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Rijeka, Croatia
Rijeka, Croatia

Top Things to Eat in Rijeka, Croatia

Planning to visit Croatia and wondering about its local cuisine? Then check out this guide on the top 5 things to eat in Rijeka, Croatia, to clear all your burning queries.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Rijeka is the third-largest city in Croatia. The town is a combination of ancient culture and a modern seaport. It is one of the famous cruise destinations. If you want to discover the remarkable and magnificent seaside, Rijeka in Croatia is a must-visit.

Rijeka is situated centrally on the island and offers travelers various things to do. The place has wide and mouth-watering delicacies. The thing about Croatia is its dishes are a blended mixture of neighboring countries' food. Some old Croatian dishes combine Turkish, Italian, and Austrian food.

Here we are listing out 5 best things to eat in Rijeka.

Checklist of Top 5 Things to Eat in Rijeka, Croatia

Croatian dishes are known for their distinguished taste, and travelers love to try out dishes here. Some of the top things to eat in Rijeka are:

1. Pasticada

The very first best food to eat in Rijeka is Pasticada. It is a dish connected with southern France and is known as the Dalmatian dish. Pasticada is prepared from prunes, alcohol, figs, marinated beef, wine, and prosecco. The stew is known as Pasticada. It is best to soak the meat in garlic, vinegar, and bacon overnight. The recipe takes 24 hours of preparation. The dish goes well with gnocchi. Usually, this dish is prepared at weddings or saint days.

2. Brudet

Brudet is another top thing to eat in Rijeka and is also called Brodet and Brodetto. It is a widely popular dish on the coast. The dish is prepared from crustaceans and a wide variety of fish. The mixture is cooked with tomato and onion sauce to prepare a stew. The dish is best served with polenta so that all the juice is soaked in the polenta. Depending on the time of year, the ingredients of the dish vary. From tuna to clams to langoustines, the ingredients depend on what the fisherman has in its basket.

3. Fuzi

Another one among the 5 best things to eat in Rijeka is Fuzi. It is a widely popular Croatian dish prepared in every household in Croatia. It is a paste made by rolling the small squares of pasta around a wooden spoon and a pencil to make a quill design. It is one of the widely popular Croatian dishes famous among travelers as one can find it easily all across the country. The dish is best served with meat or cream sauce, or even stew.

4. Manestra

This dish is perfect for vegetarians. If you are not a meat eater you should try Maestra, a vegetable soup. However, sometimes to enhance the taste, restaurant owners mix pancetta and meat in the soup, so it's better to ask before ordering in. This particular dish varies from place to place, and people love to eat this soup for lunch.

5. Krapfne

Lastly, we have a popular Croatian dessert on our list. Krapfne is a European-style doughnut. To prepare this pastry, it is best to leave the dough for some time and then deep-fry until it becomes airy, light, and soft from the inside and crispy and golden from the outside. Most people love to eat Krapfne plain, but some like to have it topped with chocolate custards, jams, and vanilla. It is also drizzled with chocolate or dusted with powdered sugar based on preferences.

Plan Your Rijeka, Croatia Cruise Vacation Now

Rijeka is known as a port town and industrial hub. The place is full of delights and surprises. Anybody who spends time in Rijeka loves the place because of its rich culture and delicacies. A cruise vacation to this beautiful destination will take the fun of the trip to another level. Explore CruiseBooking.com to get personal assistance for a perfect vacation.

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