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Cruise Line Loyalty Points: Everything You Want to Know

Knowing all about the various cruise line loyalty points will help you get the most out of your membership.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Those who love to travel share a common fondness for loyalty points. Frequent flying and hotel stays can help you earn loyalty points from the brands. After reaching certain milestones, it helps you gain access to additional perks and premium access. Similarly, for frequent cruisers, there are cruise line loyalty points. You don’t need to have been on a dozen cruises to be eligible for enrollment in a cruise line loyalty points program. You can start earning points even before you sail.

On the cruise line loyalty program, you can attain higher point status levels after completing cruises of a particular number or on the total number of nights and sometimes a combination of both. Generally, for most loyalty programs, you earn one point per night.

However, there are varied offers on different loyalty programs, so we researched for you the best cruise line loyalty programs –

Everything You Need to Know About Cruise Line Loyalty Points

1. Royal Caribbean Rewards Program – The Crown & Anchor Society

You are automatically enrolled after your first cruise. You will earn loyalty points for every night spent on board. And, double points for suite bookings and purchases onboard. Your cruise line loyalty points will depend on the type of stateroom booking and cruise length. However, you can enjoy the perks both on land and on board. The perks include flexible arrival timings, special access to suite and concierge lounges, rewards on shopping, and specialty dining options. When you are upgraded to higher status depending on your frequency, you can also earn drink vouchers onboard.

2. Azamara Club Cruises – Le Club Voyage

You can enroll online or by calling after your first cruise. You earn points on the type of stateroom booking and cruise length and on the number of nights you spend on the cruise. All members get an onboard party invite. But considering the points you earn, you get invitations to special member voyages. You get quarterly discounts on some cruises. As your points go higher, you get services from a membership hostess, upgrades on staterooms, Hertz discounts, and earn double points on every voyage. You also get perks for each tier like discounts, free laundry, free drinks, and discounts on internet packages.

3. Carnival Cruise Line – VIFP Club

Even before you make a booking on this cruise, you can earn points by earning. You get free bottles of water if in your stateroom. You get priority reservations in the spa, free complimentary drinks, and complimentary games in the BOGO casino. You even get priority embarkation and disembarkation services with your earned cruise line loyalty points.

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4. Celebrity Cruises – Captain’s Club

You can enroll online before you embark on your first cruise. You earn points per night based on the stateroom category you select. Higher-priced rooms get additional benefits. Perks on points include a private newsletter and access to celebrity lounge parties. You get a discount on every available package like internet, drink packages, and dry cleaning. Also, you get discounts on wine and specialty restaurants. On achieving the zenith point’s package, you get a free trip to the Caribbean and a complimentary visit to the spa .

5. Costa Cruises – Costa Club

You can enroll by email, phone, or onboard after the first cruise. You get points for each cruise day and points for choosing specific cruise locations like the interior, ocean view, or balcony. Premium cabin and suite guests receive higher points. All guests receive points for money spent on board. You can get discounts according to the points earned. At milestones, you could earn a free voyage. You could also get invitations to elite-class shore side trips and member events.

6. Norwegian Cruise Line Loyalty Program – Latitude Rewards

You are automatically enrolled in the program after your first cruise. You can enjoy exclusive discounts, offers, and onboard experiences only for members. Norwegian cruise line loyalty points can help get you early notifications on upcoming or new products on board, discounts in duty-free shops, signature tier pins, exclusive offers on entertainment, and much more.

Final Words

There are many more uncountable perks of being on the best loyalty programs. And we can assure you that you will love every moment on board being treated like royalty. You can contact our cruise advisors at and start cruising to earn more loyalty points.

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