

Located above the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is an ideal spot from which to explore the Arctic. You can learn about Lapp culture at the museum and admire the Arctic Cathedral, a strikingly modern building. Here are some of the top exciting spots to visit in Tromsø.

1. Arctic Cathedral

Eleven arched triangles of glass, steel, and concrete adorn the cathedral's ultra-modern architecture, symbolizing Norwegian cultures and faith. As of today, the Arctic Cathedral is probably Tromsø's most famous landmark. You will need to cross a bridge from downtown Tromsø to get to it since it is located in Tromsdalen on the mainland.

2. Polar Museum

You should also visit the Polar Museum, one of the best museums in Tromsø.  The Museum of Norwegian Exploration and Hunting is located inside a restored early 19th-century warehouse and features exhibits on Tromsø's past as an Arctic hunting center. Whaling and trapping in northern Norway are covered in this museum's exhibitions. Discover the history and culture of Tromsø by visiting this fascinating museum.

3. PolariaArctic Center

The aquarium features films, exhibits, a walking path along the Arctic Circle, bearded seal meetings, and a unique gift shop. One of the most popular Tromsø attractions is Polonia, the world's northernmost aquarium. Tromsø's original purpose was as a scientific research center. Today, it houses a movie theater, a bearded seal swimming pool, and a panoramic cinema. In addition to the actual aquariums, you can also see a variety of marine species from northern waters. Polaria is on everyone's list of places to visit in Tromsø.

4. Fjellheisen

Suppose you are looking for a breathtaking panorama of the city. In that case, you should take the cable car up Mount Storsteinen, the highest point in the city. Upon reaching the top, feel free to hike on any of the numerous trails you can find, including one that leads to the 1,238-meter-high peak of Tromsdalstinden.

5. Ishavskatedralen

In the arctic cathedral,11 forms resemble glacial crevasses and arctic curtains, making them a masterpiece of architecture. Located in the heart of the city, this nearby landmark is a remarkable sight, with its fantastic glass mosaics, chandeliers made of prisms that resemble icicles floating down from the ceiling, and the impressive steely organ that resembles white ice floes.

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