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Best Beach Destinations in Europe

Are you planning a cruise to Europe? Here is a comprehensive guide to the top beach destinations in Europe.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Europe is surrounded by seas and oceans from three sides. Therefore, the European peninsula of the greater Eurasian supercontinent offers you some of the most amazing beaches in the world. To the North, Europe is bordered by the Arctic Ocean, to the South, it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. To the West, Europe has the British Islands on the Atlantic Ocean. Countries such as Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Sicily, Sardinia, Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales present you with outstanding beach destinations.

Without further ado, let us now begin with the must-explore beach destinations in Europe.

5 Best Beach Destinations in Europe

Is spending a vacation on a cruise in the middle of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea your dream? Do you love to explore the adventurous fjords of the Arctic Ocean? How about snorkeling in the Caspian Sea? Or would you like to enjoy a suntan session on the Atlantic beaches? Here is a comprehensive guide to the 5 best beach destinations in Europe that will help you prepare for your upcoming vacation.

1. Get Mesmerized With The Midnight Sun from Hauklan Beach, Norway

When it comes to the best beach destinations in Europe, Norwegian beaches will hold a distinct mention. Haukland beach, with soft white sands, spiky dunes and chilly water offers you an adventure of a lifetime. The beach looks like a dragon’s back from above. A small cruise tour to the interiors of fjords can be booked along the coast. These fjords are home to a wide variety of creeks and geysers, making them the ideal location for photographers.

2. Polish Your Fishing Skills at Rock of Peppino, Sardinia

The beach of Santa Giusta in Costa Rei is a popular tourist destination in Sardinia. The temperature of the water at Santa Giusta is moderated by the crystal clear sea and rocky beach. The local fishermen, known as Peppino, are famed for spending hours on the rocky shore, fishing in the ocean. You are welcome to participate in the fishing activities. After all, catching fish in the Mediterranean Sea isn't something you get to do every day!

3. Admire the Divine Serenity of The West Beach, Scotland

West beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Europe where you will hardly find crowds around you. Yet, the divine view of the North Atlantic from this beach is very special. West Beach is an expansion of white sands for three miles along the Atlantic coastline. Due to the reclusive aura of the beach, sea birds, otters and porpoises flock in numbers here on West Beach.

4. Capture the Grand View of Dunes in Playa de Cofete, Fuerteventura (Spain)

On the mountain edges of the Jandia Natural Park, this classic Canary Island sea beach hides in silence with whirling mists. Concealed by the park's dazzling dunes, Playa de Cofete provides visitors with a unique landscape.

The coffee-coloured dunes that stand against the sapphire sky earned the beach its name. The reddish sea beach, flanked by high dunes and guarded by the Jandia Natural Park, could be your ideal retreat for a few days from the bustling urban life.

5. Swim in The Classic French Riviera of Ile de Porquerolles

Your trip to the top beach destinations in Europe is incomplete without French Riviera. The classic French Riviera is famous across the world. Ile de Porquerolles is a car-free beach on the Hyeres coast. The magnificent view of the turquoise waters, the contrast of the pearl-white sand and a clear sky will make your trip perfect. The beach is bordered by pine and eucalyptus woods, sycamores and bushes, evoking the subtle French artistry even in this pristine landscape.

Spend Your Vacation in Top Beach Destinations in Europe

If you love to spend your vacations on beaches, Europe has multiple options for you. From Norway and Denmark to Italy and France, from the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, the continent presents you with the must-explore beach destinations in Europe. How about sailing through these magnificent beaches? Wouldn’t it be lovely to relish the luxury of the greatest cruise lines in the world?

The cruise lines operating on the European coast offer you some amazing deals throughout the season. So go to and book a cruise to explore Europe.

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