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Top Things to Pack for a Cruise to Europe

Cruising in Europe? Here are the top things to pack for a cruise to Europe.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Europe has been one of the most popular destinations for cruise lovers. This continent offers an amalgamation of almost everything. You can enjoy pristine beaches, snowy mountains to the busiest of the cities. Also, the cuisine is something that deserves a special mention.


So, if you are planning a trip, here is a list of top things to pack for a cruise to Europe.

What To Pack for a European Cruise?

Here is a list of essentials that you shouldn’t forget to pack on your trip to Europe –

1. Sunscreens

The first item on this list of what to pack for a European cruise is sunscreen. Many of the European destinations like Spain, Greece, Italy, and Venice have hot and sunny weather as compared to the rest of the continent. So, it’s sensible to carry sunscreen in your essentials, especially if you are visiting in summer.

2. Sunglasses

Also, carry a pair of shades as well. Make sure these sunglasses block the harmful UV rays.

3. Essential medicines

In your list of top things to pack for a cruise to Europe, medicine is a must. Make sure you carry all of your prescribed drugs in a secure package while you are on the cruise. In addition, you should carry enough medical supplies to last you throughout the cruise. Although there is always a doctor available onboard, and medicines are available in every port, there is always a chance that you might not find the same medicine everywhere.

4. Waterproof camera

It’s always a great option to record and vlog your foreign trip. So, you need a camera with you. Make sure that it is a waterproof camera.

5. Power bank

Since you will be busy making videos and taking photos all around, your phone and camera will need adequate battery support to run smoothly. So, make sure you are carrying a power bank in case you are off the cruise and have no place to charge your devices.

6. Memory cards

There is so much data to record. Keep some memory cards as a backup for uninterrupted filming.

7. Extra batteries

The batteries are for the camera or any other devices that may require them.

8. Adaptor (for overnight stays)

Your laptop or other electronic gadgets need an adaptor. Keep an extra one at all times.

9. Necessary clothes

Since there is no dress code for boarding a cruise, unless otherwise stated, you can wear whatever you want. However, if you want an expert opinion, be prepared for every event. This means you should pack clothes that you can mix and match such as, casuals, and evening wear. The right accessories can take a day look into night.

Additionally, if you are planning to take part in specific activities on the cruise, then pack accordingly.

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10. Multiple pairs of shoes and footwear

Carry a pair of sneakers, sandals and a pair of shoes for dinner and dancing.

11. Swimsuits

If you are near the water, it is always advisable to have some swimming gear with you in case you feel like going for a quick swim. Don’t forget the ship’s hot tub.

12. Sun hats

Carrying sun hats are one of the essentials on a cruise trip. You will be out and about exploring various cities, and a little extra shade from a hat could be helpful.

13. Toiletry organizer

Portable and over-the-door toiletry organizers can be handy to have while traveling. You can keep all your essentials in one place eliminating the need to search through bags to find them and they take up less space in the bathroom.

Final Words

Besides keeping this list of top things to pack for a cruise to Europe, do not forget to bring your passport and other essential papers. Nevertheless, once you book a cruise through, their cruise experts will help you with all your packing questions.

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