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Top Things To Do In Basel, Switzerland

Wondering what are the 5 best things to do in Basel? We have made an entire list that will give you a roadmap of what you can do in Basel. Curious? Keep reading.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Basel is Switzerland’s third-biggest city, and the number of activities you can take part in are innumerable. You start exploring the Old Town first. Then you head to see how life on the banks of the Rhine River is. You could also take a boat ride on the Rhine River. Basel is also connected to the countryside, which is near the France and German border. Basel is also Switzerland’s cultural capital. The architecture is a seamless mix of the ancient and modern styles of construction design.

So, to help you make a wholesome itinerary, here is a list of the 5 best things to do in Basel.

Top 5 Things to Explore in Basel

1. Walk down the city hall in Rathaus

Basel is similar to all the cities in Europe. The Old Town is the main spot for tourists. You can go around on a walking tour in Basel’s Old City area. You start at City Hall called Rathaus, which is near Market Square or Marktplatz. After that, there is a courtyard from old-fashioned places like The Hoosesagg Museum or the Pocket Museum, which is the smallest museum in the world. You should also pay a visit to the hanging gardens of the Museum of Cultures or Museum der Kulturen in Basel. It is one of the top things to do in Basel, Switzerland.

2. Roam the Altstadt

The real enjoyment of Basel’s offerings can be explored on foot. You can also rent a cycle if you want to. But if you can walk, then it is better to do so. First, you will come across the Basel Munster Cathedral. The red sandstone walls complement the architectural delight in such a manner you will feel transported to the era in which it was built. The structure must be around 50 years old. You can also enjoy the beautiful paintings inside the cathedral.

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3. Take a Weidling tour in the river Rhine

Weidling is a type of boat in Switzerland. It is made for leisure and pleasure. You can go around Basel on the Rhine and do some rowing. Another fact about Weidling, the traditional boat which is completely built out of wood, is that its design style dates back to the 15th century in Basel. It is one of the fun things to do in Basel.

4. Take an Urban Art Tour with Artstübli Basel

Basel has a rich historical value. But despite this, it has also embraced contemporary artistry with vigor. To discover hidden art pieces in Basel, you need to take the urban tour in Artstübli in Basel. You will see various Space Invader tiles that you will find throughout Basel. There are also some monuments in town. The Lällekönig or the Tongue King is the sculpture of a king who sticks his tongue out from Grossbasel of the River bank’s left side, which is toward Klein Basel or the right side of Rhine’s river bank.

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5. See the border of three countries at The Dreiländereck

It is also called the Three Country Corner. It sounds puzzling, but it’s true. Basel shares its border with Germany and France. So, many people who are working in Basel live across the border. They are residents of either Germany or France. You can also speak German and French if you are in Basel. Dreiländereck. A monument marking this intersection of borders of three countries also stands along the Rhine River.

Parting Thoughts

The number of things to do in Basel, as mentioned, does not confine to this list of ‘5 best things to do in Basel’. So, if you are planning to go and witness the best this city has to offer, visit

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